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5 Best Ways to Track an iPhone Location for Free


Key Takeaways
  • Free geo-tracking services like Cocospy offer reliable iPhone tracking without the need for payment, providing real-time location results.
  • Apple Watch can help locate a lost iPhone easily, using the find iPhone feature through a WI-FI and Bluetooth connection.
  • Utilizing Google Maps, Find my iPhone app, or contacting law enforcement for help are additional free ways to track an iPhone location when needed.

Many people tend to wonder what they need to do when they lose their phone. Unless you have no hopes of finding it again, you do not have to purchase a new phone.

Finding a lost iPhone is easy. Whether it is an iPhone 7 or 5, 4, or whichever version, finding it again is possible. You can locate the phone using so many ways as long as you have the right measures put in place.

While some methods require that you pay for the tracking services, you can still do it free. If you want to know the free techniques, here are five of them you need to know.

  1. Use a free geo-tracking service

 While most services require that you pay, you can find reliable iPhone search sites that are free. Be open-minded. Instead, practice adequate research techniques when finding the best one for you.

In such a situation, the recommended app is to use Cocospy. Millions of users love this stable and reliable app. It has also received numerous mentions from websites such as Forbes, CNET, Android Authority, Digital Trends, and many other authoritative sites.

5 Best Ways to Track an iPhone Location for Free
5 Best Ways to Track an iPhone Location for Free

Although the site provides free services, it does not limit searches. You can track an iPhone by number via Cocospy as well. Once it finishes with the search, it will indicate the movement of the device, and even show you its location. Note, the results are in real time mode.

  1. Using an Apple Watch

Apple provides numerous products. One of them is the Apple Watch. It comes with great features, including tracking your health and fitness levels, remote control functionality, and other easy-to-access functionalities.

If you are the kind that keeps forgetting, an Apple Watch can be a great way to locate the iPhone still. Always ensure that both devices have a functional WI-FI and Bluetooth connection.

The process of finding the phone is easy. Press the Digital Crown button. If the iPhone is connected to it, it will indicate at the right top corner. Tap on the find iPhone button. It should ring the device within a few seconds.

By the way, it can be a suitable solution for people who do not have their computer nearby.

  1. Find my iPhone app

It is a pre-installed on your iPhone. The process of searching does not require much.

Start by logging into your iCloud account. Ensure that you log out of the current account if you are using someone else’s account. Use your Apple credentials.

After logging in, you can track your phone using the timeline provided. On the other hand, if you rely on this method, avoid erasing any of the information. That can delete all the data in your cloud; hence, you will not be able to track.

Nevertheless, if locating it is a problem, you can delete the account.

  1. Using Google maps

The Google maps are available for all devices, and it is free. It uses GPS technology to track your phone’s method.

For you to do a successful search using these maps, you will have to provide your SIM number. It will then show your new paths. However, the method can only be limited if you switch off your phone.

In that case, it will indicate the last recorded location. Additionally, you can ask your circle of friends on Google Plus to help you search for your phone.

  1. Contact law enforcement officers

Some states can limit the use of geo-tracking apps. Additionally, you may have missed putting all stringent measures to use all the above criteria.

You can contact local law enforcement officers in that case. As long as you have your phone number or your SIM card’s IMEI number, they can use that to locate it even when switched off. By the way, the law enforcement officers work together with your network operators to find your misplaced iPhone.

Final Verdict

All of the above methods work correctly. We recommend that you apply the required measures. It will be of help because you will have a variety of techniques to use if you lose your phone.


When selecting the best geo-tracking service, it is not necessary that you use a paid service.

A free tracking app can also provide the same service you will get from a paid tracking service.

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