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Download and Install Carbridge App on iOS 17 without Jailbreak


Key Takeaways
  • Carbridge app adds extra apps and features to cars, addressing limitations of Apple Carplay
  • Users can download and install the Carbridge app on iOS or Android devices
  • No jailbreak is required to install Carbridge on iOS, users can follow simple steps or use XCode for installation.

Carbridge is an app that allows users to add extra apps and features to their Car. This app was developed with the motive to give users more and extra features that they are not able to get in the Apple Carplay App. The Carbridge App is available for both iOS and Android devices. Users can download the Carbridge App on iOS or Android by following straightforward steps.

Many users have found it challenging to download and install Carbridge App. Now, they are looking for some guides that can help them with the steps to download and install Carbridge App. We are here with the guide where we will tell you about the Carbridge App, its features, and how to download and install Carbridge App on your iOS and Android.

What is Carbridge App?

How to Download and Install Carbridge App

The developers of the Carbridge App have developed it with the motive that they can provide Android and iOS users with more features. If you don’t know, in the Carplay app, there is a limited number of apps and features, which is not sufficient for the users. Many users have complained about it, but nothing worked. The company was not adding extra features to the Carplay App, causing users issues.

With the help of the Carbridge App, you can efficiently resolve them. The Carbridge App lets the users use any app available on their mobile. You can use it on your screen of the car with the Carplay. Everything will work similarly to the Carplay.

The Carbridge App allows users to use Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other streaming services. Many users were not using the maps on their screens of the car. To utilize the Car Dashboard screen, the users were thinking of something unique, like watching. But, it was not possible with the official Carplay.

CarBridge App

This is because there is an issue with adding the streaming app to the Carplay App. If the company adds the streaming app, there are chances that the cause of accidents will increase more because the driver will be using the Car Dashboard to watch web series or movies which is not good.

Due to this, the extra feature is not added in the Carplay. However, many players were interested in using those features. For this, the users can install the Carbridge App; however, the driver has to ensure that they are not watching web series or something else using this app as it might be dangerous for the people who are sitting in the car.

Many iOS users are confused about whether they need to jailbreak their iPhones to install the Carbridge App. We have explained it, so check below. 

Do I Need to Jailbreak My iPhone To Install the Carbridge App?

A lot of users have been confused about the installation of the Carbridge App. They think they will need to jailbreak their iPhones to install the Carbridge App. If you don’t know what jailbreak means, here is an explanation.

The Jailbreak means freeing the conditions that were set by the manufacturers. With the help of Jailbreak, the users get full access to the device. However, when anyone does a jailbreak on their phone, they exploit the device’s security.


Once they have successfully done the process of the jailbreak, they will be able to install the software blocked or not approved by the manufacturers. Also, by jailbreaking, the users get access to the operating system’s root.

The Carbridge is an app that is not approved by the company. However, the users will not need to jailbreak their iOS or Android to install it. The developers of the Carbridge App have already made a simple procedure for installing the app on their iOS devices. So, let’s take a look at it.

How to Download and Install Carbridge App 2024

You might think that you don’t have to jailbreak the phone, and the app is also unavailable at the iOS store, so how will we install it? We have mentioned above that the Carbridge App developers have already made a simple process that the users will need to follow to install the app on the device.

If you don’t want to follow the steps of the developers to install the Carbridge app, we have also listed another method to install the app. You can follow those steps to install the Carbridge app on your device. To make it easier, we have listed the steps below; check them properly.

Method 1: Through Official Website

  • Visit the official website of the Carbridge app (carbridgeapp.com).

Carbridge App

  • You will see the Download Now button there.
  • Tap on the button.
  • After that, you must select the operating system: iOS or Android.

Carbridge App

  • Choose the operating system.
  • Once you click on the Start Installation, the process will be started.

Carbridge App

  • You will see a new pop-up with the message to Connect with your phone. 
  • Once you have connected the device, the file will be downloaded.


  • After that, you must follow on-screen instructions to install the Carbridge app on your device successfully.
  • That’s it; you are done.

Method 2: Through XCode


The other way you can install and set up the Carbridge App on your iOS is with the help of XCode. The XCode is used for the development of the app. We will use it to install the Carbridge App without jailbreaking. Check the steps which are listed below to do this.

  • First, download the Carbridge app from Github.
  • You have to unzip the file and open it on your PC.
  • You will see two folders when you open it: “Symbols” and “CarBridge.app.”
  • Now, you need to connect the iPhone to the PC. When you are doing this, make sure to use the same Wi-Fi Network.
  • Open Xcode on your PC.

  • Go to Windows, and select Devices and Simulators.
  • Select the device from the left sidebar. To do this, Click + on the side bottom corner of the device.
  •  You have to now login with the Apple account. It will ask you for a Development Team.
  • Now, go to the Xcode, and click on the File option.
  • Click on New and Select Project.
  • Select Single View App from the given templates.
  • After it, click Next.
  • Now, enter any product name. Make sure that the selected language is Swift.
  • Again, click Next.
  • Select the saving location of the file.
  • Click on Create.
  • Now, select the Project Name from the Xcode Project Navigator.
  • Select Targets
  • Click on + Add Target
  • A new window will open your screen. Find CarBridge from the menu.
  • Once you have found Carbridge, double-click on it.
  • When you click on the app, it will take you back to the main target page.
  • Check that under the General option, and you have the Bundle Identifier, which includes .carbridge
  • If it is not there, enter the name manually.
  • Now, open AppDelegate.swift.
  • You have to replace the contents with the following commands.
    • import UIKit @UI Application Main class App Delegate: UI Responder, UI Application Delegate { func application( _ application: UI application, did Finish Launching With Options launch Options: [UI Application Launch Options Key : Any]?
  • That’s it; we have successfully done the installation.

Wrapping Up

Carbridge App comes with some great features which the users in their Car Dashboard need. However, it gives the users access to many apps that were not possible to use on the Carplay. It is both good and bad for the users who are driving the car. Ensure your eyes are always on the road, even after installing the Carbridge App. We have listed different methods for installing the Carbridge App on your device. Follow the steps listed above to do this.


1. Where can I download CarBridge?

You can easily download the CarBridge App from its official website or GitHub.

2. How do I install CarBridge on my iPhone?

There are various ways available to install CarBridge on the iPhone. The first method you can install the app is from the official website and following the instructions given. The second method is the use of Xcode. We briefly listed the steps above, so follow them to install the Carbridge app on your iPhone.

3. Where can I buy CarBridge app?

You don’t have to buy the CarBridge App (carbridgeapp.com). It is available for free. There is another version of CarBridge, which is paid.


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