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Activate Fintwist Card at fintwistsolutions.com Activation Code


A fintwist card is a payroll management card that is given to employees by the companies they are working in. However, looking at all these changes, not everyone is happy. This is due to the fact that not everyone is comfortable going online and activating Fintwist card on www.fintwist solutions.com. As a result, a lot of people don’t know about the process of receiving the Fintwist Card activation code. If you are one of those employees, don’t worry because here’s our guide to help you with that.

Activate Fintwist Card at fintwistsolutions.com Activation Code

What is the Fintwist Card Activate?

Due to the rising inflation in the current world, not everything can be managed by a person individually. As a result, companies come up and provide their employees who are eligible with a Fintwist card. A Fintwist card is a prepaid debit card that is made for companies to manage employee expenses. To recall, a Fintwist card is much like the MyUHC card which is given by the Government to support underprivileged people.

The Fintwist card is issued by Mastercard, and the employees can use the Fintwist card at any store or outlet that accepts Mastercard as a preferred payment method.

Fintwist card provides the facility to companies that they can manage employee expenses in a credit way and also keep track of their spending. If the spending is more, the companies can deduct the extra amount from their payment if needed. However, this differs from company to company.

If you company is offering you a Fintwist card, you need to contact your accounts team and ask them about every bit of information you need before you start using the card. If you have already got your card, our next section will teach you how to activate your Fintwist card.

Steps to Activate Fintwist Card at fintwistsolutions.com

Now that you know what the Fintwist card is and you already have the card in your hand, you might be excited to activate and start using the card.

However, unlike other cards, activating the Fintwist card is not just going www.fintwist solutions.com and doing a signup. There are many steps involved. Here are the steps to successfully activate your Fintwist card and receive the activation code:

  1. First of all, call on 8882658228.
  2. When the IVR menu speaks with you, keep hearing until you hear Speak to Customer Representative.
  3. Press the number that connects your call to the Customer Support team.
  4. When the person picks up the phone, keep your details handy. The main details include, Employee Badge number, Social Security Number, and your 16-digit card number.
  5. Give the details as and when the customer representative asks. Don’t hurry.
  6. He or she will connect your call to a secured IVR that will help you set a PIN.
  7. Once you receive the activation via SMS, use it to set your PIN.
  8. Then the customer support specialist will tell you that your card is activated.

Once activated, your card is ready for use. You can now easily use the funds provided by your employer in case you are at a store or whole foods or anywhere buying groceries or other items. Make sure that the place you are shopping accepts Mastercards as the preferred payment method.

How to Recharge Fintwist Card Online

Now comes the tricky part: if you have exhausted your bank balance, transferring funds from your Fintwist Card to your bank account is possible. This is because sometimes your salary is simply insufficient to run every expense, and you have to rely on the bonus or additional amount paid by your employer to the Fintwist card.

Interestingly, keeping employee benefits in mind, the Fintwist card allows employees to transfer the remaining balance from their card to the bank account without much of a problem. Here are the steps to transfer money from your Fintwist card to your bank account:

  1. You will need your phone or PC with a working internet connection.
  2. Open the browser and go to www.fintwistsolutions.com.
  3. Click on For Employees on this page. Fintwist Card Activation Code www.fintwist solutions.com: Activate Your Fintwist Card Over the Phone
  4. Now find Transfer & Pay. Once you find it, click on that and select Card-to-Bnk transfers.
  5. Now click on Add External Account.
  6. Enter the beneficiary name as your own name and other details.
  7. Verify the details carefully because if the money is transferred to someone else, you cannot return it.
  8. Adding the beneficiary and setting up Card to Bank transfers take 3 days to complete.
  9. Come back after three days when the process is complete.
  10. After that, navigate to the same page and click on Make Transfer.
  11. You will have 2 options. Either enter a suitable percentage of the amount, like 50%, or enter the amount in dollars directly.
  12. Click on Transfer, and the amount will be transferred to your bank account.

The transfers are made via NEFT, which takes approximately 12 hours to reflect on your account. This is due to the fact that the payment is not transferred using a wired method. NEFT and RTGS are usually slow methods of payment.

Make sure that when you are adding a beneficiary or your own bank account, the time is in the working hours of the bank. If the time exceeds that, your bank account won’t be added, and you will have to wait for more time.

Can You Shop Online With Fintwist Card?

Yes. While the Fintwist card is specially made for employees to purchase their household products from stores such as Walmart or Whole Foods, that doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot purchase items or goods from online stores. You can easily shop around on Amazon and other online platforms that accept master cards.

More so, you can even purchase Amazon Prime as well as Netflix using a Fintwist card. In fact, you can use a Fintwist card everywhere online that accepts Debit Card payments. This is because, ultimately, Fintwist is a prepaid debit card.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can activate your Fintwist Card and receive an activation code. We have also discussed how you can transfer money from your Fintwist card to your bank account in case of an emergency. If you still have any doubts or problems, make sure to comment below.



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