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Top 5 VPN for Netflix that works in all Countries


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  • Using a VPN is the way to bypass the restriction by your government using tunneling technology or literally changing your IP location to other countries in which Netflix is working seamlessly.

Netflix’s extensive library of movies and TV shows varies by country due to licensing agreements. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you access content from different regions. While many VPN services require a subscription, there are a few free options that can be effective. Alongside these VPNs, I’ll also discuss ways to access free Netflix accounts legally.

Top 5 Best Free Netflix VPN that works for all Countries itechhacks.com
Best Free VPN that works with Netflix | Itechhacks

Netflix VPN Free: In many countries like Russia, Iraq, and China the content on the Internet has many strict policies that make the end user cannot able to reach out to that content. Netflix is still blocked in many countries like the countries which we mentioned above and this restriction by the government will be bypassed by some methods like using a VPN. Using a VPN is the way to bypass the restriction by your government using tunneling technology or literally changing your IP location to other countries in which Netflix is working seamlessly.

We are also providing some of the working Free Netflix Accounts for our readers. But due to savage peoples they usually changing the passwords of those accounts. Anyways, if you have one then go ahead by watching these amazing Netflix Shows and Series in 2019

VPN- Virtual Private Network which enables the user to encrypt their data transmission in the public network and access the networks from the different regions of the world. VPN encrypts the data through tunneling protocols.  A lot of people is requesting us to write about the Free VPN for Netflix and the article is here. Yay!  Here the top 5 Free VPN which you can use to unblock Netflix and enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies.

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DISCLAIMER:  Using VPN to bypass the blocked websites may be illegal in some countries and it is also against the Netflix terms and conditions. So do it at your own risk.

5 Best Free Netflix VPN

Before we go to the actual list of top 5 Netflix with VPN for free, we need to understand how to choose the best VPN which works seamlessly with Netflix. For streaming video contents at Full HD or in 4K requires the immense amount of bandwidth and server speed. So, keep that in mind we made this list and all the VPN’s equally has Server speed and bandwidth.


I think Nord VPN is the most secure VPN in this list. It has very strong 2048- bit encryption which they called Military Level security which will allow your data transmission through the network very secure.  It works great with Netflix as well with great speed and gives secure streaming experience. This Nord VPN has around 4275 servers in different 62 countries. So choosing servers is not a hassle for you. They combine the VPN benefits with onion Router which gives the end user, great security.



Best Free Netflix VPN (Working)

They offer a great upload and download speed than your normal rates with your broadband. This is very fantastic if you stream tons of videos and Netflix is exactly the streaming media. Also, they have a very strong privacy policy, they don’t log any of your data on their servers after your session ends. This VPN is also cheap if you are going to be the premium user.



Strong VPN’s main focal point is its security which allows you to use a wide range of protocols support along with the 2048 bit data encryption. Like all VPN Strong VPN support all platforms with full manual configuration for all those tech-savvy.  Strong VPN leads the other service provider in one aspect which is Support. They also support up to 5 Simultaneous Connections. Yes! They provide 24/7 live support is available for you if you choose Strong VPN for streaming Netflix with VPN. Also, this VPN is rated best performing VPN by the big tech giants.



Best Free Netflix VPN (Working)Tunnel bear is the simplest VPN among the list and has all the features allowed by the other VPN providers. This VPN also does not log your data and provide complete security throughout your session. With this VPN you can get secure access to the network even if you are connected to the public network. It uses the insane level of encryption [256 bit] to protect your data. Tunnel Bear also allows you to connect with 5 devices simultaneously which is only available on premium services.



Keenow offers secure browsing and enables you to access the geographically blocked contents. This VPN also protect you from the hackers to sniff your data. In this VPN you will also get the Military level encryption. Keenow uses Smart DNS feature for Lightning fast delivery.  This VPN works seamlessly with Netflix as well which allows you to stream an unlimited number of series on Netflix.


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All of the above-mentioned VPN is working seamlessly with Netflix. But there is not even a single Free VPN for Netflix Accounts. In this article, we are referring free as a trial period of the VPN services.  Do we miss something which works super fine with you? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, do share this article with your Netflix freak and this share matters a lot for us. If you are trying to be updated on the things happening in the tech world, our mail listing is the correct place for you. Follow our E-mail listing for instant updates happening in the tech world.

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