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Microsoft Office 2007 Download for Windows PC (Full Version 32/64 Bit)


Microsoft Office 2007, became one of Microsoft’s most popular Office suite versions ever released. It came with Office software, including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc. It included many advanced features over the Office 2003, especially the advancement in the GUI. 

Though Microsoft ended the support for Office 2007 a long time back, many people still prefer using it. Even though most modern-day computers come with Office 365, Office 2007 is a great choice for old computers which does not support the latest Office version.

But where do I find Microsoft Office 2007 now that Microsoft has ended its support, especially when newer versions like Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 2019 are available? Microsoft does not sell Office 2007 any longer, but that doesn’t mean it’s inaccessible. In this article, we will provide you with the Microsoft Office 2007 download link and guide you through the steps to install it on your PC.

Microsoft Office 2007 Download for Windows PC (Full Version 32/64 Bit)

Features of Office 2007

Office 2007 offers a wide range of features which are of great help to its users. Because of its features, the Office 2007 became an instant hit when it was released. Some of the prominent features of Office 2007 are mentioned below:

Category Key Features
General – Ribbon Interface: Replaced traditional menus and toolbars.
– Office Button: New access point for file operations.
– Open XML File Format: More compact and robust file format.
Word – Automated Citations and Bibliographies.
– Full-Screen Reading mode.
– Integrated Blogging tools.
Outlook – Built-in RSS Reader.
– Enhanced Search with indexing.
– Multiple Calendar views.
Excel – Advanced Charting capabilities.
– Data Import from various sources.
PowerPoint – Enhanced Text and 3D Graphics Rendering.
– Improved Table Support.
Access – Support for diverse Data Types.
– Synchronized Table Updates.

👉 Updated File Formats

Office 2007 has an updated file format called Office Open XML. The files saved will have x after the file extension, like .docx for Word Documents, .pptx for PowerPoint presentations, and .xlsx for Excel.

👉 Tabbed Toolbar

The Tabbed toolbar refers to the Ribbon Interface. They are made so that you will see a particular set of items in one manner. The toolbar has various tabs like home, edit, insert, and more, allowing you to quickly make changes to the documents. 

👉 Office Button

Microsoft replaced the File menu with the Office button at the top left corner. With this option, you can open an old file, create a new file, save the file, or even print the file. It also shows a list of recently used documents, making it much easier for us to use. Through this, you can even customize the toolbar as per your requirements. 

👉 SmartArt Diagrams

The SmartArt option contains various customizable diagrams, graphs, and texts under the Insert tab. It shows templates you can add to the documents you create with the Office 2007 softwares. 

👉 Proofreading and Grammar Check Options

Office 2007 provides features that include spelling checking, grammar checking, and even contextual checking. This makes it more efficient and accurate for the users. This also helps increase the readability and makes it easier for users to understand.

👉 Shortcut Bar

Short Bar also refers to the Quick Access Toolbar. It is present in the left top corner. This gives you quick access to commands such as saving, searching, etc. You can even customize it as per your choice. 

System Requirements to Download Office 2007 💻

Before you go on downloading the Microsoft Office 2007, your system must meet the following system requirements to install it-

  • RAM- 256 MB or more
  • Operating System- Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows XP with Service Pack2, or later
  • Processor- Processor with at least 500Mhz frequency
  • Storage- 2GB or more

Download Microsoft Office 2007: Step-by-Step Installation Guide ✅

If your system meets the requirements mentioned above, you can download and install Microsoft Office 2007 on your system. We have Microsoft Office 2007 on our system, so we have attached the Google Drive link to download Office 2007. You won’t be redirected to any other site for downloading Microsoft Office 2007. 

  • Click on this link to open the Microsoft Office 2007 folder on Drive. 
  • Click on the Download button next to the folder to download it. Ensure you have a fast internet connection to download Microsoft Office 2007; otherwise, it may take several minutes or even hours. 

Microsoft Office 2007 Download for PC: Easy Guide

  • Now, open the File Explorer by pressing the Windows + E keyboard shortcut. 
  • Navigate to the Downloads folder from the left pane. 
  • Microsoft Office 2007 will be downloaded as a ZIP file, so you must extract it. Right-click on the file and then click on Extract All
  • Now, set the extraction path if you want to, and click on Extract
  • After this, open the extracted folder. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the folder and double-click on the Office 2007 Key file. This will have the activation key of Office 2007, so copy it.

Microsoft Office 2007 Download for PC: Easy Guide

  • After this, double-click on the Setup file to run the Office 2007 setup. 

Microsoft Office 2007 Download for PC: Easy Guide

  • When the UAC prompt appears, click on Yes
  • You will now be asked to enter the product key. Paste the key that you have copied. 
  • Now, click on the Continue button. 


  • After this, click on the Install Now button.

Install Now

  • Wait till Office 2007 is installed, and then you can close the setup. 

Installing Office 2007

Final Words

Microsoft Office 2007 is still used by people who have old PCs. However, as Microsoft has ended the support for Office 2007, you will not find it officially on the Microsoft site. If you are looking for a Microsoft Office 2007 download, you are at the right place. You can follow this guide to download and install Microsoft Office 2007 on your PC. 


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