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How To View Blocked Profiles On Threads App


Quick Overview
  • Threads is a social media platform similar to Instagram, focusing on text conversations
  • You can block profiles on Threads, view the block list, and unblock profiles
  • Learn how to view blocked profiles on Threads using the Threads app or Instagram app with the same account

Threads is a newly launched social media platform by Instagram. This social media app is similar to Instagram in many aspects apart from the fact that Threads solely focus on posting text conversations, whereas Instagram focuses on visual and graphical content like photos, videos, and reels. If you are annoyed by someone on Threads, you can block them. Once you block a profile on Threads, it will be added to the block list. You can view the block list on Threads to see who you have blocked and also unblock them. In this article, we will be discussing how you can view blocked profile on Threads.

About Threads: New Social Media App by Instagram

How To View Blocked Profiles On Threads 2023

Mark Zuckerberg recently introduced Threads, a text-based conversation app. On Threads, you can share your thoughts via text, and others can join you through the conversation. You can post text up to 500 characters long with photos, links, and also videos with a length of up to 5 minutes. However, you need to sign in with the Instagram account on the Threads app to begin posting. 

You can share your ideas on the Threads app and grow your followers. Also, you can follow other creators on the Threads app, just like on Instagram. Not only this, you can make your profile private if you don’t want others to view your profile but only your followers, or make your profile public if you want everyone on Threads to view your profile. Moreover, you can find the latest trends on the Threads app. 

Ways to View Blocked Profile On Threads App

Your Instagram account is also your Threads account. Anyone you block on Threads will also be blocked on Instagram. People you have blocked will now be able to see your profile and posts and won’t be able to interact with them. You can view blocked profile on Threads from within the Threads app and also through the Instagram app. Let’s see how you can do it-

See Blocked Profile On Threads Through Threads Apps

  • Open the Threads app on your phone. Ensure you are signed into your account. 
  • Tap on the Profile icon at the bottom right corner. 

How To View Blocked Profile On Threads?

  • Now, tap on the Privacy icon at the top left corner. 

How To View Blocked Profile On Threads?

  • On the next screen that opens up, tap on the Blocked option. 

How To View Blocked Profile On Threads?

  • You will now see a list of all the profiles you have blocked on Threads. 

How To View Blocked Profile On Threads?

View Blocked Profile On Threads Through Instagram App

  • Launch the Instagram app and sign into the same account you use on Threads. 
  • Tap on the Profile icon at the bottom right corner. 

Profile Page

  • Tap the Menu (Hamburger icon) on the Profile page at the top right. 


  • Now, tap on Settings & Privacy.

Settings and privacy

  • Scroll down to the Who can see your content section, and tap on Blocked

Blocked Profile

  • This will show you the list of all the blocked profiles.

How To View Blocked Profile On Threads?

Note- The profile you block on Threads will also be blocked on Instagram and vice versa. This is why you can see the blocked profile from Threads and the Instagram app. 

You will see the Unblock button next to all the profiles whether you check the block list through Instagram or the Threads app. You can tap this Unblock button to unblock the profile from your Instagram and Threads.

Why Should You Block People On Threads?

With Threads, you can see the latest trends and news around the world, but this doesn’t keep you from the fact that there are people who can be disturbing. Here’s why you should block profiles on Threads-

  • If the profile is bullying or harassing you, then it would be ideal to block them. They can do this by tagging you in their post that you might not like.
  • You should block the profile if they are commenting something abusive on your posts. Though you can delete the comments, but that will not stop them from commenting again. It would be good if you blocked them to prevent them from commenting.
  • If you don’t want a person to see what you are posting on Threads, the best way to avoid it is to block that profile.
  • You can block the profile if they post inappropriate posts on Threads and don’t want it to appear on your Threads feed.


You can easily block and unblock profiles on Threads. People you have blocked on Threads will be restricted from seeing and interacting with your profile. If you want to check who you have blocked on Threads, you can do it from the Threads app and the Instagram app signed in with the same account. We have discussed the steps in the article above so you can follow them to view the blocked profile on Threads.


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