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How to Fix TikTok Not Working or Loading in USA


TikTok has seen tremendous growth in recent years, becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. With millions of people using TikTok, it is no surprise that the platform has become increasingly popular.

Unfortunately, sometimes users experience issues with their TikTok accounts and are unsure why my TikTok is not working. This article discusses some common reasons why a TikTok account may not be working and how to troubleshoot these problems.

Why Is My TikTok Videos Not Working or Loading in 2023

Why is My TikTok not Working?

TikTok, the popular social media platform, has recently gained much traction. However, some users have found that their app needs to be fixed or have difficulty accessing it. This could be due to various issues, including server problems, connection problems, or even software glitches on your device. Another common cause of TikTok’s inability to function is data corruption. This data can be essential app data or cache.

TikTok updates its app frequently to correct bugs, add features, and enhance security, like many other app developers. If there is an issue with the app itself, TikTok may become inoperable.

Several nations, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and others, have temporarily or permanently banned TikTok. You must be a citizen of one of these countries that have prohibited TikTok; it will not work.

How to Fix TikTok Videos Not Working on Android and iOS

From the previous discussion, it is clear that there are several reasons why TikTok stopped working. Here are some simple ways in which you can fix this issue.

Restart Your Device

Restart Android Device

Restarting your phone is one of those times when doing something as simple as that can solve any problem. If you find that TikTok isn’t working right on your device, turn it off and on again.

You can perform a simple restart. This step will get rid of all the programs that are currently in the RAM. So, when you relaunch TikTok, it will be the same as starting over from the beginning.

Check to See if TikTok is Down

Check to See if TikTok is Down

The first step in determining whether or not TikTok is down is to open the app on your device. If it opens without any problems, the issue may be with your device or internet connection instead of the app itself. 

TikTok’s homepage can be accessed through a web browser instead of using the app. The Downdetector website offers similar services. Website outages and problems are monitored by this popular site.

If there is a problem with TikTok’s servers, then the app and the website will not work correctly. The solution to this problem is to wait until TikTok fixes the issue, as the problem is at their end.

Keep TikTok Up-to-Date

Keep TikTok Up-to-Date

If you are still using a previous version of TikTok, the loading time may be prolonged for you. This also means you won’t be able to return to work after watching some of your favorite comedic videos or taking a little break between tasks.

TikTok is continually putting out updates that include newly added features and improvements to existing ones. It’s possible that a bug was fixed in the most recent update, but your copy of the program isn’t working correctly. 

Here’s how to check whether your phone has any new updates. Go to Play Store or App Store, depending on your device, and update the TikTok app.

Clear Data and Cache

If the app data is corrupted, TikTok may cease functioning properly. On an Android phone, it is simple to erase the app’s cache and data from the storage.

Try this using the TikTok app on your Android device. Remember that cleaning “cache” will remove temporary data; however, clearing “Data” will remove all vital data such as login credentials, etc.

The same functionality is available on iOS devices. There is an option to “Offload” an application. This will remove all local files, but vital information and documents will be saved. When you “Offload” an application, it will be removed; thus, you will need to reinstall it from the App Store.

Check Internet Connection

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TikTok requires that you have a reliable internet connection for it to function correctly. As a result, the application cannot function properly if you are not in a coverage area or if the link on your phone is constantly shifting. 

To check the quality of the connection, you might launch a different application or navigate to a website using the web browser on your mobile device. If it is weak, try connecting to another network or waiting a few minutes before reaccessing the app. If it is strong, try to open it again.


Use a VPN

As mentioned earlier, using TikTok has been deemed unlawful in many nations. You don’t need to inquire why your TikTok won’t work if you are from one of these countries because it is already apparent.

Using a virtual private network, or VPN, is the only way to access TikTok if you are adamant about doing so. One of the best features of a virtual private network, or VPN, is the ability to set the “location” of your device manually. A virtual private network (VPN) will conceal your location, giving TikTok’s servers the impression that you are connecting from another location.

Check For Required Permissions

It is possible that when you open TikTok, you will not be able to use it correctly if you do not select the “Allow” button when installing the program for permissions such as Camera, Storage, Microphone, and so on. This is because for it to function correctly, it has to acquire some information from your phone. 

Uninstalled/Reinstalled TikTok

App crashes and other issues may be caused by updates, even though their primary purpose is to resolve bugs and other issues. If a recent update to the TikTok app caused the program to stop functioning, you would need to uninstall the most recent update or, even better, uninstall the app entirely and then reinstall it.

Remove The Restrictions

Some actions can only be done by people who are in specific categories. For instance, users under the age of 13 cannot create material or comment on the content of others. Users 13 to 15 have private accounts by default. This implies that only their friends can comment on their posts.

Therefore, if you belong to this category, you may not be able to use TikTok as effectively as many other users. If this is why your TikTok is malfunctioning, you may only be able to fix it once the platform’s age restrictions are lifted.

Contact TikTok Help Center 

Contact TikTok Help Center 

If you are facing any issues or have questions about using TikTok, you should contact them for assistance. The best way to get TikTok is by submitting a request through their Help Center website. 

You can find answers to common questions using their interactive troubleshooting guide, which will help you resolve many of your issues without contacting customer service. 

If extra assistance is needed, they offer phone support, live chat services, and email communication.

Wrap Up

With TikTok, you can stay entertained and stay in touch with friends, so it can be frustrating when it doesn’t work as expected. Fortunately, the steps outlined in this article can help you identify why my TikTok is not working issues and resolve it.


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