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How to Fix Error 740 While Adding Printer on Windows 10/11


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  • The Windows Users are frustrated with a new issue that is not letting them add the printer on Windows 11 or 10.

The Windows Users are frustrated with a new issue that is not letting them add the printer on Windows 11 or 10. Whenever they try to add the printer on Windows 10 or 11, they get Error 740. Even after a lot of new updates, Windows 11 is still not free from bugs and issues. The users are complaining about various issues in the Windows Community, which shows that many users are stuck with different issues on Windows.

The users who have the printer have reported getting Error 740 and will add the printer to the Printer Wizard Menu. They cannot determine why this error comes to them when they add the printer on Windows 10 or 11. Some users who have Windows 10 have also reported the issue. We are here with a guide on How To Fix the Error 740 Adding Printer issue. We will also explain the reasons why you are getting this issue. So, let’s start with the guide to learn how to resolve the issue. 

How to Fix Error 740 While Adding Printer on Windows 10/11

What is Error 740 on Windows 11 Add Printer?

The users who are trying to add the printer on their Windows 11 have reported that they are getting Error 740 Adding Printer. If you are also getting the same issue, you might have seen the message elaborating on the network privileges or administrative authorities. There are chances that the issue might be occurring due to various reasons. We will list the common reasons for the cause of the issue below. You can check them, as it will help you resolve the issue without hassle.

  • The printer is not connected properly.
  • There are some network driver issues with Windows 11.
  • The printer driver is not installed on the device properly.
  • The printer wizard is not getting administrative privileges.
  • There are some problems with the printer.

Fix Error 740 While Adding Printer on Windows 10/11

Many of you are frustrated with the Error 740 Adding Printer issue. The issue is not very complex to resolve. You can easily resolve it with the help of the methods we will list below. You must ensure you implement them on your system without any issues.

Check the Connectivity of the Printer How To Delete Printer Driver In Windows 11

The users must ensure that the printer they try to add is appropriately connected to their system. If you don’t know, sometimes the cables provided by the printer are loose, so it cannot make proper connections with the system. Also, if you are using any cable that is physically damaged or there are some issues with it, then it’s likely that the issue of error 740 adding printer will occur. We suggest you check the printer’s connectivity on your system before starting the printer wizard. You can quickly check it from the Devices and Printers available in the Control Panel.

Check For Cables

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We suggest you check the cables that are provided with the printer. You also have to check whether the power cable is working properly. Sometimes the printer is not getting a properly stabilized power supply due to any fault of the power outlet or cable, and the users get the error 740 adding printer issue. Thus, we will suggest you check the printer cables and ensure they are in working condition. If there is any physical damage to it, then you have to get it repaired.

Disable The User Account Control

You can also disable the User Account Control on your Windows while installing the printer. The User Account Control manages the apps from making changes, so there are chances that it might be causing conflicts in adding the printer. Thus, we suggest you disable the User Account Control with the steps listed below to check whether the issue has been resolved.

  • Press Windows + R Key to Open Run.
  • Now, type useraccountcontrolsettings and click Enter.
  • After it, drag the slider to Never Notify and press the OK button to save the changes.
  • Check whether the issue has been resolved by adding the printer again.
  • Once the printer has been added, set the slider to normal settings again.

Run The Windows Printer Troubleshooter

You can also try running the Windows Printer Troubleshooter to evaluate if there are any hardware or software issues with the printer. Windows gives a feature through which users can troubleshoot the printer independently. The steps will be going to be very simple for you. The user only has to run the Windows Printer Troubleshooter; after it, the troubleshooter will start looking for possible issues. If any issues are detected, the troubleshooter will show it on the screen. It will also resolve the issue if it is a software problem. If it is a hardware problem, you must contact the service center. You can follow the steps which are listed below to run the Windows Printer Troubleshooter.

  • Press Windows + I Key to open Settings.
  • Now, click on Troubleshoot after scrolling down in the System section.
  • Select the Other Troubleshoot option.
  • After it, click on the Run option just near the Print option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the process to get completed.

Check The Printer Drivers

There are chances the printer that you are trying to use might not be working due to the driver’s issue. We expect the printer drivers might not have been installed on your system, so you are getting such issues. We suggest you check the printer drivers by going to the device manager. If you have not updated it for a long time, then update it. However, if it is updated, uninstall the driver and reconnect the printer to install the driver again to ensure there are no software issues. After uninstalling or updating the printer’s driver, restart the system and check again.

Check For Windows Update

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Sometimes, your outdated Windows version can also cause issues in adding a printer. We all know that all the software and hardware rely on Windows to work properly. If you are not using the latest Windows version on your PC, you will likely be facing issues with it. We suggest you check for the Windows update on your system to ensure you are using the latest Windows version. If any updates are available for the system, download and install it. After it, try to connect and add the printer to your system again.

Wrapping Up

Users are frustrated with getting the Error 740 Adding Printer on the Windows. Many users have searched for a guide to fix the issue and add the printer to their Windows without any issues. However, they were not able to do so even after a lot of tries. In this guide, we have listed the methods that will help you resolve your problem.


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