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Download Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


S23 Ultra, which comes with an S pen, a powerful chip, and many cool features, is the new release of this series from Samsung.

Although it has a great camera with epic zoom, Google Camera surely enhances the quality. So, many users think about installing the GCam on their devices, but the steps aren’t like installing a normal app.

If you’re one of those users who want to do that, this guide is for you. Here, I’ll teach you how you can easily download Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

What is Google Camera?

Google Camera or GCAM is an open-source and free app of Google for Android devices. It has clean interference and many features that surely capture better photos than the in-built camera app.

This project was first available only for Pixel devices, but it can be installed on almost all Android devices easily.

It has the features like HDR+, Photosphere, Panorama, Night mode, etc., that give you the perfect mode for every moment.

GCAM also has a great AI algorithm that automatically increases the photo quality without any user input and optimizes the image to make it look better.

This app also has Google Lens, which helps you recognize any image easily, and you can also use it to translate any text written on an image.

You can also capture photos by zooming, and the photo quality won’t be compromised as it has Super Res Zoom.

Another great feature of this app is the stabilization, and it’ll surely be handy for you as the object will be clear even if you shiver.

You’ll also get access to AR Emojis & Stickers that you can use to take cool selfies of you and your friends.

Download Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

As Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is recently released, there aren’t many GCAM ports available. But with time, you’ll be able to choose from multiple options.

These are the steps to install Google Camera in your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra:

  • First, download the Google Camera from the link given above.
  • After the download is started, wait till it’s done.
  • Then, locate the download folder by clicking the top arrow in the right corner, followed by clicking on Downloads.
  • Now, click on the file name, and if it doesn’t have permission to install apps, it’ll ask you to turn that on. So, follow the prompts to do so.
  • After that, you’ll see the Install button on your screen; simply click that.
  • When the installation is finished, you can start using it instantly.

If you encounter any problem while opening the app or the app automatically closes then you can fix that by clearing the app’s cache. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings on your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.
  • Then, go to the Apps section.
  • After that, select All Apps.
  • Now, it’ll show you all the installed apps on your device, locate the Google Camera App from there and click on it.
  • Then, click on Storage & Cache.
  • Finally, tap the Clear Cache button.

Now, restart the app. Hopefully, it’ll start working again. But if it doesn’t, then uninstall and reinstall the app.

GCAM will work perfectly without using the config file. However, it adds some extra features and makes your photos look more beautiful. To import the config file, follow these steps:

  • After downloading the config file, open My Files in your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.
  • Then, locate the file.
  • Now, hold it to select it.
  • Then, click More.
  • After that, select Extract and select a folder.
  • Now, open the GCAM app and double-tap between the capture button & gallery.
  • Then, a pop-up menu will appear on your screen where you need to select S23 Ultra.
  • After that, click Import.

That’s it, the config files will be applied to your GCAM, and you’ll be able to use all the features without any issues.

But many users have also reported that GCAM automatically closes, and they aren’t able to import the files. In that case, they’ll need to press the capture button instantly after the app opens; this will prevent it from crashing. Now you can follow the above methods to import the config files.


Is it safe to install Gcam?

Yes, there’s no issue with installing Gcam on your device as it’s completely safe.

Why can’t I install Google Camera?

Your Android device should support camera2 API to install Google Camera in it. And you should also install the compatible version for your mobile.

Which is better between GCam and GCam go?

GCam go is for low-end devices and obviously, you can capture better images with GCam.


In this way, you can download Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Hopefully, you have successfully installed it on your device. If you encounter any problem in the process, feel free to drop your queries in the comments below.


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