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How to Track Someone Location With Phone Number


Key Takeaways
  • Tracking someone's location with a phone number is important in identifying potential scams and frauds.
  • Using reliable tracking apps like mSpy, Cocospy, and uMobix can help monitor a person's location in real-time with precision.
  • Alternative methods like Cell Track and Track IMEI can be used if direct access to the target phone is not possible, but caution is advised as not all services may be accurate.

Sometimes you get a call from an unknown number and get worried about who is it. This is common because events such as these happen a lot nowadays. With increasing frauds and scams happening all around the world, it is becoming more and more important to know what is calling and from where. As a result, a lot of people are finding out ways to track someone’s location with a phone number.

So, if you are here, most likely, you have got a spam call and thinking about who that is. We tell you, you are in the right place. So, let’s get started with this guide.

How to Track Someone Location With Phone Number

Can You Really Find Someone’s Location With Their Phone Number?

A person’s physical location can be found from a phone number using many successful methods. If you’re a partner who cares about your spouse’s happiness, this is the question you should be asking yourself. It’s not just that companies want to keep a close eye on their employees’ whereabouts; they want to do so rigorously.

The use of a mobile phone number alone has made it easy to check and track the precise location of loved ones, acquaintances, or colleagues. It’s also worth noting that a plethora of websites and apps boast of being able to locate a phone’s current location at no cost.

Some users have complained that the free tools do not compare favorably to trusted paid software. Unfortunately, not all websites will give you an accurate location. In this light, it makes sense to employ paid resources or programs that can only track locations that have a phone number.

As a matter of fact, you guys are not federal agents or anything near them so, tracking real-time location just with the phone number isn’t really possible. However, there are ways to track a phone number or a person if you can get into close proximity to their device.

How to Track Someone Location With Phone Number in 2024

There are a lot of useless apps on the internet that are there just for clickbait and don’t provide enough location information. However, if you have their phone number and use a reliable tracking app, you can easily find their location.

Depending on the security restrictions in your country, it can be difficult to track someone’s location with a phone number. On the other hand, in some countries, websites like CNAM Lookup can help you.

Other ways include certain apps such as FindMyiPhone (iPhone), Find My Device (Android), Spyera, and Whitepages. We will go over these applications and websites in detail in the next section.

Best Apps and Websites to Track Someone Using Phone Number

If you are nearby (Near) to someone you love or hate, you can use these apps to track their location with just phone numbers. However, remember that these are paid applications and you will have to spend some money in order to use them.

Nevertheless, the functions these applications offer are unparalleled and one of the best. If you assume your partner to be cheating on you, these applications can help you catch her or him red-handed and on the spot.

1. mSpy

How to Track Someone Location With Phone Number

Our favorite phone spy app is mSpy, which is why it’s on every list of the best spy apps for phones. The simplicity of the app’s installation and operation is a major plus for us. It works faultlessly with both Apple and Google’s mobile operating systems. When you use the app to track a phone, it will show you the exact coordinates on a detailed map.

You can also view their route history over a specific time period with this app. The mSpy dashboard gives you a wealth of information, including GPS coordinates, street address, pinpoint precision, and current time.

2. Cocospy

How to Track Someone Location With Phone Number

Cocospy is one of the best phone tracking apps we have because it can monitor a target’s location in real-time. The app’s location-tracking functionality makes it easy to monitor the whereabouts of the desired device in both the here and now and in the past. Using satellites, wireless networks, and cell phone chips, it is possible to trace their movements.

You can see when the targeted device arrived and left a given location as well. Thanks to Cocospy’s remote access to a phone’s SIM card details, determining the device’s network-based location is also a breeze. You can view the IMEI number, verify the carrier information, and receive alerts whenever the SIM card is swapped.

3. MobileSpy

How to Track Someone Location With Phone Number

Mobilespy is a phone spy app that does what other similar apps do: monitor a target’s smartphone in real-time to see things like text messages, call logs, and social media use.

It also makes the cut because of how precisely it can pinpoint the target device’s location. Mobilespy integrates a number of technologies into its tracking system, allowing it to precisely locate a mobile device of interest.

The precise location of an individual device at this very moment can be seen in excruciating detail thanks to the GPS tracker. In addition, the phone’s Wi-Fi tracker details all available Wi-Fi hotspots in the area.

4. uMobix

How to Track Someone Location With Phone Number

When it comes to mobile device monitoring, uMobix is the app of choice for many parents. If you are not a parent, don’t worry, everyone can use it. The app is able to monitor a phone’s location in real-time without leaving any discernible traces on the target gadget. Its sophisticated GPS tracker and accompanying interactive map facilitates real-time monitoring of a child’s whereabouts by their parents.

uMobix does more than just keep tabs on where a device is at any given moment; it also retrieves the full history of where the owner has been, complete with timestamps. That’s why we have no reservations about calling uMobix an excellent choice for keeping tabs on children.

How to Track Someone’s Location If You Cannot Access Their Phone?

The above applications are useful only if you can access the phone of the ones you want to track. However, if the phone is not accessible, you won’t have many options other than these applications with limited facilities. As we have already cleared the air, you guys are not Federal Agents or Enforcement agencies, so track keeping that in mind.

Cell Track

Cell Track is unlike any of the other options here for tracking a phone’s location. To start, it doesn’t cost anything to make use of it. Second, you can monitor a target device remotely without actually having it in your possession. Submit the number you wish to monitor and we’ll do the rest.

Then, Cell Track will send a text message to the device with a unique URL. Cell Tracks activates the phone’s GPS antenna once the owner clicks on the link and sends you its location. Even if the phone doesn’t have a GPS antenna, Cell Track can still help you find it by retrieving its IP address.

Track IMEI

If you have misplaced your phone, you should use the app Track IMEI. You can trace a phone online by entering its IMEI number into this free website service. Every manufactured mobile phone has a special IMEI number.

It is impossible for two phones to share the same IMEI number. If you need to find out where a lost or stolen phone is. If you enter the IMEI number here, you might get a map showing where your phone is currently located.

Bust A Cheater

The goal of Bust a Cheater, as the name suggests, is to out scammers who harass you on the phone. By revealing their real-time location, address, and other crucial details, it shatters their sense of anonymity.

Simply enter the phone number you wish to track on the portal’s main page, and it will return the location of the device. Keep that in mind if you rely on this service, because it isn’t always reliable.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can track someone’s location using their phone number. We hope this guide has helped you. On the end note, we would like to suggest that don’t get disheartened if you cannot track someone because you don’t have her or his phone because things don’t work that way. On the other hand, if you have been cheated by someone, visit local authorities to help you with that.



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