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What is Android OsuLogin And How To Delete It?


Android has many unknown applications and programs running in the background. Some are important, and some just consume batteries and take up space. 

One of those apps is OsuLogin; many people notice it on their Android devices and wonder what’s it and whether it’s safe and some other questions. 

If you’re also one of those users, then read the article till the end to know everything about this application, as I’ll answer all of your queries about it 

What is Android OsuLogin And How To Delete It?

What is Android OsuLogin?

OsuLogin is a must-need component for the mobile hotspot that helps you connect to other devices through WiFi, LAN, or USB and also provides an interface to sign up for the network.

So, OsuLogin controls the tethering on your Android device and helps you share the data with your other devices easily. This built-in preinstalled app on your Android device helps you connect to any WiFi network by entering the password. After connecting to it one time, when you try to connect next time, you won’t require any password to establish a connection unless the network admin changes the password.

The package name of this application also suggests the same “com.google.android.hotspot2.osulogin,” and it also says that Google develops it.

Can I Trust OsuLogin?

It’s surely a concern for many people as it’s unknown and works in the background of your Android device, and the media also covered it saying it’s malicious.

Some Android phone users think this app creates a pathway for hackers to collect personal data and send it to others with bad intentions.

So, people need help trusting the OsuLogin app. But you should know that all of the above is misleading and incorrect.

Its package name shows the name of Google and is verified by play protect. So you can trust this app without worrying about anything.

What Permissions Do You Need To Run OsuLogin?

Another thing you might wonder about the OsuLogin app is what permissions this app takes to work properly.

It just needs one “run in the background” permission, and if it’s turned on, it’ll keep doing its duty perfectly without any issues.

You’ll be surprised that although the app operates the Hotspot login, it doesn’t use your mobile data.

How To Uninstall OsuLogin App?

If you have read and understood the above queries, you’ll have come to know that the app isn’t harmful and must establish an error-free Hotspot connection.

Still, you may want to uninstall the OsuLogin app. But you should know that it’s impossible to uninstall this application if you’re a normal user, and you’ll need this on your device. So, it’ll be better to keep it as it doesn’t take up much space on your device and degrade your device’s performance.

If you have made up your to uninstall that, then follow these steps:

  • First, go to your Android device’s Settings.
  • Now, tap on the About Phone option.

About Phone

  • Tap on the Build Number 7 times, and it’ll show you a ‘You’re now a developer’ notification at the bottom.

Build Number

  • Then, open the Developer Options and turn the USB Debugging option on.

USB Debugging

  • Your next step is to download ADB and Fastboot tools on your PC. You can download the ADB and Fastboot tools from this link.

What is Android OsuLogin And How To Delete It?

  • Head to the path where you have downloaded the ADB and Fastboot tools. Right-click on the tool, and then click on Extract All and extract the file. 

What is Android OsuLogin And How To Delete It?

  • Open the platform-tools folder after extracting it.

Platform Tools

  • Click on the address bar at the top. Select the address and instead type CMD and press Enter.
  • Then, you need to connect your Android device to your computer using a cable.
  • If it ask you for permission to “USB Debugging” on your phone, just press OK to continue.
  • After that, type adb devices in the terminal and press Enter. If it shows you the connected device, then that means your PC and phone are successfully connected. 

ADB Devices

  • Finally, type the command adb shell pm uninstall -user 0 com.google.android.hotspot2.osulogin and press Enter to execute it. This will uninstall the Android OsuLogin app from your device.

Is OsuLogin Necessary On Android Devices?

Besides the security concern, people also wonder if it’s necessary. As mentioned earlier in the post, OsuLogin is a must-have built-in application in your Android device that proves its necessity.

If you’re worried about the storage it consumes, you can check its size, which is pretty low and won’t affect your device’s performance.

Does OsuLogin Consume Much Battery?

No user has reported a battery draining issue because of the OsuLogin app. So, your device’s battery should also not be draining as it’s of very small size and doesn’t work all the time in the background.

If you’re facing battery issues on your device, that can be because the battery is damaged or any software problem. So, you can replace the battery or try resetting your phone to eliminate the battery problem.


That’s all about the Android OsuLogin app. We hope this articled solved all your doubts regarding the Android OsuLogin app. We have also discussed the steps to uninstall the OsuLogin app from your device, so if you want to do that you can continue with the methods above. 


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