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How to Track a Lost Mobile Phone: Cell Phone Tracker


Key Takeaways
  • Smartphones have become essential in daily life, but if one gets lost, they can be easily tracked using built-in features.
  • In 2024, all phones, regardless of OS, have tracking capabilities, such as Android's Find My Device and iOS's Find My app.
  • IMEI tracking and various phone tracker apps offer additional options for locating lost phones, ensuring peace of mind.

The smartphone is an important part of our day-to-day life. One can do everything from their phone. From banking to texting, everything is possible using the smartphone that we use. What if the smartphone that you use gets lost? Well, it is not a thing to worry though, because smartphones nowadays come with a tracking feature using which you can easily track a phone. 

In 2024, features like tracking are made available to all the people in the world, no matter what phone you are using. Be it an Android or iOS device, your phone will have a tracking feature, using which you can track a phone if somehow you lose it. For iOS users, AirTags may be a viable option, but what about Android users?

How to Track Cell Phone in 2024: Android / iOS

In this article, we will be discussing some of the most common ways to track a phone if you have lost it.

How to Track a Phone If you Have Lost: Cell Phone Tracker

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1. Tracking An Android Phone

If you are using an Android phone, then you can easily track it using the Find My Device feature. Find My Device is a feature by Google, using which people can easily find their lost phones. The service works very well with Android phones.

You need not enable this feature on your Android phone as it automatically gets turned on if you have signed in with your Google Account on your device.

Using Find My Device, you can easily find your device and even secure it. This feature shows you the location of your phone. It shows you the SIM your device is using, and how much it is charged. Moreover, you can also find the IMEI number of your Smartphone on Find My Device.

How To Track A Phone If Your Have Lost Or Misplaced It?

  • You can play the sound on your phone if you are unable to find it. This feature can be useful when you have lost your phone at your office, café, or somewhere else. You can play the sound on your phone to find it.
  • What else can you do with it? You can secure your device if you have left it unlocked somewhere.
  • This will lock the device and will sign out of Google Account. Moreover, you can also display a message on the lock screen.
  • Even after signing out of the Google account, you will still be able to track it.
  • If you are unable to find your phone and want to erase the data on your phone, then you can use this feature.
  • However, this feature will completely erase the data of your phone and it will sign you out of the device so you may not be able to track it again.

Using this feature is easy. Make sure your device is signed with your Google account. On your computer, visit the Find My Device website, and make sure you are signed in with the Google Account that you are using on your phone. You will be able to track your phone using your computer. This feature works well for Android phones as well as Android tablets.

2. Tracking An iPhone

Just like Android has the Find My Device feature, iOS has the Find My app, using which you can find all your missing Apple devices. Well, this feature works not only for iPhone but for all the Apple devices that you are using.

Find My app is accessible through iCloud. Using this feature, one can easily get the location of their phone. Moreover, one can play sound on their missing device. You can display a message on your phone if it is lost, and activate the Lost Mode. You can leave a text and phone number on your device if it is lost.

How To Track A Phone If Your Have Lost Or Misplaced It?

  • The feature allows you to erase the data on your phone in case you are unable to find your device.
  • You can set the activation lock, using which anyone accessing your phone will not be able to access it unless they log in with the registered Apple ID.

The feature lets you find your phone through the network of nearby Apple devices. In order to use this feature, access the Find My app on your computer. You will be asked to sign in to your Apple ID that is registered on your phone. Once done, you will be able to track your phone, and secure it.

3. Tracking Your Phone Using IMEI

You can also track your phone through IMEI. To track your phone through IMEI, you will need the IMEI number of your phone. If you have the IMEI of your phone, you can contact the police or cybersecurity to get your phone tracked. Or you can always go to the GOI portal for registering a complaint against your stolen mobile.

4. Best Phone Tracker Apps

If the above methods do not work for you, you can try some free phone tracker apps. These trackers can assist you in locating your misplaced phone in the most precise areas.

  1. Family Locator by Life360
  2. mSpy
  3. Glympse
  4. Where’s My Droid

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1. Can I Track A Phone If I Have Lost It?

Yes, you can easily track your phone if you have lost it. Tracking the phone isn’t too difficult; we have mentioned how you can do this in this article.

2. Are There Apps To Track A Phone?

There are various apps that allow you to track your phone, but you must prefer using Find My Device for Android phones and Find My app for iPhone to track the phone.

3. Is It Possible To Track The Phone Through IMEI?

Yes, it is possible to track the phone through IMEI. If you have the IMEI number of your phone, you can contact the Police or cybersecurity and they will help you track your phone.

Final Words

That’s how you can track a phone if it is lost. Hope you didn’t find it too difficult to track a phone that is lost. Just remember one thing, remain calm even if you have lost your phone. You can take legal help from your local police. Now that you’ve learned about all of the cool ways to track a cell phone number, I recommend that you try it out with the number you’re looking for right away.

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