Everyone likes to travel, and when it comes to traveling outside abroad, one needs extra preparation. Apart from all the clothes and the accessories, you need a SIM card to stay connected. Opting for international plans when traveling abroad is not a very good choice, especially if you plan on staying abroad for a very long time. International plans will leave you with hefty bills to pay when you return. The best option will be to use an international SIM card to stay connected while on your trip and not have hefty bills to pay. 

But now the question is which SIM card is best when traveling to the USA? When choosing a SIM card, you must consider many things, such as connectivity, data plans, availability, etc. With many options available, it can be confusing which one to choose. This article will discuss the 5 best SIM cards for traveling in the USA in 2023. 

Top 5 Best SIM Cards For Traveling To The USA 2023

5 Best SIM Cards For Travelling To The USA

There are various SIM cards that you can choose for traveling to the USA. We have listed the 5 best SIM cards for traveling to the USA-

Google Fi SIM Card Kit

5 Best Sim Cards For Traveling To The USA In 2023

Google Fi SIM card kit is one of the best SIM cards you can use if traveling to the USA. It has flexible data plans, so you will only have to pay for the data you use. Moreover, it gives bill protection, meaning you will only be charged $60 even if you use data outside the limit.

The Google Fi SIM card has international coverage for over 200 countries. The unlimited data plan of the Google Gi SIM card offers Google Pass, which you can avail of only if you have a Google Pixel phone. However, there are certain limitations to the SIM card, i.e., after using 15GB of data, you might experience data throttling. 

Cricket BYOD 

Another great SIM card you can buy when traveling to the USA is Cricket BYOD. This SIM card comes in three different sizes-Standard, Micro, and Nano-SIM. The SIM card offers international calling in 35 different countries. Not only this, but you won’t be charged any monthly taxes, plus there’s no activation fee. 

To use this SIM card, you must have a GSM-compatible smartphone. Also, you need to ensure your smartphone isn’t locked to any other carrier. 

Mint Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

5 Best Sim Cards For Traveling To The USA In 2023

Mint Mobile is another prepaid SIM card that you consider going for. It offers 4 data plans- 4GB per month, 10GB per month, 15GB per month, and Unlimited. All of these data plans offer unlimited text and calling. Apart from this, you get nationwide 5G and 4G LTE coverage. 

Mint Mobiles offers the customer a seven-day money-back guarantee, so you can apply for a refund if the SIM card doesn’t work out for you. 

T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

5 Best Sim Cards For Traveling To The USA In 2023

T-Mobile’s prepaid SIM cards are available easily and offer unlimited high-speed data, calls, and text messages. The T-Mobile SIM card comes in Nano size, so you can use it if your phone supports Nano-SIM. This prepaid SIM card is only compatible with GSM, so you won’t be able to use it if your phone is only CDMA compatible. 

You get 4G LTE coverage with this prepaid SIM card. Do note that you won’t be able to use the T-Mobile Prepaid SIM card with Wi-Fi Hotspots. 

Verizon Prepaid SIM Kit

Verizon has the best prepaid SIM cards for phones and hotspot devices. Their prepaid SIM card offers nationwide 4G LTE coverage. Verizon Prepaid SIM kit comes in three sizes- Standard, Nano, and Micro. 

To use this SIM card, you must have a mobile phone that is unlocked for all carriers. With 4G LTE coverage, you can ensure unlimited data, talk time, and text. 


These were the 5 best Sim Cards you can use when traveling to the USA. These SIM cards are easily available, and you can get them before traveling to the USA. However, before you buy any of these SIM cards, you must ensure that the phone is unlocked for all the carriers. If your phone is locked for a particular career, you will not be able to use these SIM cards. 


Where To Buy A USA SIM Card?

If you are traveling to the USA and want to buy a USA SIM card, you can get it from the international airport, official retail stores, convenience stores, and train stations. 

Can I Buy SIM Card In The USA As A Tourist?

You can buy prepaid SIM cards in the USA as a tourist. Upon arrival, you can get SIM cards from various carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile. 

What’s The Best SIM Card To Use In The USA?

We have listed some of the best SIM cards you can buy when traveling to the USA. The best SIM cards in the USA are T-Mobile Prepaid SIM, Verizon Prepaid SIM Kit, AT&T Prepaid SIM card, etc. 


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