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How to Fix Android Phone Is Stuck In Safe Mode


Key Takeaways
  • Safe Mode troubleshoots device issues by starting without unwanted services
  • Restart your phone to exit Safe Mode easily
  • Uninstall buggy third-party apps or factory reset if other methods fail to fix Android phone stuck in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode can troubleshoot any issues you face with your device. When you boot your phone in safe mode, it will start without unwanted services. You can then diagnose your phone and see what was causing the issue. But what if your phone remains stuck in safe mode? If you cannot get out of safe mode on your Android phone and look for a guide to help you, then you are at the right place.

Fix Android Phone Stuck In Safe Mode

Here are various troubleshooting steps to help fix Android is stuck in safe mode.

How to Fix Android Phone Is Stuck In Safe Mode

Restart Your Phone

If your Android phone is stuck in safe mode, you can restart your device. Rebooting your phone will get you out of safe mode. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, press and hold your Power button, and then tap on Restart.

Android Is Stuck In Safe Mode: How to Fix

  • This will restart your phone, and you should be booted out of safe mode.

Note- If you do not see the restart option, then tap on Power Off to turn off the phone, and then turn it off. 

Use Power And Volume Key Combo

You can use the power and volume key combo to get out of safe mode by following the steps given below-

  • Firstly ensure that both buttons of your device, the Volume down and Power buttonsare working normally. 
  • Press and hold the Power button and tap Power Off to turn off your phone. 
  • Now press and hold the Power button to turn on your phone.
  • As soon as you see the logo, press and hold Volume down while holding the Power button.
  • Keep holding the buttons until you see the Safe Mode: Off message, which means safe mode is turned off. 

Uninstall Application

Some buggy third-party applications may cause your phone to be stuck in safe mode. You will have to manually uninstall each app one by one and check which app is causing the issue. If you are facing this issue after installing an app recently, uninstalling that particular app should fix the issue. To uninstall the application, follow the steps given below-

  • Press and hold the application, and then tap on the Uninstall button.

Android Is Stuck In Safe Mode: How to Fix

  • Confirm uninstalling the app by tapping on Uninstall on the confirmation prompt.
  • Once done, restart the phone to see if you can escape safe mode. 

Factory Reset

If all these tricks fail, then factory resetting is the last option you are left with. Factory resetting will remove all your data, including your files, call logs, messages, and settings, so you must keep a backup before continuing with this method. To reset your phone, follow the steps given below-

  • Open the app drawer on your phone and then tap on Settings.
  • In Settings, search for Reset and tap on it. 
  • Next, tap on Factory Data Reset. 

Android Is Stuck In Safe Mode: How to Fix

  • Here, scroll down and then tap on the Reset button. 


  • You will be asked to enter your phone’s PIN and password to confirm resetting your phone. 
  • This might take some time for your phone to reset.
  • After your phone is reset, set it up, and the issue should be fixed. 

Note- The steps to reset the device can vary for different phones. The above steps work for Samsung devices and may or may not be the same for other smartphone manufacturers.


Safe mode is used for troubleshooting issues in Android phones, and it becomes a problem when you cannot switch out of Safe Mode. If your Android phone is stuck in safe mode, you can follow the above steps to fix this issue. However, if the issue is still encountered, check for faulty buttons. A faulty button can often cause the issue, so check whether the volume rockers and power buttons work fine. 


Why Is My Android Phone Stuck In Safe Mode?

You might face this issue after an update or installing some buggy app on your phone. Another common reason behind this issue is faulty buttons on your Android phone. 

How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Android?

You can restart your phone to turn off the safe mode. Another way to turn off safe mode is by swiping down the notification panel and tapping on the safe mode notification here. 

How Do I Turn Off Safe Mode On Android Without The Power Button?

If you are facing issues with the power button and want to turn off the safe mode without it, open the notification panel by swiping it down from the top of the screen. Now tap on the safe mode notification here to turn it off. 


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