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(Working) Free YouTube Premium Accounts & Passwords of 2024


Quick Overview

  • Step 6: Tap on the “Add BHIM UPI ID bank account” Step 7: Type in your UPI ID Step 8: YouTube can ask for certain information, such as your location, to verify Step 9: Tap on Buy YouTube Premium Subscriptions using Flipkart If you want to get a YouTube Premium subscription, the company gives you a 30-day trial, which you can get easily.

It’s been 2 years since the launch of YouTube Premium. The service is now combined with YouTube Music Premium, first known as YouTube Red, and provides many perks for a better viewing and listening experience. In this article, we are always giving free YouTube Premium accounts to our readers in 2024.

YouTube Premium, though it’s its second anniversary, hasn’t exactly exploded in popularity. The number of users on YouTube has increased due to the lockdown. In such a situation, people are also fed up with the ads seen on YouTube, but you can get rid of ads by getting a YouTube Premium subscription.

Apart from this, you can also get other benefits with the help of Premium Membership. With the help of this service, you can play in the background on YouTube, choose only the audio play mode and watch many premium programs.

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YouTube Premium Benefits

  1. Stream ad-free Youtube Videos online.
  2. You can download content to watch it offline.
  3. While using Youtube Premium in the background you can use other applications.
  4. Using the audio mode you can stream audio on Youtube.
  5. You can access Youtube original movies and Tv shows.
  6. The best part is that it can be used in 10 Devices with one subscription.
  7. For the single user, it costs approx 12$ and for the family, it costs 17.99$ a month.

Free 30 Days YouTube Premium Subscription Trial

(Working) Free YouTube Premium Accounts & Passwords of 2020

When you sign in for youtube for the first time it will give you a pop-up for the Youtube Premium 30 days Trail. Once the trial period is completed, you have to purchase the Premium subscription.

Pay for YouTube Premium Membership

YouTube users should follow the steps given to pay for YouTube Premium membership through UPI:

Free YouTube Premium Accounts & Passwords

Step 1: Tap the first user profile

Step 2: Tap “Get Premium on YouTube

Free YouTube Premium Accounts & Passwords

Step 3: Pick your preferred program.

Step 4: Tap the Premium plan on YouTube, which will take you to the payment page.

Step 5: The options payments will be paid based on credit, debit, and UPI.

Step 6: Tap on the “Add BHIM UPI ID bank account

Step 7: Type in your UPI ID

Free YouTube Premium Accounts & Passwords

Step 8: YouTube can ask for certain information, such as your location, to verify

Step 9: Tap on Buy

YouTube Premium Subscriptions using Flipkart

If you want to get a YouTube Premium subscription, the company gives you a 30-day trial, which you can get easily. But if you are a Flipkart Plus member, you can get 6 months free subscription. For this, you only have to spend 150 Flipkart Plus Super Coins. Let us know how you can get benefit of this service.

First of all, you have to go to Flipkart’s website. You can also get access to it from your mobile app. Here you have to log in with your Flipkart Plus ID. Here you will get the option of Flipkart Zone. After reaching there, you will have to go to the section of Claim Exclusive Reward.

There you will find the reward for YouTube Premium in the Exclusive Rewards section. You have to spend 150 Super Coins to get a YouTube Premium subscription. Once you select this offer, you will get a voucher. You can get a free premium subscription for 6-months using this voucher. To collect the coins, you must purchase products from Flipkart from the website or the application.

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Free YouTube Premium Accounts 2024

We have just activated a few of the accounts for you! We hope you will not going to change the password. This is only for you!

YouTube Premium Account

  • justin.sapp711@gmail.com Paintball1
  • ryandavid1775@gmail.com RDWrdw57
  • alec.odoyle.rules@gmail.com Iforgot1
  • dtoothman85@gmail.com Seahawks95
  • taye123_7@gmail.com avg123
  • richardissa@gmail.com classof2014

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Difference between YouTube Red and YT premium

YouTube Red is an all-in-one YouTube subscription service. You can get access to ad-free videos, offline downloads, features of YouTube Music, background listening, and a range of original YouTube content. It is a good deal, as YouTube Red will cost $9.99 / month, while YouTube Premium will cost $11.99 / month.

Can I cancel the YouTube premium after the free trial?

When you’ve tried YouTube Premium (formerly named YouTube Red) but don’t consider the $11.99 subscription charge worth it, it isn’t hard to cancel it. If you have signed up on YouTube.com or Android’s YouTube app, you cancel by visiting the dedicated account management page on YouTube Premium.

Can I use a YouTube premium on multiple accounts?

As with an Amazon Prime or Spotify subscription, you can share your Premium YouTube membership with your family. You can add up to five other family members but, to be precise, it will cost you $8 more a month.

Is YouTube premium included in YouTube TV?

YouTube Premium is usually a different service on YouTube TV. But, if you are also a member of YouTube Premium and YouTube TV, you can stream your favorite YouTube videos on YouTube TV ads-free. You’ll still see advertisements on live and recorded TV shows.

Can I buy a YouTube premium as a gift?

Nothing for everyone. YouTube gift codes can be used to enjoy YouTube subscriptions, purchase or rent movies and shows, or become a member of the YouTube channels. Recipients will use their gift code to upgrade to YouTube Premium and watch uninterrupted play.

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