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How to See if Someone Checks Your Location on iPhone 2024


Quick Overview
  • iPhone does not offer a way to track how many times someone checks your location
  • Find My feature does not log location checks, only intended for finding lost devices or tracking family members
  • No notification or log available for how many times someone checks your location on iPhone, but privacy can be protected through settings adjustments

Have you ever thought about whether it is possible to know how many times someone checks your location on iPhone? With the increasing popularity of location services and the ease of tracking someone’s location through apps, privacy concerns have become more common. If you are also thinking about this, here’s our guide to tell you whether you can see how many times someone checks your location on iPhone.

Can You See How Many Times Someone Checks Your Location on iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no direct or official method provided by iPhone to track how many times someone checks your location on iPhone.

The Find My feature is mainly intended for practical purposes, such as finding lost devices or keeping track of the whereabouts of family members. However, It does not offer a detailed log or notification system to track who has checked your location and how many times.

Although there has been considerable growth in the number of feature Apple offers with the release of iOS 17, there continues to be certain limitations. One of the limitations is the absence of the ability to know how many times someone checks your location on an iPhone.

How to See if Someone Checks Your Location on iPhone 2024

Can Someone See How Many Times You Checked Their Location on iPhone?

For iPhone users caring for their family and friends, this is a natural and understandable question. However, to relieve some of your worries, the answer to this question is also NO.

There is no way for the other person to know how often you have checked their iPhone to see where they are. When using the Find My Friends feature to let close friends know where you are, neither you nor your friend can see how many times the other person has check up on you.

They don’t get any notification, and there isn’t any lookup database available for them to see. Only when you specifically request to see the location of your friends, you will receive it from their device. There is no regular transmission schedule for the location.

Does Find My Notify When You View Someone’s Location?

A person can locate you whenever they want if you have granted them access to do so. They can choose to identify it if they have access to it, or they can choose not to. However, Find My won’t let you know if you have viewed someone else’s location more than once if you are using their location and you have access to it.

For those who don’t know, the Find My app makes it simple to maintain tabs on your Apple devices’ whereabouts. With Airtag, you can stay in touch with friends and family and find items that are attached to them.

It is specifically compatible with Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Even if your friends, family, and devices are offline, this feature will still function. Thus, you will be able to locate someone in either case.

What Happens When You See Someone’s Location Multiple Times?

If you repeatedly check someone’s location, then nothing will happen to be precise. If you have previously accessed an individual’s location, the data is stored in your device’s database. This can be accessed through your device settings.

This scenario is common when someone else uses your iOS device and travels with it. In such cases, you can view the locations visited by that person using your device.

Now, to retrieve this information on your iOS device, open the Settings app and scroll down to locate the Privacy section. Within Privacy, tap on Location Services. Check whether Location Services is turned on.

If Location Services is active, continue scrolling to find System Services. Within System Services, locate and tap on Significant Locations to view the location history. Toggling off Significant Locations prevents ongoing tracking of your location.

This method allows you to review your device’s location history without individually recording each check, offering a way to manage location information easily.

Protect Your Privacy

While you may not be able to see how many times someone checks your location, there are steps you can take to protect your privacy on your iPhone.

Control Location Sharing

To maintain control over your location information, you can limit who can track your location using the “Find My” feature. In your iPhone settings, navigate to Privacy > Location Services > Share My Location. From here, you can choose who can see your location and even remove individuals from your sharing list.

Disable Location Services

Another option is to disable location services entirely for specific apps or for your iPhone as a whole. This can be done in the Privacy settings. However, keep in mind that this will limit the functionality of certain apps that rely on location data, such as navigation or location-based reminders.

Regularly Review App Permissions

Take the time to review and manage the permissions granted to each app on your iPhone. It’s advisable to only allow necessary permissions and revoke access for apps that you no longer use or apps that you do not trust.



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