3 point slingers are the best way to securely carry your camera without worrying about leaving it behind or accidental falls. So, investing in a good strap is entirely worth it. But, the problem is that there are many 3-point slingers available in the market, and you’ll indeed be perplexed sorting the best one out. 

So, to help you pick the right one, We have analysed many and made a list of the 10 best 3-point slinger for cameras and shared them below.

Best 3 Point Slingers for Camera in 2023

These slingers have a pad to comfort your soldier so you can carry the gear for long hours and a locking system that prevents the camera from flopping. You’ll also easily use your camera just by lifting it in front of your face for a quick capture using them.

Now, let’s check out them one by one:

1. BlackRapid Curve Breathe

The first name on this list of the 10 best 3 point slinger for camera is the BlackRapid Curve Breathe which offers an excellent grip preventing your camera from falling.

Its straps are made of good material and have a unique design that comforts your soldiers and helps you wear it for a longer time without any issues.

Another great feature of this slinger is that you can use it with DSLR and normal Digital Cameras, which is valuable for all.


2. Altura Photo Camera Strap

Altura Photo Camera Strap is known for its built quality and is one of the 10 best 3 point slinger for camera in the market.

It has a neoprene pad that distributes the weight perfectly and fits around your soldier easily, helping you carry your camera all day without discomfort.

The strap also has a small zipped pocket that you can find handy for storing spare batteries and other small things. It also has a rain cover that protects your camera in bad weather.


3. USA Gear TruShot

USA Gear TruShot

USA Gear Trushot gives a unique and stylish look and is one of the best 3 point slinger for camera out there.

The straps are made of premium Neoprene that holds your camera tightly and comforts your soldier.

The straps are easy to remove and have a zip that you can use to put in batteries, camera lenses, etc, without any issues. So, you can carry your camera and other accessories with this slinger easily.


4. Cotton Carrier Scout G2

Cotton Carrier Scout G2

The design of Cotton Carrier Scout G2 differs from the rest on the list of 10 best 3 point slinger for camera. It doesn’t let your camera hang on your hips but on a padded chest piece that makes capturing a picture easier.

This easy-to-put-on and take-off slinger has a quick-release feature that protects your camera from accidental drops. Moreover, its small size allows you to take it anywhere you want inside your backpack.


5. Waka Rapid Camera Neck Strap

Waka Rapid Camera Neck Strap

The next name on the list of best 3 point slinger for camera is the one from waka with a great design that ensures the safety of your camera and other accessories.

Waka stabilizes your device with the help of the underarm strap and has a locking material that makes it stick to your body.

It does a great job of evenly distributing the camera weight, making it easier to carry it all day without discomfort.

You’ll also get a pocket on the strap that can be used to store memory cards, batteries, and other small accessories.


6. Ocim Camera Sling Strap

Ocim Camera Sling Strap

Ocim Camera Strap is next on this list of best 3-point slinger for camera. It’s a universal product that suits both men and women.

The best feature of this slinger is that the straps are thickened and widened and also come with a safety rope that helps it stay on your soldier without flopping.

Another notable thing is that you can adjust the straps according to your body, which helps you conveniently manage your camera.


7. Piuq Camera Slinger

Piuq Camera Slinger

Piuq is another good option that comes under a considerable budget and is the next one on this 10 best 3 point slinger for camera. 

It protects your camera with its solid hook; on the other hand, it also comforts your soldier with the soft material.

You also get scratch protection with it, and the straps are adjustable, making it a valuable product under budget. But you should know it’ll be suitable only for lightweight products.


8. Foto&Tech Camera Strap

Foto&Tech Camera Strap

Foto&Tech Camera Strap is designed by prioritizing security and is the next on this list of best 3 point slinger for camera.

The straps are made of durable and high-quality materials and have a soft pad on the soldier, ensuring comfort. And the best part is that these straps are adjustable, perfect for anybody.

Foto&Tech added two metallic buckles for quick release and also to ensure that your camera doesn’t fall accidentally.


9. BlackRapid Sport X Coyote

BlackRapid Sport X Coyote

BlackRapid Sport X Coyote allows you easy and fast access to your camera and carries your gear. It also has an underarm stabilizing strap that helps it stay on your soldier without flopping.

This slinger supports multiple cameras, from DSLRs to Mirrorless, so it’s suitable for all types of photographers out there.

Its built quality is excellent and durable, which ensures heavy use and reliability in protecting your camera.


10. BlackRapid Hybrid

BlackRapid Hybrid

The last name on this list is the BlackRapid Hybrid, which has a dual-strap adjustable design allowing you to carry 1 or 2 DSLRs simultaneously.

You shouldn’t worry about its durability as it’s made up of high-quality material and also provides top-class protection to your camera. However, the price can be a concern, but it is worth it.



So, these were the best 3-point slingers for cameras for the best fit in 2023. They are better than one another, so you can opt for any according to your need and budget. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about them.


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