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Fix: Discord New Login Location Detected Please Check Your Email


Key Takeaways
  • Discord users often receive the "New login location detected, please check your email" message when logging in, creating some inconvenience despite being a security measure.
  • Reasons for this message include IP address changes, logging in from new devices or locations, and account sharing with others.
  • Solutions to bypass this message include enabling 2FA, ensuring the use of trusted VPNs, and contacting Discord support for further assistance.

Discord’s two-factor authentication is really good. But, sometimes, it may start to bother you as well. It is common practice for Discord users worldwide to receive the message “New login location detected, please check your email” each time they attempt to log into their accounts. It can get aggravating when it occurs regularly, no matter how useful it is as a security feature. So, if you are facing this problem, read the guide until the end to know about the fixes. 

Why Is Discord New Login Location Detected?

Why Is Discord New Login Location Detected?

There are several reasons that the “New Login Location Detected” message appears, and understanding these causes is essential to determining what to do next.

#1. Change in IP Address

If your IP address changes, the alert can also go off. Basically, it’s the number that identifies you on the internet. This is used to pinpoint the location of your regular logins in Discord.

Even if it’s your IP, it gets suspicious if it’s different from what it is usually. This can happen when you travel, switch internet providers, or connect to a new network. To ensure the account’s security, they must take steps to ensure it’s protected.

#2. New Device or Location

If you sign in from a new device or location that Discord doesn’t recognize, you will see the notification ‘New Login Location Detected.’ They track account access devices and locations. This occurs if you suddenly log in from a completely new location. Ensure that it’s you and not some imposter trying to hack your account by doing this.  

#3. Account Sharing

When you receive the ‘New Login Location Detected’ message on Discord, you know someone else logged in. This can happen when you share your login with a friend or family member. The device or location they used to log in was probably different from your usual. Discord’s rules prohibit account sharing, so keep your password private if you don’t want to get suspended or banned.

#4. Using a VPN

Discord’s ‘New Login Location Detected’ notification can also be triggered by a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Through a VPN, your IP address is hidden and replaced with another one, usually from a different country. In order to recognize your regular login location, Discord uses your IP address.

Therefore, Discord might suspect someone is logging in from a new location when they use a VPN. VPNs are not violating Discord’s terms of service, but you may receive a new notification of login if the IP address of your VPN is very different from the one of your Discord account.

How to Bypass New Login Detected Discord

So, here are some fixes that you can use in order to resolve Discord’s New Login Location Detected:

Fix 1: Using 2FA

Using 2FA

Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security by requiring more than just a password and username. In addition, a code from your phone is required that should only be known by you. 

If you receive a “New Login Location Detected” message in Discord, turning on 2FA can help you prove you are the owner. You will be asked for your password and an authentication code when logging in from a new location when 2FA is enabled.

Nevertheless, you can access your account by entering the code and password to verify it’s yours. You should always use 2FA to protect your account and to prove your identity quickly in case of an emergency.

Fix 2: Using a VPN


Discord’s ‘New Login Location Detected’ message can sometimes be triggered by using a VPN. As a result of a location change and anonymous IP address, the VPN is able to mask your real location. When you keep using the same VPN server, however, Discord might stop sending notifications to you if it gets used to the IP address.

Even if you get one while on a VPN, you can still log back in by using two-factor authentication or email verification. Don’t use any of those free or public VPNs that might put your account at risk. Only use VPNs from trusted companies. 

Fix 3: Trusted Devices

There is no Trusted Devices feature in Discord. Unless something significantly changes with your login information, such as a new IP address or location, the New Login Detected alert will not be triggered again by email or two-factor authentication (2FA). Be sure to verify only those devices that you trust and use regularly.

Discord must be notified that a device can access your account before it can verify that device. If you confirm your account from another person’s device or from a public computer, there is a risk of getting your account accessed unauthorizedly.

Fix 4: Contact Discord Support

Discord email already registered error can only be fixed using the above solution. You must contact Discord Support if you still have problems logging into your account and receive the same New Login Location Detected error or any other similar issue. So, follow the steps below to submit a support request through the Discord support website.

  1. On the Discord Support Website, click “Submit a Request“.Contact Discord Support
  2. You can get help by clicking “What can we help you with” and selecting “Help and Support.” Discord claim account email already exists.  Contact Discord Support
  3. In the drop-down menu, choose the “Email is already registered” error for the email you are having trouble with.
  4. In the subject box, type your issue and describe the problem.Contact Discord Support
  5. In the attachment box, you can also upload a screenshot of the page.

How can I secure my Discord Account?

One of the main concerns once your discord server has enough friends and members is securing your discord account. These two methods will help you secure your Discord account.

  • It is important to create a strong password that cannot be easily guessed.
  • Set up two-factor authorizations in Discord. You can use this method to secure all of your accounts, not just your Discord.


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