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Who Unfollowed Me On Threads? Here’s How to Check


Social media is all about following people and unfollowing the profiles you don’t want to appear on your profile. It is common to lose followers on social media apps like Threads. The app notifies you about people who have followed you but won’t tell you about people unfollowing you. 

Though Threads don’t notify you about the people unfollowing your account, that does not mean there’s no way to do that. There are some methods through which you can check who has unfollowed you on Threads. 

About Threads by Instagram

How To View Blocked Profiles On Threads 2023

Threads is a new social media platform by Instagram. This social media app was released recently and has become a new trend on the internet since its release. You can post texts of up to 500 characters, photos, videos, and GIFs on Threads. You need to have an Instagram account to be able to use Threads. Simply said, both your Instagram account and your Threads account are connected. 

Anyone who follows you on Instagram will automatically be your follower on Threads once they get on Threads. Not only this, but to delete your Threads account, you will also have to delete your Threads account. Many consider Threads an alternative to Twitter, but better than that. 

How To Check Who Unfollowed Me On Threads (2023)

Nobody wants to lose followers on social media, especially if they spend a lot of time curating content for their social media handles and working hard to gain followers. If you lose a follower, it generates curiosity about who it might be. Threads notify you if anyone follows your profile but won’t notify you if a follower unfollows it. You can either check for the unfollowers manually or use some third-party tool like FollowMeter. Let’s see how-

Check Who Unfollowed You on Threads Through Manual Method

In the manual method, you must check your followers list to see who might have unfollowed you. Here’s how you can do it-

  • Open the Threads app, and tap the Activity (heart) icon at the bottom bar. 

Who Unfollowed Me On Threads?

  • This shows you all the likes, comments, replies, and followers. If someone has followed you recently, their follow notification will be here. 
  • You can check for the following notification for the recent followers, and if you don’t find it, they have unfollowed you. For instance, if a person named XYZ followed you today, you will see their notification here, but if it is missing, they have unfollowed you. 
  • Now, tap on the Profile icon at the bottom right corner. 


  • Tap on the Privacy icon at the top left corner. 


  • Here, tap on the Profiles you follow option. 

Profiles You Follow

  • Tap on the Followers option here. 


  • Search for the profile of those you think might have unfollowed you, and if you don’t see them in the followers list, they probably have unfollowed you. You must manually go through the list to see who might have unfollowed you. 

This method is manual and time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of followers. Accounts with many followers will find it difficult to search for people who have unfollowed them through this method, and they might never know who it was. 

Through FollowMeter

As of writing this post, this app only works for Instagram but may support Threads in the future as both Threads and Instagram are connected. Though this app lets you check who unfollowed you on Instagram, there is a way you can use it to check unfollowers on Threads. 

People who follow you on Instagram are also your followers on Threads. If someone unfollowed you from Instagram, they might unfollow you from Threads. You can manually check for the profiles who have unfollowed you on Instagram and then check for them on Threads. Let’s see how-

  • If you are an Android user, download the FollowMeter app from Play Store, and if you are an iOS user, then download the FollowMeter app from App Store


  • After the FollowMeter app is installed, launch it on your device. 
  • You will be asked to sign into your Instagram account. 


  • After you sign in, FollowMeter will analyze your account. 
  • On the Analytics page, you will see the Unfollowers option; tap on it to see who unfollowed you. 


  • If someone has unfollowed you on Instagram, they might have also unfollowed you on Threads. You can then follow the Manual method discussed earlier to see if they have unfollowed you on Threads. 

Note- This app will only show people who have unfollowed you after installing the app. If anyone had unfollowed you before you installed this app, then this app won’t tell you who it was. 


If you are anxious about your followers decreasing on Threads and want to know who has unfollowed you, this article should help you. We have listed all the ways to help you check who unfollowed you on Threads. 


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