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How to Fix Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working Issue


Replacing a damaged or lost Fire TV remote is a simple and straightforward process. Your existing Fire TV edition or Insignia will pair quickly with the Fire TV app. And, it maintains the full voice control functionality of your original remote control by using both Bluetooth technology and IR technology. Nevertheless, it also experiences some issues.

It has been reported that many users are experiencing issues using the Toshiba Fire TV remote. And, they are unable to stream content. If you are also facing this issue then you can learn why your Toshiba Fire TV remote is not working by looking at the guide below.

How To Fix Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working Issue

Fix Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working Issue

Toshiba Fire TV remote not working can be caused by a variety of reasons. The most common reason is a malfunctioning television. Alternatively, your Toshiba Fire TV remote may be stuck with a faulty button.

So, to solve the Toshiba Fire TV remote not working issue, follow these troubleshooting steps:

Power Cycling Remote

  • Remove the batteries from the remote. Then, press and hold the power button of the remote for 60 seconds.
  • Press all the buttons on the remote several times after the full minute has expired. Change the batteries now. Test it again.
  • To drain any residual power from the remote, you need to press the power button.

Because, the remote still has capacitors that store some electricity, even when the batteries are removed. So, it will not completely reset unless the capacitors are drained.

When the power button is held down, the remote’s capacitor will discharge its electricity. Therefore, despite how simple it may seem, this is a very important step.

You might also find it a little strange at first. The Toshiba Fire TV remote might work again if you press all of its buttons at once.

There are often stuck buttons on remote controls. You won’t be able to operate the other buttons on your remote if one or more of the buttons are stuck.

It is also possible for a remote button to become stuck in many different ways. The rubber may have got stuck under the rubber because it fell between couch cushions.

But, no matter how you look at it, it’s a pretty common problem that can easily be fixed.

You should smash all the buttons and slap the remote a few times against the palm of your hand. And, the buttons will pop back out.

Face the buttons downward when you turn it over. Let dirt fall out of the back by slapping it. Don’t worry about the remote getting damaged because the Toshiba Fire TV remote is very durable.

If none of that worked, try leaving the batteries in the remote this time. Continue pressing and holding the power button for 60 seconds.

You can most likely fix your remote by performing this simple reset.

Factory Reset the Fire TV Remote

Alternatively, you can try resetting the remote to factory settings in order to fix the problem.

In case you have no idea what factory resetting does, it essentially erases all the settings stored on your remote.

We will instead restore all the remote settings to their factory defaults. Press and hold your left DPAD-left, back, and menu buttons for around 10 seconds in order to successfully factory reset your remote.

Try Pairing the Remote Again

Perhaps you have not properly paired your remote, which would explain the issue you are experiencing. You can fix this problem by going through the pairing process again.

The Home key must be pressed and held down in order to pair the remote. It can be found on the remote for approximately ten seconds.

Your remote should attempt pairing automatically as soon as you hold down the button.

In case the remote doesn’t pair, you may need to turn the TV and remote off for a while before trying again.

Replace Batteries

Battery power is the remote’s main source of power, so using it for an extended period can lead to battery degradation. Additionally, there is a possibility that your remote’s batteries are inserted incorrectly.

In this case, the remote will cease to work automatically. Therefore, it is recommended you replace your remote batteries with a fresh set of batteries.

Confirm Remote’s IR Sensor is Working

An infrared beam is used by both your TV and remote to send and receive signals. And, it can directly cause your remote to not work if this beam is not working properly.

A simple way to check whether your remote’s IR is working is to use the camera on your phone:

  • Go to your phone’s camera app. Look through the screen at your remote.
  • Press any button on the remote control.
  • With each button press of a working remote, a red light will blink through the camera screen.
  • It is possible that the remote is defective or that the batteries are dead if you do not see a red light.

Update your TV

Make sure your TV’s firmware is up to date. A stale version can cause the device to perform poorly.

And, this may result in both the device and the remote not working.

Remove Obstacles

A common problem is a blockage between your remote and TV. Remotes and TVs, since they use infrared beams, must be capable of sending and receiving this beam without being hindered by obstructions.

A wall, other electronic signals, such as Bluetooth, or large objects like furniture or speakers can be obstructions.

So, try moving your Toshiba Fire TV remote to a different location if you notice a blockage between it and the TV.

You can also point the remote directly at the TV’s sensor. A simple change in the seat you sit in or a move of decorative furniture can resolve the problem.

Contacting Support

You should certainly contact customer support if you haven’t been able to fix the issue so far. Your case will be reviewed by a member of the support team.

Final Words

If you tried all of the above methods but still Toshiba fire TV remote is not working then your final option is to replace the remote if you are still unable to fix it. It is sometimes possible that the remote is beyond repair. And, you can’t do much about it if that’s the case.


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