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Top 4 Best Web Browsers for Roku 2024


Roku is a streaming platform launched in 2008. It is a popular streaming service with various features, but it lacks an in-built browser. Having an in-built browser means that you can browse the internet on Roku. Roku doesn’t have an in-built browser, but that does not mean that you cannot browse the internet on it. You can prefer using third-party browsers to browse the internet on the Roku. On the channel store, you can find web browsers for Roku TV, which you can use to access the internet.

Best Web Browser for Roku 2024

In this article, we will be listing some of the best web browser for Roku that you can prefer using on Roku.

Best Roku Browsers

Web Browser X for Roku

Web Browser X is one of the most popular browsers that one can use on Roku. We have ranked this browser at the top of the list because of the easy-to-use interface. The web browser is best if you want to browser sites on it and bookmark the web pages. Navigating websites with the help of this browser is quite easier. However, when it comes to using streaming content on Youtube or any other platform, it might not handle that quite well. You cannot use this browser to stream media content, and also it cannot fill up forms.

The browser struggles to render highly complex pages, so you should not prefer doing so. Though the browser may be easy to use, when it comes to the design of the interface, this is where it lacks. The design of the browser is pretty old, and it might look like you have installed a browser from the early 90s on your Roku. Fonts, design, and every other element on the browser look old.

POPRISM Roku Web Browser

POPRISM Web Browser

Another browser that we have on the list is POPRISM. There are only a few browsers that you will find for Roku, and one of them is POPRISM. POPRISM can only be used to read text, and it cannot do anything except that. It cannot render GUI, so you cannot do anything else on the browser. There are no GUIs, no images, no JavaScript, and no CSS.

Whenever you visit any site on the browser, you will only see texts and links. There won’t be any videos or images displaying on the sites you visit. If you only want to read forums, news, RSS feed, or any other text information, you can prefer using this browser, or it won’t be of any use.

Media Browser

Media Browser is another browser supported by Roku. It is one of the best Roku web browser, Unlike the other two browsers mentioned above, you will not get this browser on the Roku Store, and you will have to download and install it separately. This browser allows you to browse the internet without any browser. The best thing about this browser is that you can even browser content-heavy websites without the browser crashing.

Using this browser, you can browse the internet and play all the movies, TV shows, and music stored on your TV. Moreover, the browser is easy to use with a user-friendly interface. It also has a suite of apps that allows users to stream content from their PC to the Roku.

Roku Channel

Another browser that Roku supports is Roku Channel. Apart from being a browser, you can easily stream a wide variety of content on the Roku with it. You can browse effortlessly on the platform and watch the latest news, stream your favorite content, play the music you want, and much more.

The browse has most of the contents from Yahoo, and you will find a wide range of media content on it. The media content on the browser keeps on getting updated frequently. The browser is best known for surfing the internet as well as streaming content.


Final Words | Roku Web Browser

These are some of the best Roku browsers that you can get for your Roku devices. The list of Roku browsers is small as there are not many browsers that Roku supports. Most of the browsers for Roku won’t do much except for displaying text or browsing not-so-heavy websites. However, if you want to browse on a bigger screen, then you can cast your mobile or your PC to the Roku TV or Roku device and use it to browse the web.

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