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9 Ways to Fix Unlicensed Product of Microsoft Office 2019


Key Takeaways
  • Unlicensed Product issue in Microsoft Office 2019 is caused by activation errors, limiting software features and usage.
  • Common reasons include internet issues, expired free trials, incorrect product keys, system changes, conflicting software, and piracy.
  • Solutions involve fixing internet problems, reactivating software, running apps as administrator, setting correct date/time, ensuring genuine key, updating Office, uninstalling third-party apps, disabling firewalls/antivirus, and removing previous Office installations.

If you are using an offline Office version like Microsoft Office 2019, then you will have to activate it with the product key that is provided to you when you buy the software. If, for some reason, the product remains inactivated or you are using the free trial of the software, then you will be prompted with an Unlicensed Product issue.

Unlicensed Products of Microsoft Office 2019 issue may limit the Office features and even sometimes prevent you from using all the software that comes with the Office 2019 suite. If you are prompted with this error and you want to get rid of it, then this article is going to help you with it. Read ahead to know how to fix Unlicensed Product of Microsoft Office 2019

9 Ways to Fix Unlicensed Product of Microsoft Office 2019

What is Unlicensed Product Error in Microsoft Office 2019?

This Unlicensed Product of Microsoft Office 2019 is an activation error that generally happens when Office 2019 fails to activate. Microsoft checks for the genuineness of the product that you use, and if Microsoft detects anything suspicious with the licensing of Office 2019, you will be prompted this error. The most common reasons as to why this error may occur are-

  • You may encounter this problem if there are some issues with your internet while you are trying to activate the product.
  • This issue can also occur if you were using the free trial of Office 2019 and now it has expired.
  • Another reason for this issue to occur is an incorrect product key.
  • Server timeout or activation timeout is another reason that can cause this issue. 
  • You can face this issue if there are changes in the system software or hardware.
  • If you are facing unlicensed product error in Microsoft Office 2019, it can be due to conflicting third-party software, antivirus, and firewalls.
  • If the current installation becomes corrupted, that can also be the reason for facing this issue.
  • You shouldn’t have multiple Office installations on your PC. If multiple Office installed or data files of any old Office version remain on your PC, then that can also cause this issue.
  • Another most common reason behind the Unlicensed product error is using pirated Office software.

How to Fix Unlicensed Products of Microsoft Office 2019

If this issue occurs to you and you cannot Office 2019, then worry not; we are here to help you. Given below are all the ways to help you fix Unlicensed Product Error of Microsoft Office 2019 –

Fix Internet Issues

You might face this issue if your internet is slow or unstable. But how do I know if the issue is with my internet? You can use these tools to check internet speed.

If you encounter internet issues, you will have to fix them. You can follow this guide to resolve the issues with the internet and increase the internet connection speed on your PC

Try Activating your Product Again

If, for some reason, the product has been deactivated, then that can cause this issue. Try activating your product again with the product key. You can do this by following the steps given below-

  • Open any Microsoft Office products, like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, etc. 
  • Now, click on the File option at the top left corner. 
  • Now, click on Account and then on Product Activation
  • You must log in with your Microsoft Account and enter the product key. 
  • Once done, this will activate the Microsoft Office suite, and you should no longer face the issue. 

Run Office Apps as Administrator

Office apps might require certain permissions to run without any issues. You can ensure that Office apps have all the permissions by running them as administrators. This can be done by following the steps given below-

  • Click the Start icon on the taskbar and search for the Microsoft Office app you want to open. 
  • Select the app and then click on Run as Administrator

How to Fix Unlicensed Product of Microsoft Office 2019? (9 Ways)

  • In the UAC prompt, click on Yes. This will run the app as administrator. 

Set the Correct Date and Time

Verify If Your Date And Time Is Correct

If you are getting an Unlicensed Product issue, it can be due to an incorrect date and time. You must check the date and time and ensure they are correct. You can follow this guide to change the date and time in Windows 11. Set the correct date and time per region, and then restart the Microsoft Office app.  This should most probably fix Unlicensed Product of Microsoft Office 2019.

Ensure your Product Key is Genuine

Another common reason behind this issue is incorrect or counterfeit product keys. This happens when you have bought a product from a retailer that is not genuine. If you bought the product from an official and genuine source, then ensure the product key you are entering is correct. 

Also, avoid using pirated versions of Microsoft Office. Pirated products do more harm than good. Though you may be able to use pirated Office for free, that can cause issues like this in the long run, so it is better to avoid them. 

Update Office 

Outdated Office versions often have bugs. Developers try to solve the bugs in the previous version with the latest updates. You must update your Office to the latest versions to fix Unlicensed Product of Microsoft Office 2019. Below are the steps to fix it-

  • Open any Microsoft Office app on your Windows PC. 
  • Now, click on the File tab on the top left corner, and then click on Account
  • Next, under the Product Information section, click on Update Options and then Update Now

How to Fix Unlicensed Product of Microsoft Office 2019? (9 Ways)

  • This will install all the available updates. 

Uninstall Third-Party Apps

If you started facing this issue after installing a particular app, then that app can be the culprit behind this issue. You should try uninstalling that app and then launch Microsoft Office. Here’s how you can do it-

  • Press the Windows + R key combo, type appwiz.cpl, and press Enter


  • Click on the app you have recently installed and then click on the Uninstall option. 

Uninstall App

  • Click on Uninstall again to confirm uninstalling the program. 
  • Once done, restart your PC and launch Microsoft Office again. 

Disable Firewall and Antivirus

Disable Firewall or Antivirus Software

Not only third-party apps, but you can also encounter this issue due to antivirus and firewalls on your PC. Disable the firewall and disable the antivirus on your Windows PC. Once you have done that, relaunch Microsoft Office, and you should no longer face the issue. If that doesn’t solve the issue, then the firewall and antivirus were not causing the issue, and you can re-enable them. 

Uninstall Previous Microsoft Office Installation

If your PC has any previous Office installation, that may cause issues with the activation of Microsoft Office 2019. You must uninstall any previous Microsoft Office Installation. Uninstall any other Microsoft Office version on your PC and restart your PC. Once done, try reinstalling the Microsoft Office 2019 and activate it. 

Bottom Line

That’s the complete guys; this should fix Unlicensed Product of Microsoft Office 2019. If, for some reason, you still face the issue, then you can contact the Microsoft Customer Support team. We hope this article solves the issue, and if it does, do give a thumbs up in the comment section. 


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