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How to Use Incantations Magic Spells in Elden Ring


Incantations are an integral part of Elden Ring, the upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco. In Elden Ring, incantations are powerful spells that players can use to cast a variety of magical effects, from healing to dealing damage to enemies. Learning to use incantations effectively can give players a significant advantage in battle, so in this article, we will discuss how to use incantations in Elden Ring and which are the best.

How to Use Incantations Magic Spells in Elden Ring

What Are Incantations in Elden Ring?

Incantations are magical spells that players can use in Elden Ring. These spells require the player to use a special resource called “focus points” or “FP” to cast them. FP is a measure of the player’s magical energy, and it is replenished by resting at a bonfire or using items such as the “Ashen Estus Flask.” Incantations are divided into different categories, such as offensive, defensive, and utility spells, and they require different amounts of FP to cast.

How to Use Incantations in Elden Ring 2023

To use incantations in Elden Ring, players must first learn them. Some incantations can be learned by finding them in the game world, while others must be purchased from certain characters.

Once the player has learned an incantation, they can equip it in their incantation slots, which are separate from their regular equipment slots. The number of incantation slots available to the player depends on their “attunement” stat, which can be increased by spending points when leveling up.

To cast an incantation in Elden Ring, the player must first select it from their equipped incantations. Then, they must hold down the button corresponding to the incantation slot to charge the spell.

The longer the button is held down, the more powerful the incantation will be, and the more FP it will consume. Once the player releases the button, the incantation will be cast, and its effect will take place. Here are some steps that you need to perform on your PC:

  1. Press “E” to open your inventory.
  2. Put a Seal in either hand.How to Use Incantations in Elden Ring?
  3. You can choose a spell by pressing the upward-pointing arrow.How to Use Incantations in Elden Ring?
  4. Using the left mouse button, cast the spell.

How exactly do you cast incantations? Whatever device you’re playing the game on, you’ll have to follow five main steps when using incantations:

#1. Level Up Your Mind and Faith

With Elden Ring, effective use of magic is always dependent on having the right stats. Based on your Faith level, all your incantations will scale, including heals, rejections, and Dragonfire. You will therefore be able to cast more powerful spells as your Faith increases.

It is therefore recommended that you aim for a Faith level of at least 60. This level will allow you to deal maximum damage to enemies and bosses with your incantations. You should also invest in other stats to make your spells more powerful, but Faith is the most important.

The Mind stat is also important. In this area, if your stats aren’t high, you’ll likely run out of Mana frequently and will need to constantly use Cerulean flask. Since you are likely to use defensive, buffing, and ranged incantations, we recommend raising Mind to level 40. As a result, your build will stay strong while conserving Mana.

#2. Locate the sacred seals

Locate the sacred seals

It is essential that you have your Sacred Seal on hand in order to cast the spell. For a spell to be cast, you need this catalyst. It would be like comparing the incantation to a gun if it was thought of as ammunition.

In Elden Ring, seals come in a variety of types. It is possible to buy some items from vendors, but you might have to kill your enemies to get some. Moreover, Prophet and Confessor starter classes provide you with a Seal as part of your inventory.

When choosing one, it is important to consider which Seal is best for you. Each Seal has its own benefits and drawbacks. It is possible to deal good base damage with some, but the damage may not scale properly with other stats. Those with a high base defense will be more effective against those with a low base defense as they will do very little damage at all but will scale extremely well.

#3. Adding Incantations to Your Inventory and Equipping Them

Adding Incantations to Your Inventory and Equipping Them

It is essential that you have the spell in your inventory before you can cast it. Several other methods are available for obtaining incantations besides Golden Scarabs. In addition to Brother Corhyn and D, Hunter of the Dead, you can purchase them from Non-Playable Characters (NPCs). 

There are also some found in prayerbooks throughout the world. It is probably easiest to acquire incantations through exploration. The game contains several hidden locations and side areas that contain incantations, which powerful opponents often guard. You can claim your reward if you defeat these foes!

There are many different Incantations available, so you should choose the ones that most closely match your playstyle. In addition, each spell requires a different amount of Mana to be cast, so keep that in Mind before purchasing one. At a Site of Grace, you will need to memorize spells in order to equip an incantation.

#4. It’s time to upgrade your memory slots

It's time to upgrade your memory slots

By adding the incantations to your memory slots, you can equip them once you have collected them or bought them.

Your memory slots can be increased by collecting Memory Stones at the various Rise towers across the Elden Ring universe. Collecting as many Stones as possible is important since each Stone creates a space for one spell.

#5. Equip the Sacred Seal and press the Attack Button

Equip the Sacred Seal and press the Attack Button

During gameplay, you can choose which spell to cast from the HUD (heads-up display) once you have assembled all the components. It’s then just a matter of pressing the attack button. Unfortunately, each device uses a different button. 

Which Are the Best Incantations in Elden Ring?

There are many different incantations available in Elden Ring, each with its unique effects and benefits. However, some incantations are generally considered to be the best due to their versatility and power. These are some of the best incantations in Elden Ring:

  1. Healing Aid – This incantation allows the player to heal themselves and nearby allies. It is an excellent utility spell that can help the player stay alive in tough battles.
  2. Great Soul Arrow – This incantation fires a powerful projectile that deals significant damage to enemies. It is an excellent offensive spell that can take down tough enemies quickly.
  3. Sacred Oath – This incantation grants the player and nearby allies increased damage and defense for a short period. It is an excellent support spell that can make the player and their allies much more effective in battle.
  4. Great Magic Shield – This incantation creates a powerful shield that can block almost any attack. It is an excellent defensive spell that can help the player survive tough battles.
  5. Lightning Spear – This incantation fires a powerful bolt of lightning that deals significant damage to enemies. It is an excellent offensive spell that can take down tough enemies quickly.
  6. Wrath of the Gods – This incantation creates a powerful shockwave that deals significant damage to nearby enemies. It is an excellent offensive spell that can quickly take down groups of enemies.
  7. Tears of Denial – This incantation grants the player a small amount of health when they would otherwise die. It is an excellent utility spell that can help the player survive in intense battles.


In conclusion, incantations are a crucial aspect of Elden Ring that can give players a significant advantage in battles. By using these powerful spells, players can heal themselves, deal damage to enemies, and provide support to allies. The best incantations are versatile and powerful, allowing players to tackle various challenges in the game.

Learning to use incantations effectively is vital to success in Elden Ring. Players must be mindful of their focus points and attunement stats to equip the right spells for the right situations. Additionally, players must be careful when using spells like Tears of Denial, as they can only be used once per rest at a bonfire. 


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