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ProtonVPN Premium Accounts For Android, Windows and Mac OS


Everyone browses on the internet to search for information on a particular topic or to visit websites to apply for jobs or do shopping. Browsing the internet might feel very safe and secure but, your online privacy is not at all respected. The most revealing thing is your IP address. Whenever you visit a website, your IP address gets registered. Using your IP address, a professional hacker can hack into your computer and access all your personal data.

You can use VPNs (Virtual Private Network) to mask your original IP address. There are many VPN apps available such as Betternet, PureVPN, using which you can hide your IP address from hackers. But, ProtonVPN is a unique VPN app whose motto is to make online privacy possible for every user. Here, we are going to discuss in detail about ProtonVPN. So let’s start discussing what ProtonVPN has to provide us with.

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Why do We recommend ProtonVPN over Other VPNs? Download Links

#1 First things

In 2014, the developers of ProtonVPN developed ‘ProtonMail’ to make online privacy available for people from all around the world. The Protonmail VPN project was then designed to protect the people who were using ProtonMail.

#2 Free to use

This app is dedicated to providing privacy and security to the people while they are surfing on the internet. Hence, it comes with a free version that allows you to use the ProtonVPN app without paying anything. However, there are paid versions also available which will have much more features than the features which are provided in the free version of this VPN. If you wish to enjoy these locked features, you can pay for them and start using them.

#3 Easy to use

ProtonVPN is an extensive app with numerous features. Yet, the user interface of this app is quite simplified. This allows the users to bring the most out of this VPN app.

#4 Security First

As we said before, this VPN has sworn to provide security to its users. Thus, it does not use insecure protocols and encryption levels. Instead, it has gained security experience by building the world’s largest secure email service which is ‘ProtonMail.

#5 Multi-Platform support

You can use ProtonVPN on a wide range of devices such as PC, Mac, smartphone, router, etc. You must use ProtonVPN on every device you use to maintain your online privacy and security. Also, this VPN is easily available to download from its official website.

#6 Complete Transparency

All the other VPN apps do work efficiently but, there is no transparency between the service providers and the users. In ProtonVPN, there is complete transparency so that the user can know who is running the service. This ensures the users that they are totally secured while using ProtonVPN on their devices.

#7 Global VPN Server Network

ProtonVPN app has its secure VPN servers all around the world to ensure proper network connectivity for all the people. Global VPN Server Networks provide with high bandwidth server near to your location where you are joining from. It even provides with a low latency VPN connection for enhanced performance.

#8 Technical Excellence

The technical support of ProtonVPN is very much developed. It provides the same quality of performance on its own operating Secure Core servers for privacy as well as on using 10Gbit networks. This is the reason behind ProtonVPN having excellent technical support.

#9 Honesty with users

ProtonVPN will keep you aware of what its VPN can and can’t protect. Even though it is a strong VPN service, it has some limitations. You won’t be lured into using ProtonVPN without informing you about the security threat you might face.

#10 Community

The entire community of ProtonVPN is provided with professional customer support. Even the free users of ProtonVPN can make use of this facility. Also, the community is of high importance to the developers of ProtonVPN.

ProtonVPN Premium Accounts

  1. First Go To Settings > App Management > ProtonVPN > Clear Data
  2. And whenever you want a new account. Repeat The Above Step With Another Mail ID. (Use Disposable Email ID)
  3. It’s a few minute processes for the most amazing VPN Service Ever.

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Wrap Up:

This is all you need to know about ProtonVPN before you download and install it on your device. This VPN will ensure your online privacy and security. If we have missed out on any information which should have been listed above then, please let us know in the comments section below.

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