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Starlink Down: Is Starlink Down Right Now | Starlink Outage


Starlink has started going around quite in time, but that doesn’t sort out every problem it has. Starting off with, the Starlink down issue is what a lot of users face they first set up their Starlink. So, does that means Starlink is down right now?

5 years from now and Starlink will deploy around 45,000 satellites around the earth’s orbit, and then you can experience lightning-fast internet and absolutely no outages. But what about now? Well, we will understand this in detail and fix it if you are facing Starlink down issue.

Is Starlink Down Right Now?

Is Starlink Down Right Now

As of now, we don’t think Starlink is down. Starlink, just like any other satellite internet service, has its own quirks. But that doesn’t mean Starlink will be down most of the time.

Starlink offers high speed in many previously inaccessible areas of the world. For this, it uses thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit to link up user terminals on the ground with ground stations so that they can access the internet.

In the aftermath of disasters and conflicts, it has proven to be an invaluable resource. Because of this capability, it has become a target for malicious users. As a result, if your Starlink is down, it is possible that someone might be trying to attack Starlink servers. But that is rare, and your data is safe.

How to Know if Starlink is Down Right Now?

Starlink Down: Is Starlink Down Right Now | Starlink Outage

If you think you are experiencing issues with your Starlink, such as slow internet or the disconnected error, your Starlink may be down. However, that doesn’t guarantee it. There may be some other reasons as well.

If you are experiencing slow internet, it doesn’t mean that your Starlink is only at fault. Your PC or smartphone may also be experiencing issues. You can check this guide if you want to speed up your internet.

Now for Starlink, you can try unplugging and plugging it back in. After that, check the DownDetector website to know the whereabouts of the issues. If you see that a lot of people are complaining that they are facing issues, it means that Starlink is down.

You can also check out Reddit, and under various subreddits, you can find other users discussing issues about their Starlink.

Further, you should check the official SpaceX twitter channel because there the guys from the company will post anything related to the Starlink outage.

How to Fix Starlink Down Issue?

If Starlink is down, you cannot fix it because it is not from your side. However, you can contact support and raise a support ticket, and the support executives will help you. Until then, you can also open the application and check whether there are new obstructions in place or not.

Is Starlink Working Now?

At the time of writing, we didn’t find any issues going on with Starlink. So, yes, it is working now. However, since the services are still in its early stages, Starlink experiences outages very quickly than other internet providers.

Is Starlink Blocked By Clouds?

Yes, clouds do block Starlink from working normally. Rain of a light nature usually doesn’t cause problems, but significant rainfall can degrade the Starlink signal. Clouds with a lot of moisture usually bring a lot of rain. When clouds are thicker, radio signals travelling to and from the Starlink satellites are more likely to be disturbed.

Why Does My Starlink Say Offline?

Starlink can be offline because of several reasons, including if its servers are down. If you see that there’s no issue from their side, you can directly contact support to know more about the problem. Further, if your Starlink is offline, it simply means there’s no communication between your Starlink and the dish, so there can also be wire issues.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about whether Starlink is down or not. We hope this Starlink outage guide helped you understand everything. If you still have any doubts, make sure to comment down below.



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