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How to Update Starlink Firmware 2024 Latest Version List


Quick Overview

  • Starlink has been in the light for some time now, and a lot of people want to know about Starlink Firmware update 2024.

Starlink has been in the light for some time now, and a lot of people want to know about Starlink Firmware update 2024. Although Starlink was officially founded way back in 2015, it has started gaining popularity after 6 years. Firmware updates are known to address various issues and improve user experience.

However, for Starlink users, the Firmware update is something that is above their hands. Users cannot download, upgrade or downgrade their firmware because it is not in their control. So, it is better that you know about these firmware updates and how they affect your user experience with Starlink. Now that you have installed your Starlink, you may want to know about the firmware updates. The latest Starlink Firmware updates are mentioned in this guide.

How to Update Starlink Firmware 2023 Latest Version List

Why Do Firmware Updates Matter in Starlink?

Firmware is the most important component of a device after the kernel. Since Starlink doesn’t have its operating system, Firmware becomes the most important part of it. This runs the system and maintains its efficiency. If you recharge your Starlink, the recharge is processed by the Starlink servers and then sent on to its hardware to understand the job and execute it.

Another example is performing a factory reset. As already mentioned, Starlink doesn’t have an OS so every function is executed by that. If you perform a factory reset, the firmware sends a signal to the kernel, and then the kernel executes this through the hardware.

Some notable features that come with firmware updates include:

  1. Speed
  2. Security
  3. Compatibility with more devices
  4. New features
  5. Improved performance
  6. Bug fixes

Throughout Starlink’s history of internet service, frequent firmware updates have been provided. As a result of many of the updates, the system is now more stable and runs faster than ever.

A number of security vulnerabilities have been addressed through the rollout of the updated firmware. Of course, there are some cloudy patches along the way. In addition to other problems, Starlink has released several firmware updates containing bugs. Thankfully, Starlink has quickly issued a firmware update to fix these bugs, such as the disconnected error.

How to Check Starlink Firmware Version?

Starlink’s customer support is pathetic. They don’t have anything as instructions or even a dedicated support specialist to assist people while using Starlink. As a Starlink user, you may always think about what to do. Nevertheless, here’s how you can check the Starlink firmware version.

Starlink Firmware Update

Checking the Starlink Firmware version is easy if you have the mobile app installed. The Starlink app is available across both iOS and Android. Just download it. Once downloaded, go to Settings and then click on Advanced. Now you will be able to see the Firmware version.

Once you get down to our list of Starlink Firmware versions, check whether yours is the latest one.

On the flip side, Starlink doesn’t even have the courtesy to inform users whether an update is available or not. Further, you cannot even see what updates are available and the improvements it has brought.

Starlink Dish Firmware Update

Tentatively, as of January 2024, here are all the Starlink Firmware Updates released from the start. If you notice your firmware is an old one, wait until Starlink releases it for your location.

Date Update Type Key Notes Version Number
4th November 2022 Dish Firmware Update Introduced soft data caps and data throttling ee39beae-c399-4648-a7d6-949193d8c910.uterm.release
14th November 2022 Dish Firmware Update edb54d43-cd2a-42f0-b9c5-5403b0d5d8e1.uterm.release
20th November 2022 Dish Firmware Update f562e306-0cd5-44c2-9058-9ab6800c4b50.uterm.release
29th November 2022 Router Firmware Update 2022.39.0.mr19887-prod
30th November 2022 Dish Firmware Update 42b5ab75-81b6-4908-a445-e209eb070ed3.uterm.release
7th December 2022 Router Firmware Update 2022.41.0.mr20139-prod
16th December 2022 Router Firmware Update 2022.43.0.mr20367-prod
18th December 2022 Dish Firmware Update 756b8328-7273-4e5b-a253-363d85873d28.uterm.release
23rd December 2022 Dish Firmware Update 8c03f1b9-de75-404b-87fd-7986892cdacb.uterm.release
6th January 2023 Dish Firmware Update 2d2db653-e245-403b-b1a5-1af2cca0aa43.uterm.release
14th January 2023 Dish Firmware Update 367d68e9-6a60-4a21-878d-00e1f9b89c56.uterm.release
20th January 2023 Dish Firmware Update 6ac8c726-1096-45a5-9102-c026b2a65e78.uterm.release
30th March 2023 Starlink Firmware Update   7974cb07-8ba9-40ab-8aa6-4be7fb90309b.uterm.release
4th April 2023 Dish Firmware Update 5781cfe2-3678-457f-a0e7-c460b8985cef.uterm.release [Reddit]
17th August2023 Dish Firmware Update   e7184369-bf41-4f62-aca6-59f4912efc74.uterm.release [Reddit]
23rd August 2023 Dish Firmware Update 469df3fc-b565-40a3-9eea-605f2b336fe0.uterm.release [Reddit]
27th September 2023 Dish Firmware Update e88ef5e1-bd75-4baa-add2-95a90c3708c3.uterm.release [Reddit]
17th October 2023 Dish Firmware Update 5a923943-5acb-4d05-ac58-dd93e72b7862.uterm.release [Reddit]
18th November 2023 Dish Firmware Update bbcabf4d-1c85-49ab-8aba-d257c845ac63 [Reddit]
29th January 2024 Software Update Latest 00c260c4-7270-4ab3-9ab3-09a36656e655.uterm.release [Reddit]

How to Update Your Starlink to the Latest Firmware?

Unfortunately, you cannot update your Starlink firmware like you can on other devices. However, you can just check which version it is running and check for that version on Google about what that update is about. Other than that, there’s no way you can manually update or check for updates.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about Starlink Firmware Updates 2024. We hope this guide has helped you. You can also search for these updates on Reddit to know what other users are saying. If you still have any doubts, make sure to comment down below.



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