In Short Hacks: Love playing games? Facing difficulty in scoring high? Here we are with the most useful Game Hacking Apps which will not only unlock all the levels of your game but also, make all the in-app purchases free of cost and thus, be giving you an upper hand while playing these games with your friends.

Top 6 Best Game Hacker Apps For Non-Rooted Android Devices
Top 6 Best Game Hacker Apps For Non-Rooted Android Devices

In every game, there are some levels that are tough to pass. Also, if you are not good at a game that your friends love playing then, you might get embarrassed in front of them. And the most important thing, there are numerous in-app purchases which are prompted now and then so that you buy them. All the issues mentioned above hamper the gaming experience of players.

And hence, the perfect solution to all these issues lies in hacking the game. There are some Best Game Hacker Apps which you can use to hack any android game easily. These apps allow you to make all the in-app purchases free of cost, unlocks all the levels of that particular game.

Best Game Hacker Apps 2020

Earlier we have posted numbers of different articles on “GBA Android Game Hacking”. But, Many of our readers wanted to know all about Best Game Hacker Apps for Android devices working on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones. So let’s take a glance at all the game hacking apps and check what they have to provide us with!

Best Game Hacking Apps For Android

#1 Lucky Patcher

Best Game Hacker Apps
Lucky Patcher

This app is quite famous and is used by most of the people. This is an amazing Game hacking app. However, it can be used only in those devices which are rooted. You can use Lucky Patcher to remove the ads, to verify the license, to modify the host of all the other features of any game. Lucky Patcher allows you to use all the locked features of any game. It analyzes all the apps which are installed on your device and points out all the modifications you can make to a particular app or game. The most amazing thing is that it does all this for free. You can also try AndroidHackers for best Android games hacks


  • Lucky Patcher Will Generate modded/hacked APKs
  • It can Install/uninstall apps
  • Remove Patch ads in games
  • Increase Level Emulation
  • Works on Non-Rooted Devices
  • Purchase emulation for free purchases

#2 XMODgames

This is another popular game hacking app and is the perfect substitute for Lucky Patcher. It works perfectly with Android as well as iOS games and is entirely free of cost. This game hacker is specially designed to breach all the restrictions provided by the developers of a game. Using this hacking app, you can get points, coins, gems or anything which is meant to enhance your game experience! XMODgames helps you in hacking many well-known games such as Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds, Castle Royale, etc. It is entirely safe and not malicious. However, you need a rooted device since it needs special permissions which only rooted devices can provide.


  • This will work on both rooted and non-rooted devices
  • Have thousands of game modes for different games
  • Regular updates for the hot games

#3 SB Game Hacker

Best Game Hacker Apps
SB Game Hacker APK

This game hacking app is a very powerful game modifier tool for Android devices! You can also make use of its ‘Fuzzy Search’ option which has a sole reason to look for a value of resources of any game and also, input or edit the values of the required resources. SB Game Hacker app supports English as well as the Chinese language. This app performs extremely well on rooted devices, and hence, it is recommended that you root your Android device before using this app to hack games. This app also helps to remove all the annoying ads and to bypass license restrictions and thus, allowing you to play any game extremely well.

SB Game Hacker APK


  • SB Game Hacker comes with an inbuilt search option names as ‘Fuzzy Search.‘ The purpose of this search engine is to look for a value of resources of any game and also, input or edit the required resources values.
  • Using this app, you can change the source or the editing source of the game.
  • It boosts the game speed on your Android device and also, allows you to play games for free.

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#4 Game Killer

Best Game Hacker Apps
Game Killer

This game hacking app requires a rooted device to work on! You can use this app to add unlimited Coins, Jades, Gems, Upgrades, Costumes, Weapons, Guns, etc. on your game for free. But, this app only supports offline game hacking and not the online games. Once this game hacking is installed on your device, can proceed to penetrate offline games without encountering any trouble. You can also lock video games at a particular level. Even this app requires a root access to deliver its duties. Game Killer uses memory modification technique to carry out its processes.


  • This app requires Root access
  • Use memory modification technique
  • lock video games to required level
  • search for games with unclear directions

#5 Gamecih

Best Game Hacker Apps
Best Game Hacker Apps

You can use this app to get more coins, modify the attributes of characters in the game, or alter your score and many the other game statistics. Gamecih is a cheat software and is completely free of cost. Using this Game Hacker app allows you to modify different variables in a wide range of online games but, you do not need to master the game codes. This app can be used on a rooted Android device only and is most preferable to use on offline games.


  • Root Access Required
  • Easily view and edit your apps shared preference
  • if your phone is not rooted please do not download this app because it will not work.

#6 Cheat Engine: Best Game Hacking Apps

Best Game Hacker Apps
Cheat Engine

Another best game hacker app that will provide you cheat sheet of all Android games. The app enables you to use tricks when playing your favorite video game. The app works by scanning the internet for modifications that can give a video game player an edge over the opponent.


  • You can now copy changelogs and descriptions.
  • New UI
  • Use Google LVL protected apps.
  • Offline verification
  • New lucky patcher patching not needed anymore
  • Can not download paid apps for free directly
  • Disable self-updating

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Wrap Up: These were some of the best game hacking apps 2020 which you can use to hack any game and gain access to all the locked features of that game. You must have noticed that every app requires the root permission and hence, you cannot hack any game on your device if it is not rooted. If we have missed out on any such incredible game hacking app then, please let us know in the comments section below. Android Game Hacking Apps

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