Safari, the built-in browser for macOS X, is also accessible on Windows 11. On all Apple devices, it is the default browser. Although Chrome is now the most popular browser among most users, Apple users still prefer Safari. In this guide, We’ll look at how to download and install Safari on Windows 11 PC.

Download And Install Safari On Windows 11

Safari is the web browser for Apple devices. It is claimed by Apple to be the fastest browser on the market. For frequently visited websites, they claim Chrome takes 50% longer to load than Safari. Comparisons and benchmarks are also available on Safari’s homepage. Because it’s made specifically for Apple devices, it also helps to extend battery life. When compared to Chrome and Firefox, Apple claims that you can surf the Internet for an hour longer.

Increasingly user-friendly web browsers are in demand due to the ever-evolving technological environment. Every day, users worldwide search for safe and easy-to-use browsers for a variety of reasons, including banking, transactions, and shopping online.

This browser has been designed with ease of use in mind. It also provides unique tools and features that can be found nowhere else on the market. Safari’s amazing features and simple design have made a strong impression on users based on Apple’s reputation.

Download & Install Safari on Windows 11

You can install the Safari browser on a Windows 11 computer by following these steps.

Step 1. You can download Safari for Windows 11 by clicking on the link below.

Download Safari

Step 2. Click the Download button once the link has been opened. Wait for the download to complete.

Download & Install Safari on Windows 11

Step 3. Locate the location where you downloaded Safari after you have completed the download. And open the application.

Step 4. After opening the safari, select Next.

Step 5. Select the I accept the license terms option. Press Next.

Step 6. Select all checkboxes here. Click the Next button.

Download & Install Safari on Windows 11

Step 7. Click the Install button. Another thing you can do is change the location of the file in which it will be installed. Once this is done, wait for the installation to complete.

Download & Install Safari on Windows 11

Step 8. Click Finish to complete the process.

Step 9. Wait for Safari to launch. You can then use it.

Download & Install Safari on Windows 11

Conclusion – Safari for Windows 11

This is How to download and install Safari on Windows 11. You will be easily able to download and install Safari on your Windows 11 PC. Since Safari is designed for Mac PCs, it may sometimes crash or not perform up to the mark. So, it’s better to go for Chrome, Firefox rather than Safari.


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