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How to Change Servers In NordVPN


Key Takeaways
  • NordVPN offers over 5200+ servers in 62 countries, making it easy for users to switch servers with just one click.
  • Users can change servers on Windows PCs by selecting locations on a map, choosing from a list of countries, or selecting specific servers within a country.
  • Mobile users can change servers on Android/iOS devices by installing the NordVPN app, selecting servers on a map, or choosing from a list of available servers.

We all know NordVPN is one of the most used VPN facilities worldwide. This is because of the availability of over 5200+ servers spread over 62 countries. Users can choose any server with a single click without much fuss. Keep reading the article to know about how to change servers using NordVPN.

How to Change Servers In NordVPN

So, In this article, We will tell you about the process of changing servers using NordVPN.

How to Change Servers In NordVPN - Change IP/Location 2021

What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is a virtual private network service available for every device from Windows to Android. Using this service, you can easily set up a VPN by which your IP address will be hidden, and you will be allotted a server of your choice.

Process Of Changing Servers Using NordVPN In Windows PC

You can easily change servers using NordVPN on your Laptop or Desktop PC. For that, first, download and install NordVPN windows software and run it. There are plenty of different ways to change servers by using NordVPN on Windows. Let’s go through all the various processes by following the steps given below: –

Using Map facility to Change Servers

First of all, you have to open the software, and there you will see a map with various locations marked. Markers on the maps specify all countries where NordVPN has servers. Just drag the map around by dragging it with your left mouse button and then click on any of the locations of your choice to connect to that server.

For example, if you want to choose the Austria Server, select the country on the map by clicking the blue location marker icon. The app will immediately begin connecting. You will then be hooked up to a server in Austria.

Using Countries List

If you do not want to engage in the map view and find the country, you can also choose the server of your choice from the list-down menu of countries. You have to click the ‘countries’ in the top left portion of the software for that. After this, you will see a list of countries where NordVPN has servers. Just go over the country name you want to connect to and click the round grey button with an on/off symbol.

Choosing Server Within Country

You can also choose the server within a country of your choice using NordVPN. For that, click the triple bar icon available next to the on/off button. After that, a list will open under the selected country. Select any of the servers to which you want to connect.

Using Special Servers

NordVPN also has a feature of specialty servers that allows users to choose between P2P (peer-to-peer) servers, and Onion Over VPN option, dedicated IP servers, or Double VPN (for extra security). Just select the particular server you want. After that, you will see a list of that particular type of server, where you can either select to have a server that is assigned automatically or choose it manually and select the best server that suits you.

How To Change Servers Using NordVPN On Android/IOS

NordVPN can also be accessed on Mobile devices, and you can easily connect to a server of your choice on Android devices. For changing the servers using NordVPN on Android in a hassle-free manner, please follow the steps given below:-

Installing The App

For changing the servers on your mobile device using NordVPN, you have to install the NordVPN app on your Android/IOS device.

Choose From Map

After successfully installing the app, you will see a list of servers on the map. Just drag the map, choose your chosen server, and click the location where you want the server. After that, you will be connected to the specific server in that particular country that you have chosen.

Using List Of Servers

You can also choose the server using the list. Just drag the screen up, and there, you will see a list of all the available servers. Select the country of your choice and click the country to which you want to connect to. After that, NordVPN will connect you to the best server available in that country.

Changing Servers on NordVPN Using Auto/Quick Connect

You can also connect to a server using the Auto-connect feature on NordVPN. If you don’t want to choose a server yourself, click the ‘Auto connect’ in NordVPN. This will connect you to the best available server for you.



This article has demonstrated the complete guide to changing servers using NordVPN. We have also explained the process to change servers using NordVPN on windows and as well as on mobile devices. After doing all the above steps, you can easily switch to the server of your choice using NordVPN and connect to the best services using the NordVPN auto-connect feature.

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