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How to Fix “No Location Found” Error on iPhone


We are always worried about our iPhones. It is because of the premium price that we pay for the device. The risk of theft is increasing day by day. We all have to check our iPhones every time when we are outside of our homes. With the help of Find My Phone and Find My Friends, you will be able to share your live location with the users. Many users who have iPhones always use both of these apps to get updated locations of their iPhones.

However, some users have reported a complex issue with the app. When they opened the Find My App or Find My Friends apps, they got a confusing error: “No Location Found.” This is a complex issue for users who don’t know about it in deep. Thus, we’re here to help you understand the cause of the issue. Also, we will list the steps that will help you resolve the problem. So, let’s get started with it.

What Does No Location Found Mean

The users are confused after seeing the error message No Location Found on the apps that they were using to track the iPhone. Now, they do not understand why this issue is occurring on their iPhones or the device they use to track it. The users who faced the problem have reported the cause of the issue in several cases. We will list the reasons below for you so that you will be able to understand the cause of the issue. Thus, let’s get started with the cause of the issue one by one.

  • Internet Connection: If the internet connection is not working on your iPhone, the app cannot update the location.
  • Device’s Settings: The settings of your iPhone matter a lot. If there is any issue with the device’s settings, you will likely face the problem.
  • Low Battery/Switched Off: If your battery is low or dead, the No Location Found Problem occurs on your device.
  • Location Permission: If the iPhone you are trying to track is not giving the location permission to the app, you will likely face the problem.
  • Other Settings: You have to make sure some other settings are correct. Some are Airplane Mode, Permissions, Battery Saving Mode Off, etc.

We are going to elaborate on the ways through which you will be able to Fix No Location Found Issue. Below we will elaborate on the ways, be ready to check them.

How To Fix No Location Found Error on iPhone

How to Fix "No Location Found" Error on iPhone

The users are worried and confused about fixing the error No Location Found. They have tried fixing the issue in various ways. However, they could not resolve the issue with the help of those various ways. Now, we will list some of the tested methods through which you can fix the No Location Found issue. So, let’s get started with the method one by one.

Check the Date and Time

To run the Find My App and Find My Friends app without getting the No Location Found, you have to ensure that the date and time set on your device should be correct. If the date and time are incorrect on your iPhone, you will get the issue on the device with your app. You can check the date and time settings from the main settings.

Check Your Internet Connection

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The users trying to track their iPhone should ensure that the iPhone and the tracking device are connected with a high-stable internet connection. If the device and iPhone are not connected with a high-speed internet connection, then you will face many problems. Thus, it will be good to check the internet connection speed you are connected with to ensure there are no network connectivity issues.

Location Sharing Stopped

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If Location sharing has been stopped from your iPhone or you have not given the location permission to the iPhone, you will face different issues with it. Many users later found out that the location sharing was stopped on the iPhone or from their friend’s device, due to which they were not able to check the live location. Thus, it will be good for you to cross-check the location-sharing permission on your iPhone to ensure everything works fine.

Not Able To Sign in Find My Friends

The users who are trying to use Find My Friends, which is available on the Apple App Store, will need to log in to the app to give all the permissions to run the app without any issues. Find My Friends needs some simple permissions that you have to give it; otherwise, the app will not work properly. So if you have not logged into the app, you will face the problem. Thus, we will suggest that you should try logging into the app properly to make sure that everything is working fine.

Mobile Device is Switched Off

The device that you are trying to track is switched off; that’s why you are getting the No Location Found issue. It will happen if you will try to track the device that has been switched off or in a place where there is no signal. So it will be better for you to check whether the device has been switched off. If it is switched off, you have to turn it on.

Low/Empty Battery

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The users will also get the issue if they are trying to use a device that has a low or empty battery. When your device has a low battery, it will get into saving mode, so there are chances that the Location services might have been stopped, and due to it, you are getting the problem. It is suggested that the users ensure that they have properly charged their device and that it has plenty of battery to run all the services properly.

Airplane Mode Activated 

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The users will also get the No Location Found issue if they have turned on the Airplane Mode. When you start the Airplane Mode, all the services, like internet, location, hotspot, etc, are turned off. So it might also be one of the reasons that’s why you are facing the problem. Thus, we will suggest all users facing the issue check whether the Airplane Mode is activated on their iPhones. If you have activated the Airplane Mode, turn it off so that all the services can start up again and your phone can run properly without any complications.

Wrapping Up

Many users who are using the Find My and Find My Friends app have reported the issue, due to which they were not able to track their friends, family, or others. The issue was occurring due to the No Location Found problem. Thus, we listed the methods in this guide you can use to resolve the problem that you are facing. We hope this guide is helpful for you in resolving the problem. That’s it for today. If you have any doubts, do let us know in the comment section below.


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