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Top 5 Best Browsers for MacOS in 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Brave browser offers quick performance, built-in ad blocker, extreme security, and a true incognito tab, making it a top choice for Mac users seeking privacy and efficiency.
  • Vivaldi browser provides plenty of integrated features, easy customization, low RAM usage, and exceptional security, making it a solid option for those looking for a quick and customizable browsing experience.
  • Google Chrome, the most popular browser, offers fast performance, a large extension library, and easy synchronization of Google accounts across devices, making it a versatile and widely-adopted choice for Mac users.

If you are looking for the top 5 best browsers for Mac in 2024, then you have branded to the Write platform, which will help you choose the best browser with commendable features that eventually optimize the browsing experience.

In today’s world of digitalization, it’s quite obvious that people want the best browsing experience. While most operating systems come with their web browser, there are still many users who prefer a third-party product to get a better version. So if you are a Mac user eager to know if there is something better than Apple’s Safari, then follow this write-up to choose the best browser for your Mac device.

Top 5 Best Browsers for MacOS in 2023

List of Best Browsers for macOS in 2024

It’s time to look into the features that each of our preferred Mac internet browsers offers. We’ll go through each internet browser’s benefits and suggestions for how they might be enhanced further. We’ll also highlight one unique feature in each browser.

1. Brave

best browser for mac

The Brave browser is considered to be among the best Mac browsers for those who don’t want companies poking around their online businesses. While other browsers typically require extensions to improve user security and privacy, Brave Browser already includes them. This allows the users to determine to what extent they want to block ads on their browser, including cookies and crackers.

Despite its built-in security and privacy features, the Brave browser remains the fastest and most responsive platform. All though it is not the fastest browser among all browsers, its combination of speed and efficiency of RAM makes the browsing experience smooth and effective for all its users.


  • Quick performance.
  • Built-in ad blocker.
  • Extremely secure browser.
  • True incognito tab.

2. Vivaldi

best browser for mac

Vivaldi has made a strong case for being the best browser for Mac. Since it is built on chromium, it offers some of the same extensions as Brave and Chrome. It’s not as fast as Chrome, but it’s faster than Firefox comparatively, and it’s highly recommended for anyone looking for something quick and easy for Mac.

However, iOS users must know that there isn’t a Vivaldi mobile app. This is a drawback for those relying on the Apple ecosystem and is also the reason why it’s not in the number-one spot. 

However, suppose you like to tweak the appearance of your browser regularly. In that case, this is the best browser we would recommend for you, as it comes with a variety of customization options to help you get the desirable interface you want. You will be able to change the color scheme and interface to match the color of the web browser you are using and customize your browser’s start page. 


  • Plenty of integrated features
  • Easily customizable
  • Low RAM usage
  • Exceptionally secure browser

3. Google Chrome

best browser for mac

Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser in the long run. Both novice and experienced users can use it with reasonable ease thanks to its simplicity of use and minimalist style. Additionally, it’s easy to customize your browser settings and sync them between desktop and mobile.

Who doesn’t know about Google Chrome, as it’s among the most popular internet browsers being used widely? It’s very simple to use, and the interface design makes it simple for both experts and beginners to navigate. With Google Chrome, you can easily personalize your browser settings and switch between desktop and mobile versions.

Additionally, it eases the task of navigating and using Google’s other software tools, which include Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, etc. To seamlessly switch between and sync each product with the Google Chrome browser, only one Google account will be required. Furthermore, Google Chrome is much faster, loads the web page quickly, and does not consume your RAM. 


  • Fast performance
  • Large extension library
  • Easy to sync Google account

4. Safari

safari browser for mac

Safari is the default browser for MacOS. Recent changes have made Safari more compelling as the best browser for Mac users than it was previously thought to be. For all of us, the Mark users, it comes up with the sleekest design of all the browsers present there that provides real state on web pages and takes comparatively less space with its bookmark and top menu.

Improvements in the performance of Safari have been observed in its latest version. A source claims that Safari has outperformed Chrome, but in real-world use, the experience for both is one-on-one, which was not the case with the past version of Apple’s built-in browser.


  • Sleek design
  • Fast performance
  • Comes installed on macOS

5. Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox

For many years, Mozilla Firefox was the pioneer of Internet browsing, and this is why it’s considered the best browser for mac as well as windows. While every other browser came up with a standard format, Firefox was the first one to introduce the add-on feature. although other browsers have followed up Mozilla Firefox has always been prolific since then. Firefox continues to provide regular, dependable add-ons for features like ad blocking, password management, and disabling autoplay on embedded videos.

Today, Firefox stands out as one of the most secure browsers for its users. It has enabled Marvel Protection to resist any unwanted trackers trying to snoop into your internet connectivity and activity. During its testing, it actively blocked several trackers that were on the verge of attacking your web pages and tracking down your records.


  • Excellent privacy practices
  • Strong selection of add-ons
  • Exceptional security

From Author’s Desk:

That concludes our discussion on the top 5 best browsers for Mac in 2024. I hope that this article somehow helped you out and has helped you to decide which top 5 Browsers are best for your macOS. If you have any additional feedback, please share it in the comments section below.



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