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Top 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem (PC/Mobile)


Are you searching for some free Best Games Like Fire Emblem 2024? Well, I’d love to play games online. But due to huge fake stuff over the internet, there is a little difficult to find real alternatives. In this article, we have listed some of the 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem that are really working.

Fire Emblem is a role-playing video game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. This is career based game where you have to win challenges and manage their stats. You can compete with your enemies and level up your skills. Fire Emblem is an ancient and popular game in Japan. It is supported on various platforms like Gameboy, Nintendo, Satellaview, Wii, Android, and IOS.

Fire Emblem Game Details:

Genres: Tactical role-playing video game
Platforms: Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS/3DS/Switch, Satellaview, Super Famicom, Wii, Wii U, Android, iOS

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Alternatives To Fire Emblem 2024

Top 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem (PC/Mobile)

1. Great Big War GameTop 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem (PC/Mobile)

Great Big War Game is about two armies- Red and Blue armies. In this game, the players get a place in the blue army, and they fight against the Red army. When you play the game, your role is in blue where you should take all the orders and complete it. All the rules you need to bring are like fighting with the enemy and kill them or claim new grounds.

The gameplay does not have much strategy-making, but it has some levels and missions. Thus, the gameplay is simple and great. This game is available for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows.


2. Heroes of SteelTop 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem (PC/Mobile)

Heroes of Steel game will take you in the post-apocalyptic world where you will get experience in the Gothic age fantasy. As a player, you will protect the human race and will build a society when you are fighting against evil. The gameplay of this game allows you to turn-based role-playing. You can choose your characters from the four styles given, each with different stats. In the game, the players enjoy the evil powers which are so furious. You can play this game only on an Android device.


3. WakfuTop 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem (PC/Mobile)

Wakfu is one of the alternative sets of Fire Emblem. It is based on tactics combats in an MMORPG environment. Starting the Wakfu game will show you the basic tutorials, and you can choose from the fifteen classes. The Wakfu gameplay asks the players to take the adventure and get the mission done. One will feel good and excited as they get involved with the community. In the game, there is enough time to make strategies for killing your opponent. You can also grow seeds and harvest. And there is also a weather system to grow crops in the game.

The game is available on the Platforms Linux, Mac, Microsoft Windows.


4. CrownTakersTop 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem (PC/Mobile)

The game CrownTakers not only bring strategic role-playing but also mixes a few genres like rogue-lite and turn-based combat elements. In the game, you will be dropped in the land. The king is kidnapped, and the whole place is in disorder. So, the task of the player is to explore the game world and take back the King out from the devil’s hands. You are the hero in the game with mercenaries which will be upgraded as you finish the level. There are materials and equipment which you must use and regularly improve your game.

This game is available for Android users.


5. Advance Wars: Dual StrikeTop 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem (PC/Mobile)

Advance Wars: Dual Strike game is from the Advance Wars franchise, and you can play the game on Nintendo DS. Some of the elements in the game are from the older version, but for many of them, this game has improved from the older one. In the game, you will be on the land called Omega, and there will be two characters Rachel and Jake, which you will be controlling.

In the game, there are a few missions that you need to finish by applying your tactics. There is a grid-based mapping system, use it and travel the whole area of the land. You will enjoy playing the game as it is full of fun and action. One can play this game on the Nintendo DS.


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6. Might And Magic Heroes OnlineTop 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem (PC/Mobile)

Even this game is one of the alternative game to Fire Emblem, and it is a browser-based game. As it is a browser game you don’t need to download it, just open it on the browser and start playing the game. The graphics of this game is so good, and the full game comes in 2.5D style. In the game, the player needs to make strategies and keep the army together to be healthy and active. You will select your hero, and there is RPG gameplay.  Play the game on the Web Browser and Microsoft Windows.


7. BraveLand WizardTop 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem (PC/Mobile)

In the Braveland Wizard game, you are in a new wizard. The player is graduated after casting. One can also accept additional quests, and you can also shop to upgrade your gears. The gameplay has combat with so many other activities that will fulfill your urge as you are an adventurer. Create your own team who have talents like melee heroes, archers, and much more. And this will help you in winning any battle. There is a grid-based map which you can use to search for any actions. You can play this game on your Android Device.


8. Divinity: Original SinTop 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem (PC/Mobile)

In the Divinity: Original Sin game, the player aims to remove the magic from the world, and for that, you need to find the source of that magic. On the journey, you will get so many, enemies.  There is mixed gameplay that has a strategy and role-playing elements. One can play in both modes single and two-players, and if you choose the single mode then also you can control both the protagonists. It is entertaining as you will get moves like swimming, slipping on ice, and much more.

Play this game on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Macintosh OS.


9. Shadowrun: Hong KongTop 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem (PC/Mobile)

Even this game is one of the best alternatives to the Fire Emblem Game. This game has a little bit of a science environment that looks so good. The features of the game are so exciting, and it makes the whole game a world to travel. This game is the new version of the older one, but this version has something new like UI, music, environments, and graphics.

Shadowrun gameplay is set in the future year 2056, and you need to control the storyline of the older game. You can take moves, attack your enemy, casting sales and so much more to defeat your enemy. One can play this game on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac.

10. Radiant HistoriaTop 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem (PC/Mobile)

Best game for Nintendo 3DS Emulator player. First, you need to choose an avatar and then create their physical appearance. At the same time, you can also change their looks as you move to another level and gain more money. The game’s main aim is fashion where there is a battle with other players to earn money and unlock the content of the games.

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Fire Emblem: Awakening – All Child Units

Starting Class
Present in:
How to Recruit
End of Chapter 13
Joins automatically at the end of the chapter.
Paralogue 5
Talk with Chrom or Lissa
Paralogue 6
Talk with Chrom or Olivia
Paralogue 7
Talk with Chrom or Maribelle
Paralogue 8
Talk with Chrom or Sully
Pegasus Knight
Paralogue 9
Talk with Chrom or Sumia
Paralogue 10
Let her talk to Holland, the enemy Villager
Wyvern Rider
Paralogue 11
Talk with Chrom or Cherche
Paralogue 12
Talk with Chrom or the Avatar
Paralogue 13
Talk with Chrom or Panne
Paralogue 14
Have Miriel visit the village
Paralogue 15
Automatically from Turn 2
Paralogue 16
Talk with Chrom or Nowi


Well, this is pretty much with the list of all the similar Games like Fire Emblem 2023 where you can find your favourite Games. After a long tiring day, Playing games can make you feel better after a long tiring day and may lighten up your day. If you find more such websites, Feel free to add them in the comment section. Hope you find this article helpful. If you do so, you can share this article with all your friends. It will help us to grow more and we will reach out to many people as possible. Cheers!

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