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How To Fix My BMW App Not Updating (2023)


BMW is a well-known brand for its premium cars, which are visually stunning and powerful. All the BMW Cars are feature packed and come with great features. The BMW Car owners are really happy with their driving experience. To make things easier for BMW Car owners, BMW has released its own My BMW App. The My BMW App is a mobile app developed to make it easier for BMW Car owners to interact with their vehicles easily through their devices. With the help of the My BMW App, users will be able to access many features and services that will surely help them enhance their driving experience.

Some great features that you can use through the My BMW App are remote locking and unlocking, remote engine start, vehicle location tracking, and climate control. The users will also be able to get information related to their vehicle status, which are fuel levels, tire pressure, and battery charge. However, some BMW Car owners have reported that the My BMW App is not updating, so they cannot see the latest information for their BMW Cars. If you’re facing issues with the My BMW App not updating, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with this guide, where we will list the steps to resolve the My BMW App Not Updating problem.

Why is My BMW App Not Updating?

How To Fix My BMW App Not Updating

There could be several reasons why the My BMW App is not updating. It is possible that there might be some technical issues with the app or your mobile, due to which it is not working properly. Also, there are chances that the My BMW App is not updating because of network connectivity, software conflicts, or something else. It will depend on various reasons. The users who have reported the issue have mentioned various reasons. However, in most cases, it was occurring due to software issues or network conflicts. Hence, once you have analyzed the cause of the issue, it will be easier for you to take the necessary steps to fix it.

Fix My BMW App Not Updating 

If you are having issues with the My BMW App Not Updating, there are a few steps that you can follow to resolve the problem. All the steps listed below are easier to implement. Also, many users have resolved this issue by performing them; we hope you will also be able to resolve it.

Restart Your Car

There are chances that the car is not syncing with the My BMW App, and you are facing the issue due to it. Thus, we will suggest you restart your car and check if the issue gets resolved by doing this or not. You have to follow the steps which are listed below to do this.

  • First of all, turn off the engine and remove your key.
  • Now, get out of the car.
  • Lock the whole car with the key.
  • After it, wait for the car to get shut down.
  • Once the infotainment and the car are turned off properly, wait some time.
  • Now, unlock the car, and check if the issue has been resolved. To check, open the My BMW App on your device.

Check BMW App Servers Status

The users might also get the My BMW App Not Updating issue if the company’s servers are not working properly. My BMW App is totally based on the servers; thus, if you see that there are no changes in the activity of the My BMW App, then it can be occurring due to the server’s issues. We suggest you check the BMW App server status to ensure no issues are occurring due to the app’s servers. You can check the BMW App server status by visiting their system status page or social media. They will surely update you about the server status if any issues occur.

Check Internet Connection 

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The My BMW App is synced with the help of the data sent to the database and received from there. Sending the data from your BMW car to the My BMW App requires a high-speed internet connection. If your car or mobile is not connected with a high-stable internet connection, the issue of My BMW App Not Updating will occur with you. Thus, we will suggest you check the internet connection on your device and car. If there is any internet speed issue, you will have to fix it.

Restart Your Device

If your device has any minor bugs, it may also cause issues in running the My BMW App not working. You can easily resolve this issue on your Android or iOS device by restarting it.

Connect Your Mobile With Car

The users who have not connected their car to their mobile properly will also be going to face the issue on their My BMW App. The My BMW App will only work if your device is properly connected and synced with the car. If not, then various types of issues can occur on your system.

Log Out of The App

You can also try signing out that you are logged in to the app to fix the problem. Sometimes, several issues can occur due to the account that you have logged in. So it will be better to log out and log in again on the My BMW App to try fixing the app. Many users have reported facing a problem with the app because the account session expired. Make sure that you are not facing such issues.

Clear My BMW App Cache

The My BMW App cache files can also cause issues in the app’s running. It is good for the users that they should keep clearing the cache files after a certain duration. For those who don’t know, the cache files help in faster opening of the apps. However, it may also cause problems if the cache files are corrupted due to any issues. So it will be better to clear the BMW App cache from your device. You have to follow the steps which are listed below.

  • Press and Hold the My BMW App.
  • Select App Info.
  • Go to Storage.
  • Select Clear Cache.

Update My BMW App

If you have not updated the app for a long time, it might also cause issues in running the app. The developers are constantly pushing new patch updates to fix minor bugs in the app. However, if users have not updated the app, they might also face the issue due to it. We will suggest the users check for the latest updates of the My BMW App. If any updates are available, download it. Once you have updated the app, restart your device and start the app again.

Reinstall My BMW App

If the above methods do not work for you in fixing the issue, we will suggest you should try reinstalling the My BMW App on your device again. There are chances that the My BMW App has some corrupted files by which it is not working. So it will be better to reinstall the My BMW App at that time.

Visit Service Center

Many users think the My BMW App might not be updating due to software issues. But, it is not correct. My BMW App is based on the responses received from the BMW Car. If no responses are being sent from the car, it is likely that the My BMW App will not update. Thus, it will be good for the owners to visit the service center to get this issue fixed. They can easily check the software or hardware issues on the car along with the device on which you are using the My BMW App.

Wrapping Up 

Thousands of BMW Car owners are stuck with the My BWM App Not Updating issue. Due to this problem, they cannot use the car’s handy features that can help them a lot in their driving experience. In this guide, we listed the methods required to resolve the My BMW App Not Updating issue. We hope it will help you in resolving the problem.


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