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How to Fix BMW ConnectedDrive App Not Working


Quick Overview
  • BMW ConnectedDrive offers essential information for BMW car owners, enhancing connectivity, navigation guides, and entertainment features.
  • Common reasons for BMW ConnectedDrive not working include connectivity issues, outdated software, expired subscriptions, and hardware problems.
  • Steps to resolve the issue include checking internet connection stability, updating apps and services, checking BMW servers, renewing subscriptions, performing a master reset on iDrive, and updating the iDrive app.

BMW ConnectedDrive is a service that is offered by the company to BMW Car owners so that they can get all the essential information about their vehicles. We all know how premium BMW Cars are. BMW ConnectedDrive offers different types of features for their BMW Car owners. With the help of the BMW ConnectedDrive, you will be able to maintain connectivity, get guides in navigation, great entertainment, and much more.

The BMW ConnectedDrive also increases the safety of BMW owners, as during an emergency, it provides the drivers with various features like Roadside Assistance, Vehicle Tracking, and much more. However, users can only use these features if the BMW ConnectedDrive is working properly. But many users have reported that the BMW ConnectedDrive is Not Working. We are here with the guide, where we will list the tips on how to fix the issue so that BMW Drivers can again enjoy all these services without any problems.

Why does BMW ConnectedDrive Not Working?

How To Fix BMW ConnectedDrive App Not Working

The BMW Car owners are thinking about why the BMW Connected Drive Not Working. If you don’t know, there are several reasons why you might be facing issues with your BMW Cars. We will list the possible causes for the BMW Connected Drive Not Working. You can check them, as it will help you analyze the cause of the issue of the problem.

  • Connectivity Issues: BMW ConnectedDrive depends on the internet connection to function properly. If your BMW Car is not connected to a stable internet connection, then you may face issues with the BMW ConnectedDrive.
  • Outdated Software: If you are using outdated software on your BMW Car, it might also be a reason behind the BMW Connected Drive not working.
  • Subscription Expired: The BMW Connected Drive works on a subscription model. Hence, if the subscription expires, you cannot access the BMW Connected Drive services.
  • Hardware Issues: There are chances that the issue is occurring due to some hardware problems on your BMW Car.

How To Fix BMW Connected Drive Not Working

BMW ConnectedDrive was released by BMW to make sure that the drivers/owners are getting all information about their vehicles in the same place in real time. The BMW ConnectedDrive is the service through which BMW Owners learn about their vehicle on the My BMW App. There are a lot of things that the BMW ConnectedDrive tells us about the BMW Car. If you are facing any problems with the BMW ConnectedDrive, you will not be able to get most of your car. We have listed the steps you can implement to fix the problem.

Check The Internet Connection

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To run the BMW ConnectedDrive services properly on your BMW Car and on your mobile phone, it is recommended that the internet connection of the BMW Car should be stable and working fine. The BMW Car comes with a permanently installed SIM Card, which helps provide all the services to the users with an internet connection. However, if the internet connection of the SIM Card is not stable, the users are likely to face the problem of not working with their car. So it will be good to check whether the SIM Card is working properly and providing a high-speed internet connection.

Update Apps and Services

The BMW ConnectedDrive will not work if you have not updated its services and apps properly. If you don’t know, you must keep updating your apps and services, which are available on the BMW Car. You have to follow the steps listed below to update apps and services.

  • First of all, you have to visit the Apps section on your Infotainment.
  • After it, you have to press the Options button.
  • Now, there will be different options available on the screen. You have to select the Update Apps and Services option.
  • It will start updating the apps and services on the Infotainment. It will take a few minutes based on the internet connection.
  • Once the update is completed, you must press and hold the Power Button for 45 seconds to turn off the Infotainment.
  • The system will start after restarting two times.
  • Now, go to the BMW Connected app, log out of your account, and log back in.

Check BMW Servers

The BMW ConnectedDrive Services will not run if the BMW Servers are down. For those who don’t know, the BMW apps are based on the BMW Servers. If any issues are going on with the BMW Servers, they will likely cause issues. Also, there are chances that the company is upgrading its servers or doing some maintenance by which you might be getting the issue. We suggest you check the BMW Servers by visiting their website and social media pages.

Your Subscription Expired

BMW ConnectedDrive services are based on the subscription model. When buying the BMW Car, you are enrolled for the subscription. However, if the car subscription expires, you will not be able to use the BMW ConnectedDrive Services and related apps. You can contact support to check whether the subscription is expired. If the subscription to your BMW Car is expired, then you will need to renew it. Also, when you are renewing the subscription, make sure to check the correct apps.

Perform Master Reset on iDrive

Many users who fixed the issue have reported that the problem was occurring to them due to some bugs in the iDrive System. So it will be good to perform Master Reset on iDrive to resolve this issue. The bugs might be there due to some misconfiguration of files or newer updates, so it will be better to reset it, as it will resolve the issue easily. If you don’t know to master reset on your BMW Car, don’t worry, it is not a big deal to worry about. We have listed the steps for performing the master reset on iDrive. Make sure to check them below.

  • First of all, unlock your car and don’t start the engine.
  • After it, press and hold the Volume Button. You have to hold the button for thirty seconds.
  • Now, you will see the logo. Wait for another thirty seconds now.
  • Once the wait is over, then again press the volume button.
  • After it, the master reset is completed successfully.

Update The iDrive App

If you have not updated the iDrive app, it may also cause issues in the running of the BMW ConnectedDrive. The My BMW App is provided to users to simplify the updating procedure. You have to simply follow some general steps to update your iDrive app. We have listed the steps below for you, so check them.

  • Open the My BMW App on your smartphone.
  • Now, go to the Remote Software Upgrade Option.
  • After it, go to the Settings options.
  • Select the WiFi Only option.
  • After it, click on the Start Download option.
  • Once the download is completed, get in your car, and connect your phone to the vehicle.
  • The download settings will be upgraded when the connection is built between your car and your device.
  • Make sure to update the iDrive on time to avoid any issues from happening.

Check Weather Condition

The users should also check the weather condition when the BMW ConnectedDrive is not working. The weather condition also matters for the proper of the BMW ConnectedDrive. The BMW Cars come with an active SIM Card. However, if the weather condition is bad in your area, the SIM will likely not work. So it will be good if you can check the weather condition in your location. If the weather is bad, you must wait until it gets good.

Log Out and Log In Again

Another way you should try with your BMW Car is logging out of your account and logging in. If the issue occurs due to session problems with your account, this will easily help resolve the problem. Thousands of users have implemented this, and they were able to fix the issue.

Visit Service Center

Even after trying all the above methods, if you are still facing the same issue, you should visit the service center. There are chances that the BMW Connected Drive might not be working due to hardware issues, so it will be good to get it checked in the service center. The professionals at the service center will easily evaluate the problem and will fix it.

Wrapping Up 

If you are facing a problem with the BMW ConnectedDrive, follow the steps outlined in this guide. By following the above methods, you can easily fix and resolve the problem. BMW ConnectedDrive is a great technology that can help you know about your vehicle and get all the real-time data. With this guide’s help, you can use all of your BMW Car services again without any issues.


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