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How To Easily Hide IP Address 2018 – Hide IP Online Free


Hide IP Address just in few seconds from your browser. very easy and effective method to Hiding your IP Address freely online.

IP Address is one of the unique identification numbers of your computer or laptop. Whenever you Access internet on your Android, Laptop or PC’s then your IP address will save on the server. Also, Then That server will keep your IP Address in its log files. Many of you use the internet every day, but 30% of peoples don’t know What is IP Address? Until, someone asked it from you. Here before moving further, I would like to clarify some f the facts and figures of IP and its Address.How To HIDE IP ADDRESS ONLINE

What is IP Address?

The IP Word Stands for Internet Protocol (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device that is connected to the internet ( participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.

How To Find out your IP Address Online?

The most asked question on this topic is “How To Find IP Address Online.” So here is the answer. Follow the below steps to see your real IP Address of yours computer.

  • Open Google
  • And Type “Whats My IP.”
  • Hit Enter.

whats my IP - itechhacks

Here I show my IP address that I had changed it with Ney York California. You can easily change your IP address if you want to read the full guide below.

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How To Hide IP Address Online Easily 2018

So in this IP Address Guides, here we are going to reveal the best tricks on how can we hide our IP address in less than 5 seconds. On the internet, you found various methods to mask up or hide your current IP address, but here we are going to show you the ultimate comfortable and safe way to hide your IP address within few seconds with just using a legal method.

Did You Know?

Changing of IP Address consided as “illegal”  activity in some countries. But this Method is very simple and effective as we tested it many times.so before trying this free hide ip trick please ensure that this act must be legal in youur country.

Easy Method To Hide IP Address Online in Few Seconds.

In this tutorial, we are going to protect our IP address by using a google chrome extension, its free, safe and legal way to hide your IP address. So let’s go ahead and see how this extension works.

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#1. Open “Google Chrome” and then Click Here to get your free IP Hide extension.

Hide Your IP Chrome Extension#2. Google App Store shows a screen, where you need to add this extension in your chrome browser.Hide IP Address #3. After that, this installed extension will appear on your Top right corner. Where you need to click on that Universe Icon.

Hide IP Address #4. There you see a small box from where you can quickly change your country network and also On/Off your extension for surfing the internet. Hide IP Address

Your Turn: No Doubt, this trick will work for you. How To Easily Hide IP Address Online. However, still, you face any problem at any point, then please do comment below. And Don’t forget to share it with your friends and Must Share on Facebook.

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