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How to Fix BMW Wireless Charging Not Working


Key Takeaways
  • BMW is known for its luxury cars equipped with wireless charging feature, but some users are facing issues with it not working
  • Possible reasons for the issue include charging tray malfunction, device alignment, incompatible device or software/hardware issues
  • Solutions include ensuring wireless charging is turned on, checking device compatibility, removing mobile case, and visiting a service center if needed

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, also known as BMW, is famous for its high-tech, premium cars. The cars manufactured and launched by BMW are luxurious and offer premium features to the users that every luxurious user expects. According to reports, BMW sold around 2.4 million passenger vehicles. After seeing the number of sold vehicles, you can easily get to know about the demand for the BMW.

BMW launches different cars with different models and variants. Most BMW cars are equipped with BMW Wireless Charging, which means you can easily charge your device by just aligning it on the Wireless charging tray. But some BMW car owners have reported that the BMW Wireless Charging Not Working, when they are trying to do so. The issue is being faced by thousands of users, and they are confused and speculating whether there are any hardware or software issues. We are here with this guide where we will list the reasons to analyze the cause of the issue. After it, we will list the methods that you can follow to resolve the problem on your BMW Car.

How to Fix BMW Wireless Charging Not Working

Why Does BMW Wireless Charging Not Working?

The BMW Car Owners are speculating various reasons for the cause of the issue. Most of them think that it is a hardware issue. Still, they are not sure about it. For those who don’t know, many users have already reported that they were facing the BMW Wireless Charging Working issue because of software issues with the car or phone. We are going to list the reasons which have been reported by the users who have fixed the issue. It can surely help you in analyzing and resolving the problem. So, let’s find it out.

  • There are chances that the issue is occurring from the Charging Tray.
  • Your device is not properly aligned.
  • The mobile case is causing interference in the Wireless Charging.
  • Your device is incompatible with Wireless Charging, or there are some software issues.
  • There are some hardware issues with the Car.

Fix BMW Wireless Charging Not Working 2023

With the above reasons, we hope you will now be able to analyze the cause of the issue. There are many other reasons too, but it might confuse you; that’s why we have not listed them. Now, we will list how to resolve your car’s BMW Wireless Charging Not Working issue. So, check the methods properly and ensure to implement them correctly.

Turn On Wireless Charging

BMW Car owners need to start BMW Wireless Charging before putting their device in the Charging Tray. The option to start Wireless Charging is present in the infotainment. So you have to see the infotainment settings to ensure wireless charging is “TURNED ON” on your BMW Car. If the setting is “TURNED OFF,” the issue will likely occur with you. If you regularly charge your device through wireless charging and are sure that it is turned on, we suggest you cross-check, as sometimes, if you power off your car, the settings are set to default. So turn on wireless charging from the infotainment to ensure that the issue is not occurring because of it.

Check Mobile Compatibility

It is important for the users to must check the mobile compatibility for Wireless Charging. If you are trying to charge a device that does not support Wireless Charging, the issue will likely occur. Users who have not updated their device, which supports Wireless charging, can also face the issue. The updates are released to the device users to fix minor or major bugs.

So if there is any bug with the Wireless charging on your phone, and if you have not updated it to the latest version, it’s likely that you will be facing the problem. We suggest all the device users who are facing this issue check for the latest updates on their devices. If there are any updates available, download it. Once you have updated the device, check whether the BMW Wireless Charging Not Working issue is still occurring.

Place The Mobile Properly

You have to align the mobile properly in the Charging Tray to make sure that the mobile is charging properly. If you have not placed the mobile in the charging tray properly, the issue is likely to occur. You can also check the guide to learn how to place the mobile properly in the charging tray.

Restart Your Mobile

You can also try restarting your mobile if the charging has not started. The Wireless Charging might also not work because of minor bugs. So you can try restarting the phone to fix the issue. It has helped a lot of users in resolving this issue. Try out this method and check whether the issue has been resolved.

Update Your Mobile

It is important for users to ensure that they are running on the latest operating system version on their devices. If the device is not updated, you will likely face the issue while trying to charge your device through BMW Wireless Charging. Wireless Charging also requires the latest version. We will suggest you check for the updates on the device and update to the latest version if any updates are available.

Remove Mobile Case

If you are trying to charge your phone with the Mobile case attached, then it can also be the reason that the wireless charging is not working. The Wireless Charging only works if it can build a direct connection with the Wireless Charger.

The mobile case can act as a barrier, so the wireless charging might not work. You have to ensure that your mobile case is compatible with Wireless Charging. If not, remove it and try charging the phone in Wireless Mode.

Check Mobile Temperature

The users should check the mobile temperature to ensure it is not too heated. If you don’t know, if the temperature of our device rises to a high temperature, the charging and the phone will not work properly. We recommend that users check their mobile temperature. Make sure to check the temperature after removing the mobile case.

Also, if you have any gadgets to check the temperature, it will be much better. If the mobile temperature is high, we suggest you take it to a cool place and wait for half an hour. Don’t use the mobile for that particular time.

Check For Charging Issues 

There are chances that the Wireless Charging is not working because the device you are using has some software or hardware issues. It will be good for you to evaluate the Wireless charging of your device with the use of an external wireless charger. If the device is not charging even after using the external charger, there is some fault with your device, and you must get it repaired by the service center. In case the charging is working on the device, then there are some software/hardware issues with the BMW Wireless Charging.

Try Soft Reset

You can also try soft resetting the BMW Infotainment to ensure no issues are occurring due to the settings/misconfiguration of the Infotainment. The users have to follow the steps which are listed below to soft reset the BMW Infotainment.

  • First, you have to ensure the engine is turned off and the car is in standby mode.
  • Now, press the Volume Down or Knob button for 30 seconds.
  • Once the 30 seconds have passed, press the Volume Down or Knob button to turn on the Infotainment.
  • After it, you will see the BMW Logo. That’s it.

Hard Reset Your Infotainment

If soft resetting your Infotainment has not helped in resolving the issue, you can try the Hard Reset method to fix the problem. You have to follow the steps which are listed below.

  • First, you have to ensure the engine is turned off and the car is in standby mode.
  • Open the Infotainment.
  • Select the Car option.
  • Now, go to the Settings option.
  • After it, go to the General Settings option.
  • Scroll down and select Reset Vehicle Data.
  • Select Confirm to start the procedure.
  • Wait for some time; the infotainment starts resetting.
  • After it, try to charge the mobile again through wireless charging.

Visit Service Center

The users still struggling with the BMW Wireless Charging Not Working issue will need to visit the service center. We are speculating that there is some hardware fault due to which the Wireless Charging is not working. To evaluate the hardware issue, you have to go to the BMW Car service center, as they will help analyze the cause of the issue and fix it too. So it will be good for you to visit the service center and get your issue fixed.

Wrapping Up 

The users were frustrated with the BMW Wireless Charging Not Working issue. They tried various methods to resolve the issue, but they could not do so. In this guide, we listed the reasons and methods through which you will be able to analyze and resolve the issue’s cause. We hope this guide will help you solve your BMW car’s problem. If you have any doubts, do let us know in the comment section below.


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