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How to Watch TV With Starlink Internet


Whenever someone buys a Starlink, his first question is whether he can stream TV with Starlink internet or not. If you are someone like this, you must also have the same question. Here’s our guide to help you watch TV using Starlink Internet.

Can You Get TV With Starlink Internet?

If you think about whether the Starlink dish can be used as a TV antenna, then absolutely no. If you have seen Starlink at someone’s house and thinking about whether you should purchase it for internet and TV needs, you are half accurate.

This is because, Starlink is the sole internet provider, and there’s no way you can watch TV using Starlink. However, because Starlink is an internet provider and now there are so many online cord-cutting TV streaming services available, it is definitely possible to watch TV using Starlink.

How To Watch TV With Starlink Internet

How To Watch TV With Starlink Internet?

Watching live TV with Starlink is pretty easy. While a lot of people may get confused that Starlink’s satellite also acts as a dish antenna which can help you to watch TV. However, you, as an user, should know that it is practically impossible.

Streaming TV using a Satellite Dish of Starlink is impossible, considering it is meant only for the internet and connecting and aligning with the constellation. There’s no way it can act as a TV antenna.

Nevertheless, there’s one way you can use Starlink to watch TV is by using one of the best Streaming services for Starlink. This way, you will be able to utilize your data well and save money on other costs.

Besides, there are plenty of options available for Starlink internet users to watch live TV. But there are some things that you should have, the first one is a Smart TV and the second one is a Starlink internet connection. If you already have a Smart TV, it is now time to buy your Starlink and set it up to begin watching the best streaming services and Live TV.

Best Streaming Services for Starlink Internet Users 2023

As of now, there are plenty of online video streaming services that are almost like streaming live TV on Starlink. Different live TV services cater to different types of users by specializing in certain genres or types of shows. With that being said, Here are some of the best online TV options you can use with Starlink.

Hulu TV

How To Get TV With Starlink Internet

Hulu is highly recommended for Starlink users because of its extensive library of streaming content. Hulu’s live TV option is robust, and it also has a large library of classic shows and a wide variety of movies. Hulu offers both NFL Network and NFL RedZone in addition to the 14 Viacom channels it added previously, which included BET+, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Network.

Hulu’s live TV service and the standard streaming plan with ads cost $69.99 per month with the Hulu+ Live TV plan. The previous 50 hours of DVR storage limit has been doubled, making Enhanced Cloud DVR available to all subscribers. For an additional $9.99 a month, you can upgrade your plan to include Unlimited Screens, which will allow you to stream on an unlimited number of devices at home and up to three devices elsewhere, making it an excellent option for Starlink internet users.

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How To Get TV With Starlink Internet

If you’re a sports fan who uses Starlink Internet, Fubo is an excellent choice. The fubo Starter plan costs $74.99 per month and provides access to roughly 120 channels (the exact number varies by location). CBS, FOX, NBA TV, NBC, and NFL Network are all great options for watching national sporting events. Univision and BET+ are available for those interested in international sports coverage.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in Sports, Fubo also offers excellent entertainment choices. For instance, AMC, FX, The Food Network, SYFY, National Geographic, and USA. Moreover, you can watch live events and shows from the listed channels and there are also upcoming web series and movies.

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DirectTV Stream

How To Get TV With Starlink Internet

DirecTV Stream was earlier popularly known as AT&T TV. Moreover, it is a high-quality live-streaming service with premium features. It allows up to twenty users to watch at once, has parental controls, and has a better DVR than ever before, with unlimited space and the ability to record thirty episodes for up to nine months. Make sure you set aside at least $75 monthly. You can also stream more, depending on your plan.

In search of a genuine cable substitute? Your provider is DirecTV Stream. The premium package, which comes with a whopping 140 channels, justifies the hefty price tag. In addition, AT&T, Comcast, and Sinclair’s regional sports networks (RSNs) are only available on DirecTV Stream, making it the only live TV streaming service that offers RSNs. All the all, DirecTV stream is an excellent option for Starlink Internet users.

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Sling TV offers customizable packages to customize your live streaming experience to your specific needs and budget. Some of the on-demand offerings are even free of cost. Over time, its premium tiers have increased in price, with the most expensive now costing $60 per month. Nevertheless, any service with extensive video content is greatly appreciated.

Those who subscribe to Sling TV can expand their channel lineup with a variety of available add-ons. Local channels and sports broadcasts are available, but only in rudimentary form, with the base service. If you want to watch CNN, AMC, BBC America, Comedy Central,  Cartoon Network, Food Network, Disney+, ESPN, and many more, you should subscribe to their Blue or Orange package.

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The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can watch TV on Starlink Internet. We hope this guide has helped you. If you still have any doubts or queries, make sure to comment below.


  1. What is I purchase a starlink unit in Florida where I live (purchase the starlink roam plan) and then bring it to the bahmas where I plan on leaving it in our vacation cottage there . Per starlink this is still considered the same continent. If I want to use it to stream live tv on a smart tv in my home there in the bahamas will services such as you tube tv or Hulu block you from streaming since they don’t provide service outside the United States or will it recognize my starlink as being tied to the United States ?

    • Yes, you can purchase a Starlink unit in Florida and use it in The Bahamas, as long as you purchase the Starlink Roam plan. The Roam plan allows you to use your Starlink in select countries outside of the US, including The Bahamas. However, some streaming services, such as YouTube TV and Hulu, may block you from streaming if they detect that you are not located in the US. This is because these services have licensing agreements that restrict them from streaming content to certain countries.

  2. I have starlink and hulu. I bought the live local channel option. Now with starlink, my local channel has been changed to a city over 400 miles away…not local at all. I called hulu because you can’t get anywhere with starlink. Hulu said that starlink is using an IP address that is 400 miles away. What to do? No other internet available in my area.


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