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How to Change Netflix Region and Watch any Country Version


Netflix serves 190 countries and is one of the best content streaming services available. It has become a staple for providing the best content. As Netflix serves different countries, its library can vary for different regions. Because of this, the movie or show available in one country might not be available in another.

This happens because of the rights to movies and shows Netflix has. Firstly, Netflix would want to maximize its profits. They will buy the rights for a particular movie or show where there’s demand. This generally happens with regional content for which there’s no demand outside the region. Also, sometimes other streaming services opt for the rights of particular movies and shows for a particular region, because the content might not be available on Netflix in that particular region.

If you want to stream content from the library of another region on Netflix, then this article will help you with it. This article will discuss the workaround to change the Netflix region and watch any country version.

Steps to Change Netflix Region and Watch any Country Version

How to Change Netflix Region and Watch any Country Version

You can use a VPN to change the Netflix region. VPN reroute IP address to show your connection is coming from a different region. This helps you virtually change your region, tricking Netflix into thinking that you are in that region. By doing so, you will be able to access the content of Netflix in a different region. Given below are the steps to change the Netflix region with the help of VPN-

  • Firstly, download and install the VPN on your device.
  • Once done, launch the VPN app.
  • Select the country/region in the VPN whose content library you want to access. 

Note- Many free VPNs do not allow you to select a region manually; they will automatically select a region for you.

  • Once you have selected the region, connect to the VPN.
  • Now open the Netflix app or Netflix website on your browser.
  • You will have to sign into your Netflix account if you have not already done that.
  • Once done, you can stream content on Netflix of the region you are connected to.

Best VPN To Change Netflix Region 

You will find various VPN services online, some free and some paid. Though free VPNs do the job in most cases, they have some limitations. For instance, you won’t be able to select your region, or the data provided to you will be limited. It would be best if you go for a paid VPN service as you won’t be getting any data limit on them plus you will be able to manually switch to the network that you want to. Below is a list of some of the best VPN services one can use.

Nord VPN

How to Change Netflix Region and Watch any Country Version

The very first VPN that we have on this list is NordVPN. This is one of the best plugins to use and unblock more Netflix libraries. This VPM serves 59 countries and has around 5500 servers across these countries. This is one of the best VPNs you can consider going for if you want to unblock different libraries of Netflix. You can stream up to 4K content with this VPN and get good upload and download speed. Not only does this work with Netflix but also with other streaming platforms like Prime Video.

Surfshark VPN

How to Change Netflix Region and Watch any Country Version

Another VPN we have on this list is Surfshark VPN. This VPN service has 3200+ servers working in around 100 countries. This offers a reliable connection alongside unblocking different regions in Netflix. It has a smart DNS feature through which you can bypass any content restrictions on Netflix. You can use this VPN to connect to a different region and stream content on Netflix. This is a pocket-friendly VPN that allows unlimited connections.

Apart from these, there are various other VPN services that you can go for. Still, the VPNs we have mentioned above are reliable and unblock the content library of different regions on Netflix.

What To Know Before Selecting A VPN?

If you don’t want to go with the VPN, we have mentioned above and want to try a VPN of your own choice, then make sure you check out the following things in the VPN-

  • Ensure the VPN has multiple servers, especially for the key Netflix region.
  • Use a tested VPN that can unblock the library of some other region and gives you good speed.

Final Words

If you want to change the Netflix region, you can do it by following the steps given above. There are various other ways to switch to a different region on Netflix, but using a VPN is the most reliable and secure way.


How Do I Change My Country In Netflix Without A VPN?

If you want to change your country on Netflix without a VPN, you can use a Smart DNS service, connect to a proxy server, or use remote desktop software.

Will Netflix Ban You For Using A VPN?

No, Netflix will not ban you from using a VPN.

Which Country Has The Best Netflix?

Japan has the best Netflix, with a Netflix Catalog score of 100.


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