With billions of downloads, Telegram is one of the best messaging apps. Telegram is always adding a lot of features for the users to make it smoother for them. The app has a lot of features that make the app smoother and best for the users. One of them is Telegram Live Location. It is one of the best features which lets you share the live location with the other user. You can easily share the live location with friends, relatives, and others.

However, the users who have shared the Telegram Live Location have reported that it is not updating on iPhone and Android. It is causing them problems as they cannot see the live locations. We are here with the guide where we will list the methods through which you can fix the issue with Telegram Live Location. So, let’s get started with it.

Fix Telegram Live Location Not Updating on iPhone and Android

There are a lot of messaging apps that work very greatly on Android and iPhone. Telegram is also considered one of the best apps for messaging and staying connected with your close ones. However, as the app is getting bigger, so it’s likely that you will be facing various bugs with it. The developers make sure that the users don’t have to face any issues, but still, some problems can occur with the users based on different aspects.

How to Fix Telegram Live Location Not Updating on iPhone and Android

The users have reported the Telegram Live Location is not updating on iPhone and Android. There are a lot of reasons which are available for the cause of the issue. To help you in fixing the issue with the Telegram Live Location not updating, we are going to list out some simple methods that you can easily follow. Below we have listed them, do check them if you want to resolve the Telegram Live Location Not Updating on iPhone and Android issue.

Check The Internet Connection 

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To share the live location on Telegram, your internet connection is the first thing you must ensure works properly. Without an internet connection, the Telegram Live Location will not be updated even if you have shared it with someone.

The Live Location requires a stable high-speed internet connection as it has to keep updating your location in the background and then share the coordinates by changing the location to the person you shared.

To make sure that it happens appropriately, you have to check the internet connection that you are using whether is giving proper internet speed or not. We have made this guide for you through which you can learn about the tools to check the internet connection speed.

Check Location Access

Another important thing that is required to share the location with your family, friends, and relatives is to give Telegram with Live Location access. The new updates of the Android have brought the feature where you have to choose the permission you want to give the apps. So if you have not given the Telegram with the Location permission, it’s likely that the location will not be updated. 

You should check the permission of Telegram on your iPhone and Android to avoid such issues. Also, if you have found out that Telegram does not have Location Permission, select it and click Allow All The Time. You can change this setting when you are not sharing the location with other users. 

Check Battery Optimization 

Turn Off Battery Optimization

The Android and iPhones come with a feature that does battery optimization. With this feature, the apps are restricted from being used in the background. If it is “Turned On” on your device, so there are chances that it is restricting Telegram from running in the background. So we suggest you check whether the battery optimization is turned on. If it is turned on, you have to turn it off or remove the app from the battery optimization.

Don’t Close Telegram From Background Apps

Many users are there who closes all the apps which are running in the background. But if you are sharing the live location through Telegram, you have to ensure you are not closing it. This is because Telegram requires running in the background to update the live location regularly and on time. So it requires you to run all of its background services, but as you have closed the app, there are chances that the live location will not be updated. So whenever you share the Telegram Live Location, ensure you have not closed the app.

Enable Unrestricted Data Usage

If you have restricted the data usage of the Mobile Data, it may also be causing the issues of not updating the Live Location on Telegram. Check whether the restricted data is turned on. You must disable restricted data usage if it is turned on in your Android and iPhone. Once you have done this, check whether the Telegram Live Location is updating.

Update The Telegram App

The developers of Telegram are trying to make the app best for the users in every aspect. There are chances that the developers might know about the Telegram Live Location update issues, and they have started working on fixing it. When the developers have fixed the issue, they will soon release an update to resolve the problem for the users. We suggest you keep checking for updates on the Play Store for Telegram. If you find any updates available for Telegram, download them.

Wrapping Up

Many Telegram users who have shared the Live Location with their friends or family have reported that it was not updating. Due to the issue, they were not able to share the location and were searching for guides to fix it. In this guide, we listed the methods to fix the problem.

There are many reasons available why you might face the Telegram Live Location Not Updating issue, so we listed the different ways to fix them. We hope that it will help you in resolving the problem. If you have fixed the problem in any other way, share it with us in the comment section below.


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