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How to Fix Mazda Bluetooth Not Working


Mazda Bluetooth Not Working is a common problem that is being reported by thousands of Mazda car owners. The users who don’t know, Mazda is a famous car company well-known for their premium cars. The Mazda car is being sold over the globe to many countries. Millions of happy car owners have Mazda Cars. This is only possible because of the great features of the Mazda car. The company is always working on making the car more comfortable and feature-packed for the owners. They have also provided some great features to their car.

However, some users are unhappy with the car as they face some problems with it. The Mazda car owners have reported being stuck with the Mazda Bluetooth Not Working issue. They cannot do so whenever they try to start Bluetooth to connect to their device. They are looking for guides to resolve this issue without taking it to the service center. We are here with the guide where we will list how to resolve the problem on your cars.

Why Does My Mazda Bluetooth Not Working?

How to Fix Mazda Bluetooth Not Working

Mazda Bluetooth is used on the Mazda car to connect your mobile to the infotainment to play songs, connect calls, etc. It is a very useful feature as it can help you easily play songs, pick up calls, and talk about infotainment. But it can only be possible if Bluetooth works on the Mazda car and device properly. The car owners having the Mazda car reported that the Mazda Bluetooth not working. There are many reasons why it can happen with you in your car. Thus, you can check the reasons below to understand why the issue is occurring with you.

  • The Bluetooth is turned off on your device or car.
  • Your device is not in the range of the car.
  • There are some software issues with Bluetooth.
  • You have not paired the Mazda Bluetooth.
  • The volumes are low.
  • Your device is already connected to another device.
  • There are some hardware issues with the car or device.

Fix Mazda Bluetooth Not Working | MAZDA Connect Owners Manual

The Mazda Car owners are looking for some troubleshooting methods to resolve the Mazda Bluetooth not working issue. We know how many problems it might be creating for you. Thus, we have listed the troubleshooting ways through which you will be able to resolve the problem. So, let’s check them out.

Turn On Bluetooth

Sometimes the Bluetooth on your Mazda car can get turned off automatically due to low battery. When you start your car and try to connect your mobile to the Mazda car, we suggest you check whether the Bluetooth is turned on. If not, then turn it on your car and device, then try connecting your device.

Check The Range

To connect the Bluetooth on your car with the device, you must ensure they are both in range. Every car and mobile has its range. So it will be good to come near to the car and get inside it to check the range. If you are trying to connect the mobile to the car from a long distance, you will likely be facing various issues, and then you will be thinking that the Mazda Bluetooth Not Working.

Turn The Volume Up

There are chances that you are connected to the Mazda Bluetooth, but the volume is set to low, due to which you are thinking that the Mazda Bluetooth Not Working. Thus, the users should check the volume on their car and on the device. Both have the option of volume up/down. So it will be better to cross-check. Also, there is a button through which you can mute the music on the infotainment. You should also check that before implementing other methods. A lot of users tried implementing the methods to fix the issue, but later, they found that the volume was at zero level, so the music was not played in the car.

Play/Pause The Song

If you are trying to play songs on your car with Bluetooth through your device, then make sure you have played the music when the Bluetooth is connected to the car. If the Bluetooth is connected to the car, and the song is not being played, then we suggest you close the app through which you are trying to play the song and then again try playing it. There are chances that the song is not being played due to any software or network issues on your mobile. Thus, it will always be better to check the mobile network speed and ensure that the song is downloaded/streamed to play correctly without any issues.

Unpair and Pair The Car

When you try to connect the car with your mobile device through Bluetooth, and it is not working, we suggest you unpair and pair the car again on your device. There are chances that the Bluetooth is not working due to some pairing issues, as the device and the car might not have paired properly. So it will be better to pair them again on your car and device to ensure no issues. You can easily pair and unpair your car from the Bluetooth settings. The users have to unpair the car and pair it again as they generally do.

Check For Other Connected Devices

When trying to connect the car, make sure to check that there is no other device connected to your mobile. We often connect our smartwatches, buds, neckband, laptop, and a lot more, which stays connected to our device, which the car can’t be connected to due to the limited number of Bluetooth devices. The users trying to connect the Mazda Bluetooth must check for other connected devices on their mobile to avoid such issues.

Restart Your Device, and Car

The users facing the issues of Mazda Bluetooth not working should try starting their car again along with the device they are trying to connect. You have to restart your car and device to make sure that there are no minor bugs on your device that are causing issues in connecting the devices.

By restarting your car, you can start the infotainment again. So if any issues occurred due to the power supply, it would be resolved. Also, you can try another mobile to pair the car and then check whether the Bluetooth is working. There are chances that your device might also be causing issues in making proper connections with the car. So it will be better to check using another mobile.

Perform Master Reset

You can also try performing a master reset on your car to fix the Mazda Bluetooth Not Working issue. There are a lot of users who have tried implementing this method to resolve the issue. This method will be good to use if there are bugs, misconfigurations of files, or other issues. By performing the Master Reset, we will be able to resolve those issues. We have listed the steps you must follow to perform a master reset.

  • First of all, press and hold the Volume knob, back, and navigation button for ten seconds.
  • After it, you will see that the reset procedure has been started on your Mazda Car.
  • Wait for the procedure to get completed.
  • Now, pair the car with your device and check whether the issue has been resolved.

Visit Service Center

The car owners who have tried all the above methods and still facing the same issue will need to visit the service center to get the issue fixed. There are chances that the issue might be occurring due to hardware faults which can only be fixed by the professionals who are available at the service center. Thus, visit the service center and tell them about the issue so that they can analyze the reason. They will analyze the cause of the issue; if there are some hardware faults, then they will repair it, and you will be again able to play songs on your Mazda car.

Wrapping Up

Mazda is famous for its feature-packed cars. However, the users who have bought Mazda cars have reported Mazda Bluetooth Not Working. This is causing them issues in entertainment. Thus, this guide lists the methods Mazda car owners can follow to resolve the problem. We hope the steps will help you resolve the issue without any hassle. We have tried explaining the steps correctly so that you can quickly resolve it. That’s it for this guide.


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