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How to Fix Meta Verified Option Not Showing on Instagram


Key Takeaways
  • Meta, similar to Twitter, offers a Meta Verified Option on Instagram through a subscription service for the blue checkmark, enhancing user reach.
  • Reasons for the Meta Verified Option not showing on Instagram include regional unavailability, outdated app updates, cache file issues, slow internet connection, and not joining the waitlist.
  • Solutions to fix the issue include using a VPN to access supported regions, checking internet speed, clearing Instagram's cache, updating the app, and joining the waitlist for notification when the feature is available.

We hope that you all are aware of the latest updates that are being done on Twitter, Meta, and other social media platforms. At first, Twitter announced that it would provide users with a verified badge subscription. This will help the users increase their reach and show that they are verified users on the platform. Similarly, Meta, a well-known company with different social media platforms, has also announced the Meta Verified Option for Instagram.

This feature is also the same as Twitter Blue, where you have to pay a certain amount to buy a subscription to the service for the blue checkmark on their profile. The subscription-based program has been rolled out for different regions and users. However, the users have reported that the Meta Verified Option is Not Showing on Instagram, which is creating issues for them. We are here with a guide to help you resolve the problem easily.

Why is the Meta Verified Option Not Showing on Instagram?

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Many users who are on Instagram are excited to use the Verified Option. However, for various reasons, they cannot use it. We will list the reasons below, through which you can know why you are facing the problem.

  • There are chances that the service is not available in your selected region.
  • You have not updated the update for a long time.
  • The cache files of the app are causing issues.
  • You are not connected with a high-speed internet connection.
  • You have not joined the waitlist.

Fix Meta Verified Option Not Showing on Instagram

You might not see the Meta Verified Option on Instagram for various reasons. We are going to list out the ways through which you can resolve the issue without any hassle on your app. Check them below.

Try Using VPN

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If you don’t know, the Meta Verified Option is still being rolled out to various regions, and if it has not been rolled out for your region, you will likely be getting the Meta Verified Not Showing issue. We suggest you try using the VPN and check for the supported region to use that particular location for accessing the feature. As the feature is only available for selected regions, the users using the IP Address of that particular region will be able to see the option of Meta Verified. So you have to try using the VPN on your device and check whether the issue has been resolved.

Check The Internet Connection 

It is important that the users trying to access the Meta Verified Option be connected with a high-speed internet connection to avoid any issues. All apps on the Play Store require a stable high-speed internet connection. If you are connected with a slower internet connection, you will likely get the error with the app. So we suggest you check the internet connection on the system you are using to avoid such issues.

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You have to use the Internet Speed Tester to check out the speed of the network connection that you are using. Once you have checked the internet connection speed, ensure you are connected with a higher-speed internet connection. If any issues are going on with the internet connection, you will need to fix them. You can check out this guide to learn how to check the internet connection properly.

Clear Instagram’s Cache

There are chances that the Meta Verified Option is being shown on the other user’s app but not on yours. It can occur due to Instagram cache file issues. For users who don’t know, the cache files help load the apps faster than previously. All the startup files are stored in the cache files to work properly without any issues. However, if some issues are going on with Instagram’s cache, you must fix them by clearing them. You have to follow the steps listed below to Clear Instagram’s Cache.

  • Unlock your phone and go to the App’s section.
  • Press and Hold the Instagram app.
  • Select App Info.
  • Now, go to the Storage option.
  • Scroll down and click on Clear Cache.
  • Wait for the data to get clear.
  • Now, again open the app and check whether the Meta Verified Option is now showing. If not, then follow the next method to fix it.

Check For Instagram Update

Many users there still do not update the app even if new updates are available. The developers of the device and the apps are always suggesting that users download and install the new updates available for their system and app. With new updates, the bugs are fixed, and the security updates are pushed. Along with it, new features are also added to the apps. So users who have not updated Instagram update for a long time should check for updates by going to the Play Store.

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You must go to the Installed Apps section, where all the apps are installed. After going there, you have to click on Check For Updates and scroll down to see if any updates are available for Instagram. If any updates are available for Instagram, download them and check whether the Meta Verified Options are now being shown.

Join The Waitlist 

As we have already listed, the Meta Verified Option is not available for all the regions. So it would be best if you waited until the option gets rolled out in your location. However, in the meantime, you can join the waitlist for the Meta Verified Option by going to any verified option and tapping on their username. You have only to follow a few steps to do this, which are listed below.

  • First of all, start the Instagram App.
  • Now, go to the Search option to search for the username.
  • Type any username that is verified (e.g., Instagram).

  • Open the account and click on the username.

  • Now, you have to click on the option which is at the bottom of the screen to Join the Waitlist.

  • Once the feature is launched for your region, you will be notified. That’s it.

Final Thoughts

Thousands of users are excited about the Meta Verified Option so that they can also get the blue tick. However, the users are not able to see the option to buy it for their account. The users were confused about why they were facing such issues even though the feature started to roll out for different regions. In this guide, we have listed the ways to Fix the Meta Verified Option Not Showing on Instagram. We hope that this guide has helped you in resolving your query related to the Meta Verified Option on Instagram.


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