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How to Fix Vizio Sound Bar Keeps Turning Off


Sometimes, there is an issue with Vizio soundbars turning on/off. And this problem has been encountered by many people who try to program their TV remote with a soundbar. And there are several reasons why this might occur. Some people suddenly turn it on and off by themselves, causing a problem. Here’s how to fix the Vizio soundbar that keeps turning off.

Fix Vizio Sound Bar Keeps Turning Off

People have faced this problem for many reasons. The issue could be caused by updating the firmware of the soundbar or TV, changing the power settings, or using another remote other than the Vizio remote.

These are a few reasons why you may be experiencing this problem. Let’s check them out.


Overheating is a common problem with electronics. It usually happens when there is a problem with the system’s wires or another internal problem.

So, there is a possibility that your Vizio soundbar is overheating, causing these issues.

Once you have used your soundbar for a while, we suggest dusting it a bit or having an electrician check it out if it seems to be getting very hot.


It is common for developers to update their firmware to keep everything current and add new features for users. And Vizio receives firmware updates regularly as well.

So, your Vizio firmware may be out of date. And, your Vizio soundbar may have turned off due to this issue.

So, always make sure you have the latest firmware installed.

Eco Setting

In Vizio, the ‘Eco’ feature is available. And this is probably the reason Vizio automatically turns off because of the echo power on your Vizio soundbar.

So, if it is on and you are experiencing this problem, try turning it off.

Use the Correct Remote

Using the wrong remote control is a common blunder made by many users. All remote controls appear the same.

However, Vizio may not function properly if a different remote is used to control it. When this occurs, the Vizio soundbar will automatically shut off.

Update Firmware

SmastCast’s mobile app should automatically install updates for your Vizio soundbar if it has internet access.

It is possible that the reason your firmware turns off automatically is that you don’t have the mobile app set up.

Follow these steps to connect your Vizio soundbar to the internet:

  • The first thing you should do is download the mobile app.
  • Then, connect the soundbar to the wifi.
  • Now, select the “Menu” button.
  • And select “WiFi Setup.”
  • Use the “Play/Pause” button to choose it when you find it.
    Now, to confirm, press it again.

And as soon as this is confirmed, the LEDs should cycle in the front.

You will need to update your soundbar’s firmware after connecting it to the wifi. Follow these steps:

  • Click on “Device Settings” in the soundbar app.
  • Choose “Add New Device” from the list.
  • Set it up according to the instructions.
  • Then, launch the “SmartCast” mobile application.
  • Now, updates can be checked by clicking “Check for updates.

Updates are automatically downloaded if they are available. Vizio’s sound bar will automatically turn off and back on while updating is downloaded.

Reset Vizio Soundbar

There is a widespread solution to this problem, as well as to many others. But, a system reset removes all of the files on your Vizio Soundbar.

So, you can also try resetting your Vizio soundbar. The following steps will guide you through resetting your Vizio soundbar.

  • From your remote control, press the menu key
  • Find the option titled “Reset No
  • Then, using the up/down keys on the remote, select “Reset Yes”
  • Then click the play button once you’re done changing it.
  • The confirmation message appears on your screen as “Confirmed Yes
  • Now, to reset it, click again on the play button.

Your soundbar’s LED lights will blink three times when you’re done with the process. This means that it has been reset.

Reset Eco Setting

As mentioned above, Vizio soundbars can automatically shut off due to echo settings. So, if it doesn’t receive any audio signals while the echo setting is on/off, it will automatically turn off.

But, it can be turned on and off by checking and changing the setting. Follow these steps:

  • On your remote control, press “Next.”
  • There is an option titled “Eco Setting,” among others.
  • Now, turn it off by clicking the option.

Final Words

This is all about how to fix the Vizio remote not working. The shutting on and off of the speaker is sometimes caused by the wiring of the receiver and the signal. Also, a single strand of wire could turn the device on and off by itself. It is also important that the Vizio soundbar receives an input signal within 15 minutes of the time for it to function properly. However, the Vizio soundbar support team should be contacted if none of the above methods work.


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