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How to Install Windows 11 Printer Drivers Easily


If you are an office person, student or someone, whose main part of the job is printing, then you will need to have updated your printers drivers. Printer drivers are essential to keep your printer functional and updated with all the latest features. Updating the printer drivers ensures that your printer functions and remains bug-free. There are various ways to update printer drivers, you can do it manually as well as with the help of a third-party driver updater.

How To Install Windows 11 Printer Drivers

In this article, we will be discussing how you can install Windows 11 printer drivers. 

Updating Printer Drivers Through Windows Update

The very first way to update printer drivers is through the Windows update. Windows update not only brings the updates for Windows but it also brings all the drivers updates for the hardware installed on your PC. To install Windows 11 printer drivers through Windows update, follow the steps given below-

  • Head to the Settings app on your PC. To do so, search for Settings in the Start Menu or press the Windows + I key combo. This is the shortcut key to open the Settings app. 
  • Now in the Settings, click on the Windows update on the left sidebar. 
  • On the right side of the Settings, click on Check for updates. You will see all the updates for your PC listed here. You will also see an Option updates section here. Click on it, and this is where you will see the driver update.

How To Install The Windows 11 Printer Drivers?

  • Look for your printer drivers here. Download and install your printer drivers. 
  • After done, close the Settings app and then restart your PC to make the changes. 

Download The Drivers From The Official Website

Another way to do this is by downloading the drivers from the official website of your printer’s manufacturer and then installing it. To do so, follow the steps given below-

  • Firstly, visit the official website of your printer. For instance, if you are using the printer from Canon, Epson, HP, or any other website, then head to their official website for the printer. 
  • Now search for your model of printer, and open it. If you don’t know what is the model of your printer, then you can check for it on the printer box. Generally, the model is mentioned on the body of the printer, so you can check that as well. 
  • Here, you will see the download section, click on it. You will find the drivers for your printer here. 
  • Download the driver for your printer.
  • Now head to the location where you have saved the file, and run the setup by double-clicking on the file. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers for your printer. 

Use The Disk To Install Drivers

Whatever printer you are using, will have a disk with all the essential drivers required. You should find it inside the box. To follow this step, you must ensure that your PC has a CD driver, else you won’t be able to install drivers using this method. 

  • Insert the disk into the disk drive of your PC.
  • Now open the file explorer on your PC by pressing the Windows + E key combo. You can either search for File Explorer in the Start Menu and open it. 
  • Double-click on the Disk Drive icon on the File Explorer to run the setup. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to run the setup, and install the printer drivers on Windows 11. 

Using Third-Party Driver Updater

Another way to do this is by using third-party driver updater software. There are various third-party driver updater software like Driver Booster or Driver Pack Solution. You can use either of this software to update or install Windows 11 printer drivers. 

Download either the Driver Booster or the Driver Pack Solution from their official website. Download and install any of these apps on your PC. When you run the app, you will see the option to scan your PC for outdated or missing drivers. Click on this button. You will have to connect your PC to a stable internet connection. 

How To Install The Windows 11 Printer Drivers?

After the software scans your PC for all the drivers required to be installed or updated, you will see a list of drivers. Select the printer driver, download it and install it. You will be asked to restart your PC. Restart to make the changes, and you will have successfully installed Windows 11 printer drivers. 


This is how you can install Windows 11 printer drivers. We hope this article helps you with installing Windows 11 printer drivers.

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