We all know nothing comes free. So as Rapidgator, Which is an online storage site and file hosting such as Videos, Movies, Forms, Courses, etc you can host anything or you can store any amount of data in the Rapidgator but as I said, Nothing comes free and Rapidgator is one of them. You will get limited space if you signup but here in this article we will going to reveal some working ways by which you can make Rapidgator Premium Accounts and get hell out of space from them.

In this data era, we are creating an endless amount of data every second, and also we need to share some data with our friends. How do you share data? Using Pendrive? 😐  What if you need to share your file with Millions of people?

How do you share? If you need to share the file with a large set of people, you need to host that file on your server which costs you very higher!

But there are some file hosting providers available on the Internet which allow you to host your files for free. Rapidgator is one of those sites.

Rapidgator is a file hosting website that allows us to share our files, videos, and literally anything with our friends.  There are many File hosting sites available on the Internet. But what is special for Rapidgator? Ok, this is a fine question.

Unlike other websites, Rapidgator doesn’t ask you to complete a survey or any other tasks. Also, the bandwidth offered by the rapidgator is good enough to download some Gb of files.  Rapidgator allows you to download or upload files for free. To upload your files via Rapidgator, all you need is an account in Rapidgator.  You can signup for Rapidgator for free.

The free version of rapidgator allows you to download files with some annoying advertisements and pop-ups. Also, you cannot able to download simultaneously many files using your same Free rapidgator account. If you are a normal, occasional user you are good to go with Free version of rapidgator.

But if you are a hardcore user who downloads multiple files at a time and hates to see advertisements on your download page, you can get a premium version of rapidgator. Also with Free Version, you can upload files with a maximum size of 500 MB.  For more than 500 MB you need a premium rapidgator account.

Let us list some of the other features of the rapidgator premium account.

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Features of Rapidgator Accounts:

Free Premium Rapidgator Accounts & Passwords 2019 - Working

  • You can download unlimited files based on your plans.
  • Rapid fast download- With premium plans you can download at a faster
  • Download simultaneously – With Premium plans you can download multiple files simultaneously.
  • Complete Ad-Free – After getting premium plans, you will get completely free of advertisement.

How To Get Rapidgator Premium Accounts for Free?

Free Premium Rapidgator Accounts & Passwords 2019 - WorkingIf you are using rapidgator already, you may know that you don’t need any registration for upload and download until your file size is less than 500 MB.

Once you need to download or upload files for over 500 MB you need to signup and need any premium plans. But it cost you more bucks and if you are here you want to get a premium account for free. We are giving you two ways to get a premium account for free.

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You all know about cookies Right?  Cookies are data that are used to store the current session data for each and every website you visit on your browser. Have you ever login Facebook and close the tab accidentally?

What will happen if you again open Facebook?  You will be redirected to your Facebook account without entering the credentials. How does this happen?  Once you Logged in to your account, a session will be stored in your browser cookie which contains the access tokens.

Now we are exploiting this cookie and get a premium rapidgator account for free. Without wasting any more time, let me explain this method.

STEP 1: Open your browser, In this tutorial, we take Google chrome.

STEP 2: Visit this link ( http://bit.do/edit-this-cookie ) and install the Edit this Cookies chrome extension.

STEP 3: Now simply restart your chrome browser to complete this extension installation.

STEP 4: Open rapidgator homepage and click the cookie icon which is located on the top right of your browser and Go to the import option.

STEP 5: Copy any of the below code and paste it into the import box and click the TICK button.

STEP 6: Now refresh the page and you are logged in to your premium Rapidgator account for free. Also, don’t log out from your account which makes this account further not usable.


We are giving you some premium Rapidgator account username and password. If you get any account don’t change your password as many people cannot able to use these accounts.

Sr. No.EmailPassword
1[email protected]stftesyt2
2[email protected]bugmenot123
3[email protected]aaazzz11
4[email protected]j1esus
5[email protected]Bmw323i
6[email protected]mangopony2278
7[email protected]jghd2315
8[email protected]strike11
9[email protected]k151avzk
10[email protected]yiajgdwuq
11[email protected]13579fib
12[email protected]ss7701
13[email protected]oguz2144
14[email protected]Pollos09

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