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How To Fix “cURL Error 28: Connection Timed Out”


cURL is the technology that WordPress or similar CMS uses for transferring data from the server to the server through the help of the URL. The cURL is integrated within the REST API that helps make API calls. The cURL helps a lot in running WordPress websites. But some users and owners have reported that they are being displayed with an error message which is cURL Error 28: Connection Timed Out.

Many users are unfamiliar with this error message as they are experiencing it for the first time on the website. We are here with the guide where we will add the methods for How To Fix the “cURL Error 28: Connection Timed Out.” We hope this guide will be helpful and interesting for you, as the users who are getting the error message will surely be able to resolve the problem after reading this guide.

How To Fix "cURL Error 28: Connection Timed Out"

What is cURL Error 28: Connection Timed Out?

Many users cannot figure out why they are getting the cURL Error 28. The cURL is a Client URL that helps transfer data from and to the server. However, there are some different cases in which it works. If the data transfer gets delayed to and from the server, then the cURL Error 28 occurs.

So if there is any delay with the response from and to the cURL, it will display the error message. Thus, if you are getting the error message, there are chances that some issues are preventing the cURL from making proper connections on time for the interchange of the data. Some of the most common reasons that are available for the cause of the issue are listed below.

  • There are chances the WordPress Firewall that you are using is causing issues.
  • The DNS Servers are not working properly.
  • There are some changes made by the Hosting Provider, which are causing issues with the cURL.
  • The plugins that are installed on WordPress are causing problems with the cURL.

Fix “cURL Error 28: Connection Timed Out” Error

cURL Error 28 is being encountered on a lot of WordPress websites. The Websites Owners are confused about how they can fix the issue so that the audience can return to the website and surf it without any issues. The steps are not going to be hard for the users to implement. But you have to make sure that you are correctly implementing them. We have listed the steps you must follow to fix the cURL Error 28 on your website without any hassle.

Disable WordPress Firewall

One of the main reasons behind the cURL Error 28 might be the WordPress Firewall used to protect the website from suspicious responses and requests. There are many Firewall plugins available for WordPress websites that act as a protective wall. The Firewall mostly checks for the API Calls responses, and due to this, the cURL Error 28 occurs. We suggest you disable the Windows Firewall installed on your WordPress website to protect it from thefts and viruses. You have to simply go to the plugins option on your WordPress Dashboard and disable the plugin from there.

Deactivate Theme and Plugins

There are chances that the cURL Error 28 might start on your WordPress website after you have installed or updated a new plugin. We suggest you disable the themes and plugins on your website and then check whether the cURL error is occurring again or not. If the issue has been resolved, the error likely occurred due to the themes and plugins. We suggest you individually enable the themes and plugins and then evaluate the corrupted theme and plugin.

Increase Server Memory Limits

Some developers have reported that the server memory of the website was insufficient, and the cURL Error 28 was occurring to them. We suggest you increase the server memory limits so that it can process high data to and from the server. After doing this, check whether the issue has been resolved.

Check For DNS Issues

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Wrong or improper DNS configuration can also cause the cURL Error 28 on the WordPress Website. As the HTTP requests are made with the help of the DNS Servers, so if there are any issues with it, then it’s likely that the users will be getting the cURL Error 28. We will suggest you contact the Hosting Provider and ask them to check the DNS settings of your website and add new settings to it. You can also tell them about the error so that they can understand your issue. Once they have added the new settings, check whether the issue is occurring again or not.

Check For the Latest Software Of Your Hosting

Your WordPress website needs to be on the latest version of PHP and cURL to avoid the cURL Error 28. If you don’t know, the outdated PHP version and cURL of your WordPress website might also cause the issue. Thus, you need to check for the latest updates in the software of your WordPress website to prevent such issues from happening. There are a lot of users who have done this, and they were able to resolve the problem.

Fix SSL Issues

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Like the DNS Settings, WordPress websites need the right SSL settings. Many users are there who have reconfigured the SSL settings, and they were able to resolve the issue after it. We will suggest you check whether the SSL you are using is configured properly. If not, then try installing the SSL again on the website. After installing, check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Contact Hosting Provider

If you have tried all the above methods for resolving the problem and could not fix the issue, then we suggest that you contact the hosting provider to fix the problem. The developers of the hosting provider will evaluate the problem, and after it, they will fix it. So contact the developers of the Hosting provider and check whether the issue is still occurring on your website after fixing. If the issue still occurs, you can install WordPress again on your hosting.

Wrapping Up 

WordPress websites are being published by many users to showcase their works, sell products, run blog websites, and much more. Everyone wants that their website should keep handling traffic without getting errors. However, there are a lot of problems that website owners face regularly with their websites.

The cURL Error 28 is one of the errors which is causing issues to the WordPress Website. We have explained why users get this error on their WordPress Website. In this guide, we have added the methods to resolve the problem you face with the website. We hope that it will help you in resolving the problem.


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