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Vizio Sound Bar Manual and Tips – Old and New


Quick Overview
  • Soundbars have become increasingly popular worldwide, especially in homes with Smart TVs, making the Vizio soundbar a great option for beginners looking for entertainment options.
  • The Vizio soundbar manual provides essential guidance for setting up the soundbar, including button configurations for power, input sources, Bluetooth, volume control, and EQ modes.
  • The manual also includes instructions for inserting and replacing batteries in the remote control, as well as details about controls, connections, and ports on the back of the soundbar for optimal performance.

Recently, we have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of soundbars in living rooms worldwide. Almost in every home, a sound bar is there for their SmartTV. The Vizio soundbar will be a great option if you are a beginner and looking for a soundbar for your entertainment.

Nevertheless, settings up this soundbar with your SmartTV isn’t an easy job. But, in this guide, we make this work easier for you. Here you will learn about the Vizio sound bar manual and some tips you can keep in mind while setting up the Vizio soundbar. So, let’s check out the Vizio sound bar manual mentioned below:

Vizio Sound Bar Manual and Tips - Old and New

Vizio Sound Bar Manual 2.1

Although you will get a setup manual within the box of your Vizio soundbar, possibilities are there that you may have misplaced it. It is generally happening as we trash the other box content and focus on our soundbar, but the twist comes up when we have to set it up later for that we need the Vizio soundbar manual.

1. Button Configuration

Button What Happen
Power Press the power button to turn the sound bar on or off
Input Press to change the input source
Bluetooth Hold down the button for five seconds to enter force pair mode (to enter Bluetooth input, hold the button for five seconds).
Volume (+/-) Press to increase and decrease volume levels
Enter/Play/Pause Select an option/Pause or play by pressing
Next To move to the next track, press the next track button.
Previous Press to return to the previous track (Changes Subwoofer, Treble, and Bass levels)
TruVolume Press to enable/disable TruVolume
TruSurround HD Press to enable/disable TruSurround HD
Mute Press to mute/unmute
Music  Press to enable Music preset EQ mode
Movie Press to enable Movie preset EQ mode
SUB  Use the Previous/Next buttons to adjust the subwoofer level.
Treble Use the Previous/Next buttons to adjust the treble level.
Bass Enter the bass level adjustment mode by pressing the Previous/Next buttons.

2. Inserting and Replacing Batteries

Two AAA batteries are required for the Vizio remote control. Here is the Vizio soundbar manual to insert/replace batteries:

  1. The battery cover can be removed by sliding it gently away from the remote.
  2. You will need two AAA batteries (included). Ensure that the batteries and remote have the + and – signs aligned.
  3. Put the battery cover and use the remote.

Warning: It is important to keep the remote control batteries out of the reach of children. Mishandling can result in choking or fire, or chemical burns.

In the Vizio soundbar manual, it is advised that you replace the batteries that came with this remote with two new Syska, Duracell ‘AAA’ alkaline batteries when they need to be replaced.

3. Controls & Connections

Buttons What Happen
Bluetooth Input Hold to pair
You can change the volume of the audio by increasing or decreasing it
Input Press to change the audio source
Power Press to turn sound bar on or off

4. Back of Sound Bar

Port Use
DC IN Power Port
Optical Digital Optical Audio in
Digital Coaxial In
AUX Analog Audio In (Stereo RCA)
AUX Analog Audio In (Stereo 3.5mm)


Vizio Sound Bar 2.1 Manual Free Download 2024

Click here to download

So, that’s all on New and old Vizio sound bar manual. We hope you find it helpful. For more info, comment below.


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