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Top 10 Best iOS Emulator to Run iOS Apps On PC (2024)


Using an emulator to run a mobile app on your desktop has advantages. There are a ton of iOS emulators available to run iOS apps on the desktop. To help you choose the best, we have compiled a list of the best iOS emulator to run iOS apps on PC.

By using these emulators, you can duplicate an iOS device’s behavior without adding any additional hardware to your device. You can also play various games on your PC using an emulator. These emulators help app developers and testers to find bugs and errors in the apps in the testing phase. Most of the emulators mentioned in this article are free to use, and others are available for a certain trial period. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Best iOS Emulator to Run iOS Apps on PC 

Apple doesn’t offer any inbuilt features in iOS devices to emulate iOS apps on PC. Instead, there are third-party emulators available on the internet. Below is a list of the best iOS emulators to run iOS apps on PC.



Appetize is a great online iOS emulator that is very easy to use offered by its freemium service. It is a great solution that requires you to upload your app on its website, and you are good to go. Developers and testers majorly prefer it due to its easiness of embedding apps in websites, testing, etc.

The free version, also known as the demo version, is available for free but has a 60 second time limit. You can select among different iPhone models and iOS versions to emulate. As for the pricing, it starts from $40/month to $2000/ month.


Best iOS Emulator to Run iOS Apps On PC in 2022

Smartface is best suited for cross-platform application development. It offers users various features, allowing users to work efficiently on the platform. Smartface is one of the most useful tools available for developing, testing and emulating iOS applications.

It offers an interactive UI highly suited for testing and developing apps. It is the best choice for debugging iOS apps. Pricing for Smartface starts at $99/month.



Corellium is best suited for all operating systems as it is browser-based. It provides its users with complete and unparalleled access to iOS features. Earlier, developers and testers only used this emulator, but now normal people have also started using it.

Majorly enterprises prefer this emulator for iOS app development and other Services within the browser. Using Corellium, people can test their games and apps easily. It also offers a free trial, and users can purchase premium plans starting from $99.



XCode is Apple’s phone development environment for Mac users. It allows users to simulate iOS, tvOS, watchOS and iMessage. This emulator offers users a suitable working environment and various necessary tools and interfaces.

This emulator is available for free. XCode is the best choice for developers as they can implement code on various iOS devices. Using XCode, you can emulate multiple user interactions like scrolling, rotation, etc.

Test Flight

Best iOS Emulator to Run iOS Apps On PC in 2022

Test Flight is among the best emulators that developers and testers use to Beta test their iOS apps. It is officially recommended by Apple for testing iOS apps. This app is available for free in all the App store.

It allows users to send their valuable feedback to the developers if they face any misconveniences. All users will have to create an App Share profile to use Test Flight. So if the application crashes, a notification will be sent to the developers regarding the issue.



QEMU is a very popular open-source iOS emulator. Its nature allows you to download and use it for free. Although it’s only available for Mac devices, it’s preferred by most developers.

QEMU offers several features like S8000, secureROM emulation, USB, SPRR, and GFX emulation. If that’s what you need, it is one of the best iOS emulators for Mac you can use.

Adobe Air

Adobe Air is popular for testing and debugging by reproducing the iPhone user interface. This emulator’s sole purpose is to replicate the user interface of iPhones. It provides exceptional services that make it easier to develop applications to make work much easy and simple.

One of the best features developers love about this emulator is that they can upload and test an app even if it’s not complete. Adobe Air is supported on iOS and Windows and is available for free. It is a good choice to test and develop applications.

Electric Mobile Studio

Best iOS Emulator to Run iOS Apps On PC in 2022

Electric Mobile Studio is a paid emulator that allows testing and running iOS apps on Windows devices. This emulator offers a free product trial for seven days, making it a suitable choice. Some of the features offered include full-fledged emulation of iPhones, iPads and responsive apps and the ability to use the same product on different machines.

It is the most preferred iOS Emulator for Windows 10. As it comes with integrated WebKit and Chrome Debugging tools to make the job easier. You can also add hot navigation keys to map your favourite shortcuts.



iPadian is another iOS emulator that focuses completely on simplicity. It is a very common iOS emulator among developers to develop iOS applications. This emulator is available for Windows devices for only $25.

It is very easy to use and set up. Any technical issues won’t bother the user while setting up iPadian. Additionally, its user interface is very interactive and self-explanatory.

Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows

Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows

At last, we have the remoted iOS simulator for Windows to test iOS applications. This emulator is a complete developer forecast and comes preloaded as a part of Xamarin Visual Studio. Also, Microsoft offers detailed documentation on its website for users to follow and test their apps using this simulator.

It has a very useful toolbar at the top with options like Home, Lock, Settings, and Settings. This emulator also offers iPhone-like touch gestures and stylus input. It is a paid application but also has a free version.


Can I run iOS apps on my PC?

You can run Apple’s iOS apps on your PC using the iOS emulators mentioned above.

Can I run iOS emulators on Windows?

Yes, iOS emulators can be used on Windows devices using browser-based iOS simulation softwares.

Is there an Apple emulator for PC?

Some might feel weird about emulating iOS applications on a Windows PC. But it is possible by using the iOS emulators mentioned above.

Wrapping Up

These were the best iOS emulators to run iOS apps on PC in 2024. You can select the one that suits your needs. Do let us know which of the above-mentioned you will use.


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