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How To Get More Followers On Threads App


Threads is a new social media app by Instagram. As the app was recently launched, it has a user base of few people. That said, there are not as many creators on Threads, because of which fewer posts go live on the platform. With fewer users, it is easy for your posts to go viral and be noticed by other users. It won’t be more difficult to gain followers on Threads than on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If you want to grow your follower base on Threads and become famous, this article will help you. We will discuss all the ways to get more followers on Threads. 

Tips To Get More Followers On Your Threads Profile

Threads is a new platform; getting more followers on threads will be easy. You need to remember a few tips if you want to become a creator on Threads, and you will have a loyal follower base in no time. 

How To Get More Followers On Threads By Instagram: Boost Your Follower

Follow Your Connections From Instagram

Threads and Instagram accounts are connected. When your sign up on Threads, you will get the option to follow your followers and the people you are following on Instagram. You can follow them, and in return, they might follow you back; getting those first few followers will be a good start when you get on a new social media platform. 

When your followers on Instagram sign up for Threads, they will see a list of all the people they follow. They might follow you on Threads if they like what you post on Instagram and want to see more of your posts on Threads. 

You should also follow other Thread users, not only those you follow on your Instagram account. When you follow other people, they will be notified that you have followed them. They might check your profile after you follow them, and if they find your profile interesting and worth following, they will follow you. 

Post Quality Content

Post Quality Content

We all know that Content is King, and the same saying goes for this platform. If you want more followers on Threads, post quality content on the platform. You should create high-quality content that is engaging for the audience. 

You can post text up to 500 characters long with photos, videos, and links. The posts that you create on Threads should be a perfect blend of text and photos/videos. You can also include GIFs in your post on Threads. 

Ensure the posts you create catches the attention of your followers and other people seeing them. If other users on Threads find your content helpful and informative, they will want to see more of it and follow you. 

Post Consistently On Threads

The key to growing on a social media platform is by being consistent. Not only must you post quality content, but you must also be consistent while posting on Threads. When someone follows you on Threads, they follow you to see more posts from your posts.

But if you are not consistent on Threads, then users visiting Threads won’t want to follow you. You can try posting 3-5 times daily. This will get you more impressions, and more people will want to follow you. 

Understand Your Audience And Engage With Them

You need to understand your audience/followers on Threads. They are following your Threads handle for some reason, and you have to understand that. The best way to do this will be to work around a niche. You can pick up a niche like tech, health, education, new, etc. You can also post memes on your Threads handle if you want to. 

Once you work around a niche, your audience will know what content you post on Threads. If someone follows you on Threads, it will be for the niche you are working around on Threads. You can post more similar content on Threads.

You should try to engage with your audience on Threads. You can post questions on Threads and even ask for some opinions on Threads. You can reply to people commenting on your Threads posts to engage with them. Also, you should engage with other people on the platform by commenting on other people’s posts and starting a conversation with them. 

Ask People On Other Platforms To Follow You On Threads

Social Media

It is important to get the first few followers on Threads. If you have a good follower base on Instagram, then you can post a story on Instagram or make an Instagram post asking your followers to follow you on Instagram. You can also share your Threads profile with your friends on Instagram and other social media platforms, asking them to follow you on Threads. 

Get Threads Verified

You can get Threads verification to make your profile look more authenticated. This will attract more people to follow you on the platform. However, as of now, Instagram has not announced the verification program for Threads. However, you can join the waitlist for Threads verified from this link. 

If you don’t want to wait, you can get verified on Instagram. All the verified profiles on Instagram will automatically be verified on Threads. Here’s how you can do that-

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone and sign in to the same account you use on Threads. 
  • Tap on the Profile icon at the bottom right corner.

How To Get More Followers On Threads?

  • Tap on the Menu icon at the top right corner. 

How To Get More Followers On Threads?

  • From the menu that opens up, tap on the Meta Verified option. 

How To Get More Followers On Threads?

  • Now, tap on the Subscribe button.

How To Get More Followers On Threads?

  • Tap the Sign up button under your profile to sign up for Meta Verified.

How To Get More Followers On Threads?

  • You will then be asked to pay the subscription fee. Pay the fee and follow the on-screen instructions to get verified on Instagram. 

How To Get More Followers On Threads?

  • Once you are verified on Instagram, you will automatically be verified on Threads for the same account. 


It is easy to get more followers on Threads. All it takes is engaging posts, consistency, and a few other tips and tricks we have discussed above, and you will gain followers in no time. However, you must enhance your social media base if you want a loyal follower base on Threads. 


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