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How to Use TradingView for Crypto Trading


Key Takeaways
  • TradingView is a powerful platform for charting, offering tools for cryptocurrencies and other financial assets, making it helpful for predicting market trends.
  • Both novice and experienced traders can benefit from TradingView, with customizable technical indicators and the ability to analyze various assets.
  • The platform also includes a social network where users can share trading strategies, although caution should be exercised when following others' ideas for investments.

Being able to predict how the cryptocurrency market works is one of the strategies that will guarantee you serious gains. Charting is a technique that many investors and traders use to try and speculate the market trends. There are various tools that can be used for charting and TradingView is one of the best platforms. The good news is that this platform offers the right tools for cryptocurrencies and other financial assets. There are many things that you can manage to accomplish with TradingView.

How to Use TradingView for Crypto TradingIf you are one of those traders who are into analysis and love to use charting tools, TradingView is a great platform. There is a free version that allows you to use a couple of tools and there are also subscription options. Irrespective of your experience level, you will find this tool to be useful with so many features to offer. Since it comes with many tools, there may be others that confuse you and as such, it is best to look for the things that just add value to your investment or trade.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or a novice, there is so much you can derive from TradingView. Binance is one of the trading platforms for cryptocurrencies and it primarily relies on TradingView. Without the proper understanding of the various features and functions, the platform can be intimidating. If you have just discovered TradingView and are scouting for information on how to use it, this basic guide will be of great help to you. Let us get started and see what trading view has to offer.

Introduction TradingView and How It Works

Cryptocurrency keeps growing and it has attracted so many players. There are many reliable platforms that allow you to trade and make profits with cryptocurrencies. One of such places is Bitcoin Guide and you can get the best returns. However, to be able to trade, there are some strategies that you will need to have in place and one of them is making sure you have tools you can use. TradingView has amazing technical indicators which you can customize to suit your needs.

You can create custom charts, patterns, shapes, and lines to help you analyze the markets and various assets. This is a web-based platform and as such, you will not need to download it on your PC. However, if you prefer using mobile devices, there is an app version that you can get and use on the go. Besides cryptocurrencies, there are so many other assets that you will analyze and chart with TradingView. Depending on what you are looking for, you can choose the free account, which has basic features, or the premium account with advanced tools.

TradingView Social Network

TradingView users can share their experiences and trading strategies on TradingView’s social network. When you browse through these pages, you may be able to pick up some ideas that will help your trading experiences. However, you should be careful when taking ideas from other users. When it comes to investments, it is advisable to make individual decisions based on your findings.

Do not just go with an idea blindly because it promises to deliver a fortune in a short while. Over and above there is so much that you can draw from this stream and you will get to fine-tune your crypto trading strategies.

Final Remarks

TradingView comes with so many resources that can help cryptocurrency traders and investors. There are educational materials that you can take advantage of to improve your charting and asset-analysis skills. This is certainly a tool that is worth trying out and the good news is that the basic version is free of charge.


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