Want to know if someone has blocked your number on iPhone? You can’t say this for sure unless you ask the person. But there are some steps you can follow to check out if someone blocks you.

Tell If Someone Has Blocked Your Number On iPhone

There are multiple reasons why your calls and messages may not be getting through. Make sure to check all sides before you conclude. If you have done that, follow these methods below:

Send a Test Text and Wait for Response

It is the easiest way to know if someone blocks you. Just send them a text and wait for their reply. Here is how you can do it:

  • Open the Apple messages app on your iPhone and select the conversation thread.
  • Type in a short text message and send it.
  • If the Delivered alert appears, you are not blocked by the person.

Find if Someone Has Blocked Your Number On iPhone

  • If the Not Delivered alert appears, the person may have blocked your number.

Not Delivered

Try Calling the Person and Check Voicemail

If you are always getting redirected to the voicemail on your iPhone, you might be blocked by the person. This isn’t totally true, as if the person is talking to someone else and chooses to decline your call, you will be redirected to the voicemail. Wait for some time before you jump to any conclusion.

Enter *67 Before Dialing the Number

Disabling the caller ID and then calling the person is an intelligent way to check if someone has blocked your number on iPhone. Add *67 before the number and call the person. If they pick up the call, there is a good chance that your number has been blocked.

Find if Someone Has Blocked Your Number On iPhone

Ask a Friend to Call Them

Many people don’t answer calls without a caller ID. When someone isn’t answering your calls, asking a friend to call them is the best option to check if they have blocked you. If your friend can contact them, it’s clear they have blocked you.


How to know if someone has blocked your number?

You can’t know this for sure unless you ask the person personally. Still, the methods mentioned above may help you.

If someone blocked me, will they get my text message?

They won’t get your text messages if they have blocked you.

Can you send a text to a blocked number?

Once you block someone, you cannot call or text them. You will have to unblock them if you want to contact the person in any manner.

Wrapping Up

This was how you can check out if someone has blocked your number on your iPhone. We hope that the steps mentioned above were able to help you. Still, if you have any issues, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below.


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